Clan linkEdit

As a cubi from a clan whose leader is alive, your power reserves are linked to that of your clan,giving you additional benefits.

Clan link IEdit

You tap into your clan's reserves of magical power

Your spellcaster level is, for determining effects of a spell and enemy saves, +1 higher

Your spell allotment for day is increased by 1/2 current value for every spell level, rounded down.

Clan link IIEdit

The tie to your clan infuses you with vital energy at critical moments,

Once per day, if reduced to 0 or less HP, you ignore the effects of negative HP for (1d4)/2 hours

If you drop to - your HP/2 , you die immediately however.

If you aren't healed before this period is over, you will take the penalties as if you were just reduced to the HP you are left with at the period's end.

You require a rest after using this ability of at least 1d6+2 hours