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Dungeons and DMFA is, as name suggests, a fanmade d20 rules modification based on DnD 3.5 that attempts to approximate the races and setting of DMFA, a comic by the talented Amber M. Williams, found here:

Also, a splitoff project from DnDMFA using a somewhat different approach exists here

DnD rules and 3.5 content (c) Wizards of the coast

DMFA and most of Furrae lore (c) Amber M. Williams

Other compelling and sufficiently canon Furrae lore (c) J. P. "Tapewolf" Morris

A shortened and more print-friendly (albeit not that up to date version of the ruleset can be found here.

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The actual DnDMFA ruleset.

Player Races



Supplement: Unofficial guide to religions

Souls and XP

NPC Races

House Rules

New Feats

Bones of an Empire Edit

A vaguely Eastern European-themed world where my current campaign takes place. Located somewhere in Furrae, and containing among others the Kingdom of H-Ann , which wasn't the smartest choice if DMFA ever brushes about it there, this campaign setting deals with the remainders of the Basileus Imperium, which broke apart during the Dragon-Cubi War.


Player Characters


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Information about the unrelated Skylands game with a temporary home here.

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