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Liatai has connected.


Liatai:No prob!

Liatai:I'm gonna go back to trying to get my sheet done.

VAE:hmm, i cannot add multiple pictures it seems

VAE:so you folk will have loading screens like in Diablo of old

Liatai:XDMeany has connected.



Saphroneth has connected.

Meany:Is that glue marks?


VAE:bloody hell


VAE:my error

VAE:trying to give meany a token

Meany:I spy a 'taur.


Saphroneth:I see nothing.

Liatai:Me neither.

VAE:because you folks have no tokens placed

Saphroneth:I assume you do that?

Ghostwish has connected.

VAE:i should go download the pictures and make them

Ghostwish:Which map we on, DM?

Liatai:I dragged out a token, but I don't see it o.o

Ghostwish:These handdrawn maps crack me up. XD

Saphroneth:We are playing in a... repurposed... real world location.

VAE:now you should see it



VAE:you get a warpaci too

VAE:but i don't know how to resize it

VAE:now i do

Ghostwish:RIght cl- ah.

VAE:^VAE:^^Saphroneth:There's an Eagle token, nabbing it for my familiar.

VAE:aren't both of them small size or something?

Meany:Where's Saph's token?

Saphroneth:Not sure.

Liatai:You know, Ghost, if Jerico really is naked, Tamika's going to try to shove him into one of her spare outfits... so unless you wanna have him wear a skirt, I'd advise remembering starting outfits are free.

Saphroneth:My Familiar's up, but I'm unsure... do we each add our own tokens?


VAE:since i don't have them


Saphroneth:So how do you format it so it can be added?

Ghostwish:... now you're tempting me, Liatai.

VAE:i can do it for ya

Saphroneth:That'd probably be quicker, thanks.

  • Jerico Broadtail prances about naked.


Saphroneth:... I can now see everything. This is highly ironic.

Ghostwish:XDSaphroneth:Did anyone else just get total map reveal?



VAE:i have it done

Ghostwish:So who's the giant taur?

VAE:what's the name of yer character?

Saphroneth:Thanks, Dan.

Saphroneth:And only one name.

VAE:bloody hell


Saphroneth:Don't forget to change the Pog owner to me.

Ghostwish:.. pog.. *snrk*

VAE:hmm, the map was supposed to be slightly bigger scale

Saphroneth:Budget castle?

Ghostwish:You can resize the image?

VAE:i... guess so

VAE:i can adjust grid

Ghostwish:Then our tokens would be out of scale. :Ghostwish:Or.. not!

Meany:Everyone hold on to something.

VAE:wait a moment

  • Ghostwish grabs Tamika.

VAE:i need a DM token

  • Rikki noms on Jerico's horns.

DM:This one?


Saphroneth:The Great Will of the Macrocosm!


Ghostwish:Or you could be totally awesome...

DN:.. and use this one.

Saphroneth:Duke Nukem IS now a fantasy character.

VAE(DM):Thank you, but i can speak for myself

Ghostwish:Duke Nukem is Clint Eastwood and Chuck Norris combined. He can be -anything- he desires. But he's so awesome that he only wants to be himself.

Saphroneth:Also massively late.

Meany:o:Ghostwish:12 years.

Saphroneth:That's pretty massive.

Ghostwish:Apparently having a hero that shows up 'whenever the fuck he wants' wasn't such a hot idea after all.


Saphroneth:Ooh, dark.

Meany:The hell?

Liatai:Where'd everybody go? O.O

VAE:is it?


Ghostwish:Much better.

Saphroneth:Also, salvation from a certain streaker... NOOO!

VAE:now, how do adjust bloody FOW? is wearing Tamika's clothes now. Never turn out the lights when a rogue is around...

Ghostwish:uups XD

Saphroneth:Set Vision in View to Day and then turn FOW on.


Tamika Coris:1d20+11 = 6 + 11 = 17 What's Jerico's AC?

Ghostwish:Aye, he's got it.


Liatai:A totally ineffectual attempt at slapping! XD

Saphroneth:Stop it now, Jerico, or I will Ground Zero you!

Jerico:"I feel pretty!"

Saphroneth:Right, going human and taking out Wand of Fireballs.

  • Tamika Coris proceeds to sharpen her wings into tentacles.

Meany:1d20+3 = 14 + 3 = 17

Saphroneth:Anyone not either fireproof or Jerico, run.

Meany:It seems my rolls might not fail, today.

Ghostwish:And the aprty kills itself before the game even starts. The DM promises to hunt the players down. XD

  • Hemach is fireproof.

Liatai:1d20+11 = 2 + 11 = 13 1d20+11 = 5 + 11 = 16 1d20+11 = 2 + 11 = 13 1d20+11 = 15 + 11 = 26

Saphroneth:I'm magic immune atm.

Liatai:POW! Tentacle right in the kisser! XD

VAE:saph, change your token name

VAE:and put in the form you are in

Ghostwish:1d20+14 = 11 + 14 = 25


Ghostwish:I'm pretty sure he reflexes the fireball.. and hence takes no damage.

Ghostwish:The tentacle though, ow. XD

Tamika Coris:1d6 = 5


Saphroneth:I have 49 more charges and lots more spells.

Jerico:"Ow! Ooo. You jiggle in all the right places when you swing those tenties!" He says. And bolts.

Meany:1d20 = 14

Saphroneth:Just for info, how do people do the "with token" speech?

Tamika Coris:"Rikki! Grab that urchin... I have something that will be more up his alley..."

Hemach:Trip attempt. >->

Ghostwish:Right click the token, impersonate.

VAE:you right click and do Impersonate

  • Jerico looks up as the lights come back on.. and he's holding everyone's bags. "Uh.. heh.. Inspecting for traps?"

Shenodah:Were it not for that story about the blue winged... I suppose technicnally heroine... I wouldn't be anywhere near here. On the other hand, I WOULD be in the cold of the far north. Net gain.


Tamika Coris:*SUCCUBUS RAGE >:E*

  • Hemach snatches bag back.


VAE:hmm, few minutes

Shenodah:Though you have to wonder why someone called Detestania was hailed as a hero... Also, Saker, sic'im.

VAE:i need to check something i a manual

Saphroneth:Er... incoming angry hawk.



Saphroneth:Cool off for a while at twenty feet.

  • Tamika Coris gets out a spare outfit from her bag, covering herself with her wings. Oh, this is going to be a splendid day... Oh, but she'll get her revenge at mealtime... oh yes...

Jerico:"Oh, totally loving the g-strings by the way. You are -wild-."

Shenodah:Shush you! You are still at altitude!

Hemach:"Can we act like adults for ten minutes? Please?"

