This page is dedicated to the documentation of fan-made Cubi Clans, which are listed below. Note, these clans should have a dead founder, one who has yet to achieve tri-wing status, or an extremely new triwing.

Canon clansEdit

These clans have appeared in the fanfics by Tapewolf and KeatonTheBlackJackal , and as other material from these sources, they are considered canon in the DnDMFA world, although they aren't a part of the actual DMFA comic.

Clan DaryilEdit

Clan Kamei'SinEdit

Clan JyranethEdit

Our ClansEdit

The lore of these clans was put up into the DnDMFA game by us - the development team, for the purpose of our games. As such, there is no need to include them in the world unless you absolutely want to, and they come with no warranty.

Clan HatilaEdit

Enjoy life.

Clan Jan'KwenEdit

In pursuit of Peace.

Clan FhangurEdit

Hate, all Consuming.

Clan Ja'KrathEdit

To be is to do.

Clan SorelEdit

A simple stone outlasts any fire

Clan Une'jysuneEdit

Clan CanoraEdit

Before all, observe.

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