These clans are ones that actually appear in the DMFA comic or materials close to it (Abel's story, Aaryanna's LiveJournal and so on). As such they are the best documented clans, perhaps with the exception of Clan Daryil.

Live leader clansEdit

These clans have a live clan leader, and as such , accurate information about them exists in the form of "The Mink Report"

Kish'Ta ClanEdit

The Nightmare Clan.

Seme ClanEdit

The Clan of Broken Dreams.

Taun ClanEdit

The Avenger.

Zezzuva ClanEdit

Where the Strong shall Rule.

Nact'Larn ClanEdit

The Clan of the First Kiss.

Dimanika ClanEdit

Quack Quack!

Jin ClanEdit

When Morning Comes.

Cyra ClanEdit

The Clan of Winter's Touch.

Owona ClanEdit

The Shadow Clan.

Fa'lina ClanEdit

To Dream. To Hope. To Live.

Piflak ClanEdit

If you do it, do it well.

Quoar ClanEdit

Life is an Adventure.

Dead Leader ClansEdit

The leaders of these clans died, mostly during the Dragon-Cubi wars. Little is therefore known about them.

Hrienth ClanEdit

Siar ClanEdit

Que'Tnar ClanEdit

Unknown ClansEdit

A subset of the previous, so little is known about these that as of now, any statistics given to clan members would be pure speculation. For potential future use.

D'Marr ClanEdit

Omsh ClanEdit

Macha ClanEdit