Clan HatilaEdit

“Enjoy life.”


19,000 (At time of death).




Charisma major, Wisdom minor

Favored Classes:Edit

Cleric, bard

Various Facts:Edit

Members of Clan Hatila tend toward positions where they can offer comfort to others, whether as healers, innkeepers, craftspeople, counselors, clergy, or even, ahem, 'companions.' They can often be found working closely with members of Clan Nact'larn, Seme, and Jin, and were known to often have their fur rubbed the wrong way by Clan Siar.

Less altruistic members of Hatila often lured their victims into traps by fostering a false sense of security, and there have been many times when a cult leader or drug kingpin has been revealed to be a particularly ambitious Hatila. Still, the clan enjoys a fairly good reputation thanks to its more public members. One Hatila is known to own a particularly luxurious chain of hotels, another a spa, and others have founded businesses based around comfort food and textiles. Good business sense seems to run strongly in Clan Hatila as a whole.

Hatila met his end during the Dragon-Cubi War, an early target because of his extensive mercantile connections that could have been used to build stockpiles of goods for the 'cubi war effort. It didn't help that he surrounded himself with many luxurious items in his home; many of his possessions were ravenously snapped up by the dragons which swarmed in to pad their hoards.

Clan Quirk:Edit

All members of Clan Hatila have light blue or light purple eyes.

Clan Strength:Edit

23 members