Jerico:"Will saved. And now, break-dancing!"

Shenodah:I doubt it.

Tamika Coris:*now fully clothed, harumphs*

Shenodah:Maybe thirty seconds, on a good day.

Shenodah:On a bad day... well, this is one.

Jerico:"I dunno. That's kind of pushing your luck, ya think? I'd give us 20. Tops."

Hemach:"While you lot kill each other, I'm going to fill my slot at the meatshield, and go in first."

Jerico:"Can you even fit in there?"


Ghostwish:AUGH! BLIND!

VAE:soon you won't be

Shenodah:Was that a sphere of annihalation?

  • Tamika Coris spreads out her tentacles. No thief is coming close this time >:E

Hemach:"How mature, Jerry."

  • Jerico is wearing Tamika's clothes. Again.

VAE:one question thought

Jerico:"Woooo! Breezy!"

Shenodah:There's probably a joke here, if my cultural background permitted it.

VAE:the fog of war shoud disappear when you move to it, no?



Shenodah:It was.

Shenodah:Now it all went away.

Meany:I spy a Dest.


Meany:We are so fucking dead. >->

Tamika Coris:*scuffle scuffle*

Meany:I can see the grassland.

VAE:who the b loody hell made the fog of war disappear again

VAE:more importantly.. how

Ghostwish:I can see nothing.

Saphroneth:Possibly my Hawk. Though he was at ground level

Hemach:"Augh! Cold hands!"

VAE:i need to assign ya vision

  • Tamika Coris snags her clothes back. How were you moving in those, honestly... considering one of those simple pieces of clothing was a glamered suit of scale mail?

Jerico:"I'm flexible."

Jerico:"Also, why'd you take my boxers? You like what you see, huh?"

Jerico:"Look! Helicopter! Weeeeeeeeeee!"

Ghostwish:I'm blind again, by the way. XD

Tamika Coris:"I thinkk it could be improved.... Here."

Hemach:"Okay, I vote Jerry is the meatshield today."

Tamika Coris:*hands Jerico something fabric in the dark...*

Ghostwish:"Why does this have spikes?"

Shenodah:So this is the southern version of the land of the midnight sun, huh? I must say, it's impressive.

Tamika Coris:*It is a pink and purple skirt.*

VAE:allright.. anyone know howto assign vision?

Ghostwish:Jiggle my token.

Saphroneth:Map-> vision.

VAE:now why the hell does this happen this way?

Ghostwish:Do you have vision lines set?

Ghostwish:It looks like nothing is blocking our vision.

Saphroneth:I just set myself to "Expose->visible area"

Meany:I see joo, Danman.

Tamika Coris:"There. If you're so inclined to wear women's clothing."

Jerico:"I'm pretty!"

Hemach:"Can we get this moving along?"

Ghostwish:You know about the vision blocking layer, yes?


Hemach:"I have a wife who needs beating.

Hemach:"*VAE:but that blocks vision from everything

Jerico:"Dummy, we're waiting on the DM!"

Ghostwish:Do it in lines, or blocks, along the walls.

VAE:dm is an idiot

Ghostwish:For a hand drawn map.. eh, I dunno, I always make em in maptools

Ghostwish:Here, shall I log in as a DM and help?

VAE:screw it

VAE:we'll use naked map

Jerico:"DId someone say naked?"

Saphroneth:So you just add in the surprises when we SHOULD be able to see them?


Tamika Coris:"Don't you dare!"


Liatai:There's an easy way to do that.

Shenodah:Only the voices in your head, Jerico... Only the voices in your head.

Meany:Upon scrolling out to 2%, I see a huge vision radius.

VAE:silly family calls me

Liatai:Edit Token, Config, uncheck Visible to Players. ^^

Jerico:"That works. You can make stuff visible or not to the players. That's how the evil man on the lightning rail appeared out of no where. Well, only Liatai was here for that." He says, and promptly stares at Tamika's rear.

Shenodah:Non euclidian perversion. I am vaguely impressed.

Shenodah:She is, after all, beside you and likely side one.

Shenodah:She is, after all, beside you and likely side on.

Jerico:"So I'm being VERY blatant. What's your point?"

Tamika Coris:"Yes, within easy wing striking distance."

VAE:call finished

VAE:sorry for delays

Jerico:"Eh, I've got my reflex save and hp to spare. It's worth it."

Jerico:"You run a lot, don't you?"

Shenodah:She is the healer. You will eventually not have HP to spare.


Hemach:"I find it funny that I am the most professional person here, and I'm barely level-appropriately equipped."

Shenodah:The devil is in them. Or the demon, which ever.

Jerico:"I think we settled on a fairie this time."

Shenodah:You are professional. The rest of us were called in for favours.

Jerico:"Booty call."

VAE(DM):As the group of assa.. thu.. erm adventurers marches forward, they recognise they are on the correct path by the sudden presence of White Castle hamburger stands

Tamika Coris:"Speak for yourself. I'm only here because this Pegasus business is bad for the inn."

Jerico:"Right, in character time! Ahem!"

Rikki:Ooh! Burgers!

Shenodah:I am here due to actions performed generations ago for my tribe. Also, is that one of the strange forms of food supply you use here?

Shenodah:I much prefer hunting... with fireballs... but I suppose if this is how it is done.

VAE(DM):Those of them who aren't absolutely busy arguing, or ogling the succubus of unknown clan, they see a well known figure march out of the place.

Hemach:"Oh crapmuffins."

Destania:So... you have made it on time...

Liatai:(Hatila clan, for the sake of argument.)

Shenodah:Greetings, Blue winged heroine. Our tribe still speak of you. In tones between fear and awe. For the last two centuries.

Jerico:Jerico Broadtail is a 6'1, lean and strongly built skunk demon. His predominant fur color is back, but most of his details such as his twin stripes, hair, and pads are pink. So are his eyes. Hot, violent pink. He's wearing a black traveler's outfit, and a chain shirt peeks out from his collar.

  • Rikki hides behind Tamika's shoulder.
  • Hemach fills meatshield job requirements.

Destania:Be greeted, Shenodah... Now... for the.. less attentive among you

Jerico:"Ah, Destania. Why is my favorite color blue whenever you're around? Called me in for that favor I owe you, huh?"

Destania:Heh.. it can be said that way..

Jerico:"What is it then? Assassination? Kidnapping? Maybe some simple thievery?"

Destania:It's simple

Jerico:"It's always simple, isn't it?"

Tamika Coris:Tamika doesn't look very much like an adventurer. More like a disgruntled housewife. With a robe. And a well-made quarterstaff. And sandals and a corset. And, oh, yes, of course, dark red bat wings.

