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Any alterations to existing DnD rules, as opposed to new stuff being added

So far:

1: Hit dice 1d12 upgrade to 2d8

2: If not having a class, a race has as class skills the union of sets of class skills of its preferred classes.

3: Since were's in primal form have their metamagic by birth, applying a metamagic feat to a spell doesn't make its casting require a full round.

4: Most spells do not require more than verbal or somatic components: exceptions are few and will be listed eventually

5: In damage 2d4 scales up to 3d4, not 2d6 since that's what 1d8 scales to

6: When cast by a Were in Primal form, the spell (Tenser's) Transformation instead converts the Primal form to its' Dire variant, gives BAB=HD, and gives +5 competence bonus on Fort saves. It does not require the Potion of Bull's strength to be drunk, instead expending it's magic and leaving behind a passable tonic water.

7. Souls and XP - a longer addition to extant crafting rules

8. Since they are naturally magical, creatures use their HD as caster level for any rolls or for determining spell effects. It had to be said explicitly, there it is.

9. Provided you took a Weapon Focus feat aimed at a natural weapon of yours, you can take Weapon Specialisation feats without being fighter class.

10. If a spell grants damage to user's hands (as Cutting Hands) and user already has a natural weapon, this damage adds to the damage of his natural weapon during the spell's duration.

11. Assassin prestige class (DMG I) - Change of requirements as follows

Allignment: Any nongood

Special: Must have done "work" (killed a person for cash/equivalent )