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The Kebrean Governorate is a country located to the south of Am'hor Mountains, spanning between the sea, and its eastern neigbour, Kingdom of HollyAnn. Formally a part of the Basileus Imperium, it is de facto an autonomous state ever since said Imperium has ceased to exist. The capital of Kebre is the city of Port Oriss. The currency is the gold ruble.


The highest position in the Governorate is that of the Imperial Governor. Subject to him is the Council of Ministers, whose members vote other members in ,and Council of State, carrying a representative of from every city.


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The point is ladies and gentlemen that greed, for lack of a better word, is good.

- Gordon Gekko. Wall Street (1987)

The nation of Ti'baltr, mainly consisting of the eponymous city, is located on the largest of the Catpaw Isles. The city competes with Port Oriss for overseas trade, mainly from the northern nations as the Am'Hor Mountains are next to impossible to cross with any sort of heavy cargo, unless you happen to have a pet gryphon C. The government of Ti'Baltr, and the Ti'Baltr Trading Corporation (TTC) have been accused of funding and supporting piracy, and political tension exists between the governments of Ti'Baltr and Kebre.

Kingdom of HollyAnnEdit