Destania:Dark Pegasus seems to be on friendly terms with dragons...rumor has it he is creating a new sort of undead...

Ghostwish:>lolcats link censored<

Destania:and among other things, he has *accidentally* kidnapped my son a few weeks ago...

Jerico:"What, again?"

Jerico:"The undead thing I mean. Don't know about your spawn."

Hemach:Hemach looks the professional barbarian. Covered in scale armor, with an odd gauntlet-sword, mace, and bakcpack tied to the long taur's back.

Shenodah:Shenodah is wearing a fairly basic traveller's jerkin, quite plain, with a bag of equipment on one shoulder and orange, twisting designs on the silver fur. A sabre hangs off his belt, and a bow is unstrung and over his shoulder.

Destania:I don't have exact information... besides the phoenix who originally spread the message wasn't exactly... sane

Shenodah:"So... The undead. We have heard little about them, except that they were a disappointment for their creator. Is this he? Does he seek a better result?"

Jerico:"There are sane phoenix? Wow, learn something new everyday. So, let me go out on a tail here. Kill pegasus get your son back?"

Destania:I would expect so

Destania:Oh, my son is back...

Destania:But that bears no importance on the first part of the problem

Tamika Coris:"Did you not just say he was kidnapped?"

Destania:Well.. he returned

Jerico:"Destania says what she wants. You'll learn that after a bit."

Hemach:1d20 = 16

Shenodah:"I assume the motive then is revenge. Not the noblest of pursuits, but from the stories of you I would expect nothing less."

Destania:with only minor injuries.. *sighs*

Hemach:General Int check on Dan's reputation.

Tamika Coris:"Excuse me for having not taken many Pain and Terror classes..."

Jerico:"Not enough pain for ya?"

Tamika Coris:"I took Home Ec." *evil smile*

Shenodah:"After all, who said nobility was a good idea when one's family is in danger?"

VAE(DM):You recognise you heard abour dan from a drinking mate in a tavern

Jerico:"Screw nobility and honor. Famiy is everything."

VAE(DM):he is one of countless fresh-out-of-school adventurers

Destania:*smiles at Jerico* You are quite right

Hemach:"I would disagree, but nyeh."

Destania:however, the whole thing has another undertone... As Tamika probably knows, dragons are our enemies

  • Tamika Coris nods grimly.

Destania:Anything that Aliph, how he used to be called, discovers, strengthens their position

Shenodah:"I assume this is not good."

Destania:Now, for precisely that reason, i cannot exactly go in myself and deal with him...he would flee like the coward he is

Destania:However... a group of nameless adventurers such as you... won't trigger such a response

Shenodah:"Suddenly I feel slightly less flattered."

Hemach:"If a fresh-out-of-school adventurer could escape him, why is this Pegasus even enough to warrant dragon attention?"

Jerico:"Sweeeet, you mean there's not a warrant for my arrest any more!?"

Hemach:even be enough*

Shenodah:"The undead are a created race. If one could create races on demand... The creature council would no longer matter."

Hemach:"There will be when Tammy gets back to town, probably."

Destania:Hmm... he didn't escape.. he was released .. from what he said there was some change in Aliph's plans

Destania:And he wsn't relevant to his interest anymore

Jerico:"Oh please, I only loosed a few stitches is all..."

Destania:Shenodah is tight... besides, dragons are powerful, but not exactly numerous

VAE:erm *right

Hemach:"Having an immature Cyra cubi to offer to his dragon co-conspirators isn't relevant to his planys?"

  • Tamika Coris thinks... Patience, patience, there will be comeuppance.... oh yes...


Shenodah:"Er... Is that a hole in the side of one of those towers? Twenty feet up? Saker just noticed while patrolling. It appears your son was fairly effective."

Destania:Heh.. my boy doesn't have a clan mark yet... i believe if he found out now, the problem would.. resolve itself

Liatai:(Come to think of it, which skill would be needed for knowing about 'Cubi clans? Knowledge (arcana)? Knowledge (demonology)? o.o)

VAE(DM):Demonology i guess, or History

Liatai:Sweet, a possible new knowledge skill. :3

Ghostwish:Aw!! Why didn't I know about that skill? :Shenodah:"Always tough when a Creature comes into their inheritance. It's worst up north with the ones who were born feral."

Destania:So, in short, Aliph made a mistake... let it be his last

Rikki:"Ch-YAH, that's some hole!" *totally distracted*

Shenodah:"Your will be done... hopefully... without too much injury on our part."

Saker:*mutters about ridiculous situations and being away from the snow*

Destania:You will go in, do what you need... and bring him to me ... *smiles and hands Tamika a soulstone*

Jerico:"Right, so, let's make the random adventurers a little less random. I'm Jericho. You can call me Jerry, demon, skunk, but so help me if I hear 'pink stink', someone's not gonna wake up."

Shenodah:"Shenodah. Any reasonably sane contraction thereof, or simply reference to my species, is fine. Provided no innuendo is meant."

Destania:Anything you find in the place is, of course yours...

Jerico:"Sweet, salvage rights!"

Destania:Oh, and..

Destania:*steps to Tamika*

Must supply a player name.

  • Tamika Coris stands tall... Will save to keep from stepping back a little... 1d20+14 = 20 + 14 = 34

Liatai:Aw! XD

Liatai:Why couldn't that have happened on a Will save that actually meant something?! XD

Saphroneth:Now that's epic and sad at the same time.

Saphroneth:But imagine the kudos that'll earn with other clan members!

VAE:ack retcon

VAE:i forgot she isn't jin clan anymore

  • VAE facepaes
  • VAE facepaws

Saphroneth:Reacceptance into the clan, though... Now THAT's a quest reward and a half...

Liatai:Nope. Hatila clan. A dead-leader clan with the comfort affinity.

  • Jerico pawsbutt?

Saphroneth:Oh, misunderstood.

Hemach:"Pink stink? The hell?"

You whisper to Liatai: are they friends with Jin clan ?

Jerico:He grits his teeth. "If you don't know.. don't ask."

Shenodah:"I am convinced the southern lands are mostly insane. It saves time."

You whisper to Liatai: in the way Owona and Taun work together i mean

Liatai whispers: I would imagine so. Comfort and joy do tend to go hand in hand.

VAE:then no retcon!!

  • Rikki hides in Tammy's robe and peeks out of her collar.

You whisper to Liatai: Oh, right... after i am done with him... his trial could disrupt the standing of the Soulstealer family in Zinvth... it's a powerful bargaining chip to get the approval for the hospital *her gaze turns cold * that the wretch Aniz has sabotaged

Tamika Coris:Tamika had looked unsure before, but now, her gaze grew steely, determined. She nodded.

