Dark PariahEdit

You are a rising star in Fhangur's clan and have recieved additional power.

Prerequisites- Cubi Level 4, Clan leader alive, obey clan rules.

Benefits- You may add Forgery, Intimidate, and Knowledge (Dungeoneering) to your list of class skills. You may also add the following spells to your spell list.

1- Erase

2- Darkness

3- Secret Page

4- Ice Wall

5- Feeblemind

6- Disintergrate

7- Wave of Exhaustion

8- Trap the Soul

9- Soul Bind

If your character is not a spellcaster, they may make use of the first level spell, Erase, once per day as a spell-like ability.

Special- In order to qualify for this feat, the character must obey all clan rules. This feat may only be taken with an alive clan founder, so only campaigns set before the death of Fhangur may have characters with this feat.

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