Clan Ja'KrathEdit

"To be is to do"


cca. 26 000 years (deceased)




85 known members.


Rumoured to have split from Piflak clan at some point, perhaps due to their secondary affinity, and due to their lack of tentacle heads (Piflak denies anyone ever intending to leave her clan, ever), Ja'krath's clan was known as quite the restless bunch, always getting involved in domination plans, research, or get rich schemes, more often than not just for the sake of finding out whether it'll work. Ja'krath herself was involved in the attack on the winter palace of Emperor (To Be Continued)

Clan QuirkEdit

Even during Ja'Krath's life, the wing tentacles of clan Ja'Krath had no heads, ending in nimble hands with long thin fingers.

Current StatusEdit

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