You whisper to Liatai: .. it will improve your clan's standing... maybe even get you admitted into the Jin clan

Destania:*looks at her and smiles* I believe this soiree is now over

Shenodah:"Much depends on what someone fights for. I assume you have an adequate reason now?"

Hemach:"Is anyone else concerned about sentries from the tower sniping us while we stand here?"

Shenodah:"I am not. We are beyond good bowshot, even with a Steppe bow."

Tamika Coris:"More than adequate," she replied, pocketing the soulstone.

Jerico:"Hey! Hey! No fair! We're not all telepaths here, you winged sudectresses!!! .. that word has entirely too many s's in it."

Hemach:"Sucks to be you then, Jerry."

Hemach:"Shall we continue?"

Shenodah:"And we cannot all utilize magic, bathe in lava or create smells. Nobody is perfect."

Shenodah:"I believe I shall. "

Shenodah:"Should we approach under defence, or to the main gate or walls?"

Ghostwish:(brb, realllll quick. Someone got PIZZAH)

VAE(DM):You notice a closed drawbridge on a tower, to either side, a rather budget looking, but sturdy stone wall stretches to either side

VAE(DM):*Brought to you by department of redundancy department

Liatai:XDShenodah:"It is possible I could fly us over the wall, instead of using the gate. That level of magic is somewhat draining, but I can handle it."

Hemach:"Everyone who didn't draw the shortstick stay behind the meatshield please."

Liatai:One moment...


VAE:heh.. one of the benefits of the budget looking map is that you can't really identify what's where before i describe it anyways

Liatai:'Kay, carry on ^^

Jerico:"Whatever happens, I go in first. Quietly. Anyone makes too much noise, and I will stab you. Harshly so!"

Shenodah:"Very well. Signal, preferably with a high pitched scream, when you are in over your head."

  • Rikki peeks out of Tamika's robe. "Is Professor Destania gone?"

Hemach:"Someone's bucking for the meatshield to suddenly decide to duck every time a ballista fires off a shot."

Saphroneth:I'm going to have Saker spy on the walls to see if there's anyone there. Spot roll?

Jerico:"You'll smell me in trouble before you hear me."

Shenodah:"That does seem likely."

Hemach:"Correction, the people who breathe will."

Tamika Coris:Tamika looks around for any sentries... 1d20+4 = 20 + 4 = 24

Jerico:"You have eyes? Then you'll feel me in trouble before you hear me."

Saphroneth:Okay, WTF? Two twenties in a row!

  • Ghostwish snatches Liatai's loaded dice.

Ghostwish:>>Liatai:Woo, the succubus is rolling well. o.o

Saphroneth:... luck be a lady?

Liatai:XDSaphroneth:Spot check: /roll 1d20+16 (Saker)

Saphroneth:Spot check: /roll 1d20+16

Ghostwish:So, we're headed westish?

Liatai:1d20+6 = 9 + 6 = 15

VAE(DM):You notice the top of the tower is empty.... seeing an intricate spiderweb across the battlements with 3 flies and 4 wasps persuades you that noone was on the top for a long time


Saphroneth:Spot check: /roll 1d20+16 = 20 + 16 = 36

Saphroneth:Ooh! Bacteria!


Ghostwish:Watch me get a 1.

Hemach:1d20 = 15

Saphroneth:Sorry, the help page I was using was outdated.

Ghostwish:1d20+1 = 7 + 1 = 8

VAE(DM):You see the spider used a rather eastern-furrae style binds for his web

Tamika Coris:"The tower seems almost abandoned..."

Shenodah:Saker sees nothing. I suggest we move up.

VAE(DM):(to saph)

Saphroneth:Got it.

Jerico:"Right. Sneaking in."

VAE:just took me a bit of time to sort it out

Jerico:1d20+1 = 6 + 1 = 7 is a spot check to peer down the (tunnel?)

Ghostwish:Well, bugger that.

Shenodah:"Impressive skill that spider posesses. That looks sort of like the binding the people beyond the Wall are supposed to use."

VAE:where do you see a tunnel?

Saphroneth:He means the gatehouse.

Ghostwish:This, greyish line thing.

Ghostwish:XDVAE:the gate is closed now

VAE:it's just drawn open for later on

VAE:i think i mentioned that

VAE(DM):Jerico notices that the drawbridge is remarkably solid and wooden

Shenodah:"If there are no other options, I could burn it..."

Hemach:"I could toss you lot over the wall."

Tamika Coris:"Let's save that for AFTER we defeat Pegasus."

Jerico:Jerry looks about for any locks, opening mechanism, etc?

Saphroneth:It's a drawbridge. Hope you brought crampons. A Climb check is in your future.

Saphroneth:Although with a few secs setup, I could Dimension Door us through.

Rikki:"... or I could..." >.>

Shenodah:"True, Warp - Aci. My apologies for neglecting your abilities. Though I do assume our specialist at this is going to get a move on."

Hemach:"Anyone got some rocks to chuck at him?"

VAE:it's a gravel road

VAE:you can pick up rocks

Jerico:"Right, warp-aci, think you can get me on the other side of the moat? Might want to jet out then. I'm expecting traps."

Hemach:1d20+4 = 11 + 4 = 15

VAE(DM):listen checks, folks.. you are taking quite the time

Shenodah:"Oh almighty Jerico! These walls will not tumble down, so hurry with it or I'll go over first!"

Jerico:1d20+1 = 16 + 1 = 17

Liatai:1d20+4 = 13 + 4 = 17

Hemach:1d20+4 = 4 + 4 = 8

Jerico:Jerry peers back at Shenodah.. "You forget to thaw out your brain or something?"

Shenodah:1d20 = 18

Shenodah:"Well, I heard THAT."

VAE(DM):Shenodah, Jerico and Tamika hear a pounding in the distance,

VAE(DM):Shenodah can also pick up faint traces of a wheezing noise

Jerico:"What the hell is that!?"

Shenodah:"That's not good. Spread out - we dont't all want to get caught."

VAE(DM):The sound comes from the east

Tamika Coris:"Your cue to hurry, skunk!"

Saphroneth:Saker looke back to the east.

  • Jerico hides! 1d20+15 = 12 + 15 = 27

Saphroneth:1d20+16 = 13 + 16 = 29 spot from Saker

Shenodah:"Some form of contrivance!"

Shenodah:"Stand back."

Shenodah:*Primal form*

VAE(DM):You notice two large clank-like machines wheezing with steam , and covered in corpses

Hemach:"Yes, I was just about to recommend getting behind the meatshield, too."

