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Battle ShiftingEdit

Feat, Dex 13, Were level 5

In some were camps, a curious game is taking root... Bolts of magic are thrown at objects enchanted with magic reflecting properties, and the weres in question shift to their human form to rebound it back.... the one who can keep it longest without knocking himself out wins. You are one of the best players from your tribe.

Applying the skills you have learned from practice you have gained mastery over changing forms during stressful situations. If you are in any form caused by your innate shifting talant except Human and exceed the Reflex DC on any spell save by 5 or more you may instantly shift to your Human form before applying the spells effects. In the case that you do the spell fails to take effect due to your innate resistance. This shift occurs as a at will and provokes no attack of opportunity. The normal effects of being in Human form apply. The process of shifting disrupts any spell you were in the process of casting; expending the charge and producing no effect.