Clan DaryilEdit

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4200 years


Fear, Awe




For a long time, Clan Daryil wasn't a proper clan, instead being subset of another, unknown clan (Dimanika?). However, he did appear rather convincing, since Lord Ikarion Daryil has utilized some very convoluted magic to grant his clan members tentacle heads, and re-drawing their clan mark to his own image.

Daryil finally ascended properly as a result of the success of Project Future , a research project undertaken by himself, Jakob Pettersohn, Page, and several other notable individuals, that succeeded in storing energy in the form sufficiently resembling a soul to allow for it to be processed by the body of a creature. His first act upon ascension was cosplaying as Jesus while citing lines from The Ruling Class.

Clan QuirkEdit

All members of Clan Daryil have a natural knack for learning teleportation. In unrelated news ,due to numerous genetic experiments by Lord Daryil with regards to ensuring stable population growth, the members of his clan tend to, er, revert sexually once they reach a certain offspring count.

Current StatusEdit


Character Creation InfoEdit

Attributes: Intelligence major,Charisma minor

Favored Classes: Beguiler, Bard, Wizard

Eligible for the Member of the Lollypop Guild feat