Tamika Coris whispers: Telepathy... "Rikki, should I say "pickle," teleport me to the top of the gatehouse."

collector:Spot 1d20+15 = 5 + 15 = 20

collector 1:Spot 1d20+15 = 17 + 15 = 32

Shenodah:*Halt Undead*

Liatai:Ooh, wait. Should we roll initiative?

Hemach:1d20 = 8

Shenodah:Init: 1d20+2 = 12 + 2 = 14

Tamika Coris:1d20 = 13

VAE:The second construct notices the hidden Shenodah


Shenodah:I'm not hiding.

Jerico:"What are those things?"

Hemach:1d20 = 4

Hemach:Failed Int check.

Hemach:"Hell if I know."

Ghostwish:Applicable knowledge skill?

VAE(DM):The second construct notices the hidden figures, however, they ignore them .. so far.. and continue to march towards the gate

Tamika Coris:1d20+1 = 10 + 1 = 11 Int check...

Jerico:"Hey, they're headed for the gate. Think maybe we could follow them in?"

Shenodah:1d20+2 = 17 + 2 = 19 Int

VAE(DM):Arcana works , or spellcraft

Shenodah:Oh, I'm trained in that.

Liatai:What is the bridge over? Lava, water, a dry trench, what?

VAE:a massive hole

VAE:don't remember from the first DP fight?

Shenodah:1d20+16 = 6 + 16 = 22 Arcana

Jerico:Knowledge arcana! 1d20+12 = 2 + 12 = 14

Ghostwish:The luck of the roll.. is NOT with me.

Saphroneth:Results of the chedk?

VAE(DM):Jerico: you faintly remember that the constructs are something necromancers use for some purpose

Jerico:"These likely belong to that whack-job, pegasus. Necromancers use em.:"

VAE(DM):Shenodah: You remember that the massive machines are used to collect corpses...

Jerico:"Don't play dead, whatever you do."


VAE(DM):Therefore , if you don't attack, they shouldn't cause you any problems

Jerico:"I say we follow em in? How much ya wanna bet they don't check in?"

VAE(DM):spot checks!

Shenodah:*Holds up no fingers*

Shenodah:1d20+0 = 4 + 0 = 4 Shenodah

Tamika Coris:1d20+4 = 11 + 4 = 15

Shenodah:1d20+16 = 13 + 16 = 29 Saker

VAE(DM):you notice that the machines didn't disappear from plain sight

Rikki:1d20+7 = 17 + 7 = 24

Jerico:1d20+3 = 18 + 3 = 21

VAE(DM):Saker notices that one of the corpses on the top is wriggling , and appears to be swearing

Hemach:1d20 = 17

VAE(DM):Jerico sees much the same


VAE(DM):Hemach can see the moving corpse too

Jerico:The skunk blinks. "Hey.. are we being paid to rescue undead?"

Shenodah:"I assume you saw that?"

  • Rikki whimpers a little.

Tamika Coris:"Saw what?"

  • Hemach running-tackles deathnight with wriggling corpse?

Jerico:He points at the revelvant corpse collector. "There's an undead. Up top."

Shenodah:"If this Dark Pegasus is hated by the Undead, and there are Undead being carried into his fortress by the Corpse Collectors, that says allies to me."

VAE(DM):The machines position themselves in front of the gate, and start emitting a peculiar series of wheezing noises

Jerico:"Maybe. But do we get paid for it!?"

VAE(DM):For the smarter of you, it seems like a sort of communication signal

Tamika Coris:"Then we should follow them and find out where they're taking the undead."

Shenodah:"We presumably have an easier job for the same pay."

Hemach:Um, what do I roll for running tackle?

Shenodah:Bull Rush.


VAE(DM):After a while of waiting, the bridge begins to slowly descend

VAE(DM):*creak* *creak*


VAE:he mentioned it

VAE:bull rush


Hemach:Which doesn't answer my question, because I don't know what it is.

Jerico:"What is the cobra thing do-"

Shenodah:See above.


VAE:allrigh ^^'

collector:attack 1d20+22 = 3 + 22 = 25

Meany:1d20+4 = 10 + 4 = 14

VAE:your AC?

Meany:17VAE:so it hit

Shenodah:"Need help?"

collector:4d8+10 = 19 + 10 = 29 ... The construct slams its massive fist at Hemach

Hemach:"Nng. A little bit, yeah."

  • Tamika Coris watches to see what the other construct does.

Saphroneth:How high up is the spike? And can I willingly reduce Fireball size?

VAE:about 10ft from ground

Shenodah:"Anyone not Fireproof, run."

VAE:and yes you can... though these things are magic immune i think

VAE:i should have mentioned it in the check you did..

Shenodah:Okay, new plan.

VAE:because you rolled a 22

VAE:my error

VAE:did meany roll his strength check?

Jerico:"Right, hack and slash, here we go!"

collector:1d20+10 = 1 + 10 = 11

Shenodah:"Telekinesis!" I will use it to lift the prisoner off the spike.

VAE:oh, he succeeded with the opposed str check

VAE:also, meany is tackling hte one without the prisoner


VAE:lemme fix it

VAE:or is he?

VAE:which one did you tackle?

Hemach:He was tackling the one -with- the prisoner.


VAE:this makes more sense now

Shenodah:I can apply 325 pounds of force with Telekinesis. That should do, right?

VAE:you pushed him five feet in

VAE:i think the construct dropped down, at least if the 14 was your str check

Shenodah:I'm lifting the prisoner off the spikes to get them away from the combat.

Shenodah:Meany's 14 was Str, I think

VAE:then yes

Ghostwish:You can on your initiative turn, if we get an iniiative going. XD

Hemach:The fourteen was an attack.

VAE:oh, it was attack?

VAE:where is your BaB then?

Hemach:...I'm an idiot.

Hemach:+3Shenodah:That's still not a lot.

VAE:also you don't get an attack i think

VAE:when you bull rush the thing gets an attack, which it did

VAE:then you roll opposed str checks

Tamika Coris:*finished cursing under her breath about the recklessness of adventurers, and shouts to Shenodah* "Bring the undead here!"

Hemach:I blame the wiki for being misleading.

VAE:now, roll initiative everyone ^^

Shenodah:"I will as soon as reality notices I am telling it what to do!"

VAE:since the combat started with meany's action

Hemach:1d20 = 4

Tamika Coris:1d20 = 15

Shenodah:1d20+2 = 18 + 2 = 20


Jerico:1d20+10 = 1 + 10 = 11

Ghostwish:... XD

collector 1:1d20+4 = 2 + 4 = 6 1d20+4 = 17 + 4 = 21

Shenodah has received initiative.

VAE:bloody hell , i need to order them

Ghostwish:Oh, click the arrow and select sort

VAE:what did i do now...

