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For games taking place after Chronicles of Jakob Pettersohn, firearms of some sort are most likely available - it's simple chemistry especially when someone shows you how.

Here, one will find both normally-produced, crappy firearms of old-time Furrae origin - the folks have neither blueprints nor advanced metallurgy at that point, and some modern/artifact weapons. That is, since as a reccommendation, they should only show in old-time games, which is what this mod is really trying to handle without going off the deep end, as artifacts/quest related items - think laserguns in Might and Magic VI.

Some guns are repurposed from the appropriate DMG section - pistol, musket and revolver but we have added Sniper Rifle (because it was mentioned in the Chronicles) and Blunderbuss (because this lynx considers it awesome).

All are Medium size and do piercing damage. All guns (except the Miltrailleuse) are Simple weapons.

Old time gunsEdit

Name Damage Critical Range Increment Weight Cost
Pistol , 1H 1d10 x3 40 ft. 3 lb. 250gp
Musket , 2H 2d6 x3 150 ft. 10 lb. 500gp
Blunderbuss , 2H 2d6 - - 10 lb. 400gp
Mitrailleusse 4d6 x2 150 ft. 750lbs/1880lbs (carriage) 50Kgp

Gunpowder and bullets: as per DMG

Pistol and Musket: Single shot, two standard actions to reload.

Blunderbuss: Projects a 15ft. long cone of shrapnel. Does stated damage, DC 15 Reflex save for half. Two standard actions to reload.

Mitrailleusse:Huge weapon (free)/Medium weapon(carriage). Min Str 25 to carry. Normal attack, Multifire (2 additional attacks at -4), Autofire (3 additional attacks at -6). Exotic Weapon proficiency applicable. Reload: 1 round. Ammo plates: 50 bullets each, 10K gold each, reload time of plate: 5 minutes.

Modern, imported gunsEdit

Name Damage Critical. Range Increment Weight Price
Revolver 2d8 x2 25 ft. 3 lb. Artefact
Sniper Rifle 2d10 18-20/x2 500 ft. 9lb. Artefact

Cartridges: As the DM wills.. perhaps replicated by magic? Leftover stashes from Ha'kun?

Revolver: Holds 6 shots. Reloads 1 full round action.

Sniper Rifle: Holds 5 shots. -2 penalty at below 30 ft. because it's impractical. Reloads as full round action.