VAE:sorry for the lamertude folks

Ghostwish:No problem. The maptools, it takes some learning.

Liatai:It's OK, we were all MapTool newbies once. ^^

Shenodah:Drop arrow next to the Round button.

Ghostwish:Aye, that be the one.

Jerico has received initiative.

Jerico has received initiative.

Saphroneth:Timey Wimey Ball.

collector 1:The second collector stands patiently

Shenodah has received initiative.

VAE:now, your turn

Shenodah:Okay, Telekinesis. Moving the Undead over to Liatai. 20 feet in the first round.

Shenodah:325 pounds is enough to lift them, right?

VAE:we'll make the things meany did happen on his turn

VAE:yep, definitely

Saphroneth:Not surprise round?

VAE:?? can't remember what that is ^^'

VAE:maptool is taking over my mind


Ghostwish:It's a round before actual combat.. I think everyone can take 1 standard action for those who can act in it?

VAE:then that's whatss

Saphroneth:Basically, it means regular combat began with the charge of the heavy brigade impacting the collector.

VAE:goign on - Hemach tackled the colector

VAE:it moved 5 feet onto the bridge

VAE:since it was impacted

VAE:and since the other one does nothing, it's shenodah' turn

Shenodah:Okay, Telekinesis. Moving the Undead over to Liatai, as stated. 20 feet of movement first turn

VAE:that's about pythagorean 20 feet

VAE:15 one side, 10 down

Shenodah:If I have a move action left (That is, if I cast TK in the surprise round), then I draw and string my bow.


Tamika has received initiative.

VAE:liatai, your turn

  • Tamika digs out her holy symbol... which, until we decide on things, let's say looks like Fharlanghn's... and approaches the undead.

VAE:and i should find the paper with hit dice

Shenodah:I think they're constructs...

Shenodah:Could be Undead though.

Tamika:"Do you need healing?"

Saphroneth:Oh, misinterpreted again.

VAE(DM):The Cobrataur looks rather hurt by the fist of the grim colossus

Tamika:To the undead, I mean.

Tamika:If the undead's on the ground yet ^^'

VAE:and now to find her sheet

undead:Healing? ... ack!

Tamika:"Your kind of healing," she says, preparing an Inflict Light Wounds spell.

undead:I mean.. thanks.. but i can do without that.. and if you could put the symbol a bit *cough* further

undead:Oh... I.. guess it would help

undead:I don't know what these things are.. but my lungs have seen better of times *grins weakly*

Tamika:"I'll work on those first, then. Try to relax for me, okay?" Inflict Light Wounds... 1d8+3 = 6 + 3 = 9

VAE(DM):The undead appears a little better.. you notice some of the spike holes have sealed

Tamika:"When you feel like you can stand, get behind me."

Niar:Oh, thanks!

Tamika:End turn!

Shenodah:"I'll let her down whenever you want, by the way."

Jerico:(double click to grab multiple tokens. )

Liatai:-- Oh, she was still in the air? XD

VAE:she wasn'y

VAE:he moved 20 feet

VAE:i assumed it as a diagonal

VAE:about 15 to the side, and 10 down

Saphroneth:Okay, good, I wasn't sure. I thought there was a chance the construct was 15 feet high.

VAE:bloody hell

VAE:the construct is about 12 feet

VAE:she was 10 feet above

VAE:(it isn't uniformly shaped, right?

Liatai:Should I back Tamika up a bit?

VAE:if you wish

VAE:and i wanted to do somehing too


Niar:1d20+2 = 7 + 2 = 9

VAE:for next turn

Jerico has received initiative.



Jerico:Jericho moves quickly about, and places himself in a flanking position for the big taur.

Jerico:End turn!

collector:The collector hesitates for a moment, turns from side to side, then attacks Hemach

collector:1d20+22 = 14 + 22 = 36

collector:1d10 = 8

collector:4d8+10 = 23 + 10 = 33

collector:The blow lands onto cobrataur's side, and based on the crunching sound, doesn't spell nothing good

Saphroneth:Goddamn magic immune monsters... I could help SO much more if I had the ability to do damage.

VAE:what did you roll last time?

Saphroneth:Nothing - you said they were magic immune.

VAE:if you didn't roll knowledgearcane = Invalid expression: arcane. you might

VAE:(you'll see)

VAE:not so simple

Hemach has received initiative.

Saphroneth:I got 22.

Meany:Hold up, pause.

VAE:bloody hell , these are CR 12 and one is ignoring you

VAE:but that was spellcraft, right?

Saphroneth:That was either. I have the same mod in both.

Saphroneth:Hmm... Fancy a Haste or Greater Invis next turn, Meany?

VAE:anyways, you need to roll another one next time

VAE:this time it be the knowledge one...

Ghostwish:This is why many a spellcaster should have a buff or two ready.

Saphroneth:I have maxed extended spells in Primal form. Normally firepower is enough.

Liatai:DM, there's been a slight mixup.

Meany:I blame myself.

VAE:what happened?

Meany:And my lack of DnD prowess.

Liatai:We have some players who aren't familiar with multiclassing rules. ^^'


Liatai:Meany has been going along as if his BAB is +3...

  • VAE facepaws

Saphroneth:I did wonder...

Liatai:But as a level 5 mythos and level 8 barbarian, it should be +11.

Saphroneth:Okay, Meany. Next turn, Rage, man! That boosts your everything!

Meany:Except self preservation.

Saphroneth:Well, in this case it might help that too.

Saphroneth:You can hardly do worse.

VAE:+11/+6/+1 to be exact

VAE:ie you get three attacks, meanyowl

Liatai:... Ohohoho. >

Saphroneth:Three attacks per round. That's gooood.

Meany:And since I haven't drawn any weapons, some of them will be eaten up.

VAE:yep... (cue in that's good - devo)

VAE:you can do that as move action

VAE:the three attacks is standard action

Meany:Not for Pata.

  • Jerico has quickdraw for such an occasion. Useful for any melee class.

Saphroneth:Actually, it's a Full Attack.

VAE:oh, true

  • VAE facepaws again

VAE:this is makin' me stupid... this and the flu

Saphroneth:That one IS a full round, but then the highest power attack is still available.

Saphroneth:This turn.


  • Liatai pats VAE's shoulder. There, there. You're doing well for your first session DMing!

VAE:after that, he should move away. too

VAE:he can technically die on a hit

VAE:haha... it seems that i rather over-prepared.. at this pace i will be glad if you clean out the lower level..

Saphroneth:Happened to me as well, every time.

VAE:allright, meany... do *something*, and for me, nature calls

Ghostwish:brb, going to start a fire.

Meany:My turn?


Saphroneth:It is.


VAE(DM):add yourself 26 HP

VAE(DM):to a 62 total

VAE(DM):The cobrataur flies into a frenzy, disregarding his grievous injury...

Hemach:And whips his tail up to snag his mace, for a rageswing.

Saphroneth:I make the extra bonuses from this Size, Flanking and the increased Strength one.

VAE(DM):well, a roll?

Hemach:1d20+11 = 19 + 11 = 30

VAE(DM):The cobrataur hits the construct, blade chipping into rock

VAE(DM):roll damage

VAE(DM):also . you should add your strength modifier to attack

Hemach:2d6+4 = 7 + 4 = 11

VAE(DM):nevermind the +2 from flanking

Saphroneth:And Flanking, and magic (presumably) weapon.


VAE(DM):erm, you have a str of 20

VAE(DM):now, 24

Saphroneth:That's a +7 bonus.

VAE(DM):that increases damage too AFAIK

Hemach:I thought it was just the modifyer?

Saphroneth:And is that weapon magic?


VAE(DM):ack, no! *facepaws*

Saphroneth:YES. Your modifier is now +7.

Saphroneth:(To "I thought it was just the modifyer"?)

VAE(DM):so, 14 damage

VAE(DM):also, why don't you have a magic weapon?

Liatai:A hit, a palpable hit!

VAE(DM):The pata chips off a segment of rock from the construct's head

VAE:also, i am happy i can handle enemy HP on paper, the way it was meant to

VAE:move ?


VAE:am waiting

Hemach:The pata is magic, but I'm attacking with the mace.

Saphroneth:Then the mace chips off a segment of rock.

Ghostwish:I return. Something is burning.

VAE(DM):The mace leaves a crack in the construct's forehead

  • Tamika ducks as the cobrataur's tail swings over her head.

VAE:Now. these things are supposed to have a DR

Saphroneth:Doesn't a Barb of that level have intrinsic DR?

VAE:however, i as a DM declare that the dr is cancelled not only by adamantine, but bashing weapons too

VAE:he does

VAE:about two or what

Saphroneth:Then he auto ignores ALL DR.

VAE:uff , good

Saphroneth:Any creature with DR can ignore DR of a creature with less strict DR.

VAE:i know that

Liatai:I didn't! Nifty!

VAE:but i can't remember whether they have a dr/magic or /epic or what

Saphroneth:2/ is the best type of all, as it is always active. So it negates ALL DR.

VAE:these have dr/adamantine

Saphroneth:They have DR/EVERYTHING.

VAE:oh, that i didn't know either

Saphroneth:Barbarians rock.

Saphroneth:Well, they break them.

VAE:that's excellent

VAE:any movement?

VAE:or is yer turn over?

Saphroneth:I think he's out of actions.

Hemach:I think so. >->

Rikki has received initiative.

VAE:does the warp-aci have its own turn?

Saphroneth:...does the Ferrit do anything?

Saphroneth:Mind if I roll that knowledge (Arcana) check now?



VAE:you can

Saphroneth:1d20 + 16 = 18 + 16 = 34


Saphroneth:I know who programmed them by their facial tics.

Saphroneth:So, what's the result?

Saphroneth:Do I know anything about their susceptibility to magic, their weaknesses, or what?

  • Rikki starts nibbling on pebbles of the gravel road. Dum de dum.

VAE(DM):Looking at the constructs with a scientific eye, you notice several details: A) the constructs were reprogrammed to primarily target moving, unliving targets B) they can be damaged by spells that destroy rock and make items rust C) they can be slowed down by sonic damage D) you don't want to apply electricity , ever, D) they run on an intel Pentium processor

Saphroneth:Damn. No spells not firelike.

Saphroneth:Or lightning.

VAE(DM):aGhostwish:... might want to tell the rogue that, or, here, lemme try my own knowledge(arcana) check. 1d20+12 = 16 + 12 = 28

VAE(DM):as for detail, electricity heals them

Saphroneth:I guessed.

VAE(DM):however, due to the fact they are pentium

VAE(DM):if you can force them to divide, they tend to crash

Saphroneth:They can't count properly?

VAE(DM):DP was purchasing budget

Saphroneth:(Oh, are they immune to other magic or just very resistant?)

VAE(DM):from some peddler who called himself Cross

Saphroneth:I am of a mind to Brute Force their defences.

VAE(DM):Immune, they can even reflect back spells of level 3 and less

VAE(DM):and, your turn

Liatai:Whose turn?

Saphroneth:Should I try buffing with Haste or just try to dump them in the moat, guys?



Hemach:I thought there was no moat.

collector 1:As the bridge has lowered, the second machine takes a step forward

Hemach:Just a hole?

VAE:the bridge started going down just before the tackle

Saphroneth:A dry moat is still a moat shut up shut up shut up!

VAE:if it was the case, then the eagle would have to fly and cast the telekinesis at the bottom of the shaft

Saphroneth:It can pull, push or anything else. It's not just pull.

VAE:you can tackle them down the bridge of course

VAE:to the side

Liatai:But do you want to risk the attack of opportunity...?

Shenodah has received initiative.

VAE:you probably don't

Saphroneth:I have telekinesis, I don't take AoEs.

VAE:your turn!

VAE:noone attacked the second one so it ust moved

VAE:and that should have been 40 ft

Shenodah:I'm going to cast Haste on the full party. Everyone's in range.

VAE:go on!

Rikki:"Wheeeeeeeeee!" *zips around*

Saphroneth:Is using TK a move or standard?

VAE:i must check

VAE:standard it says

Shenodah:And dnoe.


Tamika has received initiative.

Tamika:Tamika checks the undead. "Can you stand?"

Niar:I think i can!

Tamika:All the while, preparing a Shield of Faith spell for Hemach.

Niar:just give me a moment

Niar:being suspended head down for hours messes up your coordination a bit

Saphroneth:(Don't forget, everyone now has Speed +30, one extra attack in Full Attack at highest attack mod and +1 to AC and Attack rolls)

VAE:done liatai?

Tamika:Tamika slaps the mythos' tail as it swings by her head again, handing off the spell (an additional +2 to AC for Hemach!), and then makes a few steps toward her warp-aci. "Good! Come on, then, this way. Let's get you out of that thing's reach."

Tamika:Now end turn. ^^

Jerico has received initiative.

VAE:jerico! ghost!

Liatai whispers: Ooh, question.

Saphroneth:(Don't forget, you now have Speed +30, one extra attack in Full Attack at highest attack mod and +1 to AC and Attack rolls)

You whisper to Liatai: .. yep?

Liatai whispers: Tamika runs a creature-friendly inn. Is there a chance she might recognize this undead as a patron? DM's call.

Liatai whispers: Just a random thought. ^^

You whisper to Liatai: ... she very well ,ight.. though undead generally don't eat besides raw meat

You whisper to Liatai: if she stocks that, it is likely

You whisper to Liatai: as in, fresh raw meat

Liatai whispers: Ah, right, I forgot that detail. Well, you need to have raw meat to cook with it... XD

Player "Liatai..." is not connected.

You whisper to Liatai: Applies to very fresh one.. though she might have rats and such things caught alive and stocked for such customers

Liatai whispers: A good thought. Again, it's your call, though. It's kind of a long shot that she would have met this one particular undead. XD

You whisper to Liatai: I think that in my implementation the meat is valuable for undead within about 4 hours from slaughter

You whisper to Liatai: ... though, if she is in these parts, not so odd.... there aren't many such places

Liatai whispers: True, true. And the idea that she would keep rats and such around for such customers... or, ooh. Lobsters.

You whisper to Liatai: .. i mean , undeads are even bigger outcasts than other creatures

Liatai whispers: Lobsters are much easier to explain away than cages of rats. XD

Ghostwish:Sorry, had to go afkish

Ghostwish:So did Jerico learn these things are healed by lightning, or did someone yell it out?

You whisper to Liatai: haha.. works.. except don't mention it to Glup

You whisper to Liatai: OR Mab!

Liatai whispers: X3

Shenodah:"Lightning heals them!"


Saphroneth:Talking is a free action.

VAE:haha.. but no, these details were dc 20 i think

Ghostwish:Right, one extra attack at highest attack.

VAE:dc 15 was they are magic immune

VAE:actually dc25, to explain why i didn't tell Shenodah the first time


Jerico:"Shit.." Jerico mutters, respressing the lightning element of his rapier before he goes into a series of vicious, haste helped swings. 1d20+15 = 4 + 15 = 19 for 1d6+5 = 2 + 5 = 7, 1d20+15 = 19 + 15 = 34 for 1d6+5 = 6 + 5 = 11, and finally 1d20+10 = 9 + 10 = 19 for 1d6+5 = 2 + 5 = 7

Ghostwish:And the crits fly like birds... XD

Saphroneth:Yeah, better roll to confirm that one.

VAE(DM):*ceng* *ceng* Most of the swings deflect from the shell of the construct like pebbles thrown against a wall... one of the strikes hits a critical circuit component through a gap in the cover plates

VAE(DM):roll confirm

Ghostwish:Wait, they can be critted? I thought constructs were immune or such.. or is that sneak attacks?

Saphroneth:Sneaks only, I think.

VAE:they might be, but as a DM i declare they can be

Ghostwish:Roger! Confirming: 1d20+15 = 7 + 15 = 22

VAE:especially since they are electronic

VAE:ouch..too low

Saphroneth:Hang on... Ever heard of a power surge?

VAE:hahah! that's an idea

Ghostwish:Dangit. :Saphroneth:90 points of lightning damage (Me, primal, lightning bolt) is NOT a small amount.)

VAE:it has 17 d 10 hit dice

Ghostwish:So 11 points of damage.


Ghostwish:Welllll... if it were a technological construct, yes.. but I would think you'd have to use arcane energy to overload a magical construct, if it's even possible.

Saphroneth:Hang on. Dan, the attacks all do full damage, his weapon is magic.

VAE:if you can cause more than .. let's say 120 points, i will make it have a power surge


VAE:dr is /adamantine, so it does

VAE:wait, how is your damage limit?

Saphroneth:Chain Lightning in Primal? That's 15*9.

Saphroneth:135 damage.

Saphroneth:And that's EVERY TIME. Weres are designed for magic and only that... why I was annnoyed at magic immune monsters.

VAE:let's see.. below 120 it heals 1d6 for every 6 points as prescribed

VAE:if it's above 120, i declare you will do 3d8 for every point above 120, and it won't do anything the next turn

Saphroneth:"Halte! Sturmvoraus!"

VAE:ie if you hit 135 in theory, you will do it 45d8 damage and probably just kill it

Saphroneth:Good. A counterstrike method.

collector:The collector paces, 1d2 = 2

Ghostwish:So magical constructs can be overloaded with eletricity?

VAE:haven't you read? these run on pentium chips

Saphroneth:These ones are electronic, built by one Jakob Pettershon.

Saphroneth:Presumably subcontract work.

collector:It bashes its crude fist against the cobrataur once again 1d20+22 = 1 + 22 = 23

Liatai:..... ooooooooh. x3

Saphroneth:CRIT FAIL!

Ghostwish:XDcollector:and barely misses , the attack hitting the edge of the bridge, and sending splinters into air

Jerico:"Silly robot."

Hemach has received initiative.

Saphroneth:We. Are. Nearly. Screwed. IT BARELY MISSED ON A ONE.

Hemach:Draws/equips pata.


  • Hemach draws/equips pata.

Hemach:Saphroneth:You still have the time for a full attack, go for it.

Hemach:And of course ragesmashes with mace.


VAE:how many attacks is that/ 4?


Hemach:1d20+11 = 13 + 11 = 24

VAE:two of them +11

Saphroneth:Two of them +11 + str bonus +1

VAE:Meany, you add your Str bonus

VAE:so it's 31

VAE:because of 7 and actually 33 due to flanking


VAE:this time it meant a difference between a hit and a miss

VAE:and roll the next three attacks

VAE:. . .

Hemach:2d6+7 = 7 + 7 = 14

Hemach:2d6+7 = 7 + 7 = 14

Hemach:2d6+7 = 8 + 7 = 15

  • VAE facepaws har



VAE:roll for hitting

VAE:this one was damage rolls

VAE:the first is valid...

VAE:shall i roll for him?

Hemach:I'm a bit distracted, sorry.

Saphroneth:Your current attack bonus is +21/+21/+16/+11

  • Rikki has eaten a good patch of gravel road bare by now... Warp-aci-caused pothole!

Hemach:1d20+18 = 9 + 18 = 27

Hemach:1d20+18 = 13 + 18 = 31

Saker:I'm too hot... Why can't we go back up North yet... Silly master...

VAE:wait .. what are you rolling?

VAE:total attack bonus was computed by Saph

Saphroneth:You did the first +21, now you have +21/+16/+11 left.

VAE:allright, i will use these.. just change the mods


Meany:You confuse me.

VAE:so far, all of them hit

VAE:31, 30, 29

VAE:so roll the last one

Meany:Before I screw up again.

Meany:The mod for this one?

VAE:+11 total

VAE:i think


Hemach:1d20+11 = 12 + 11 = 23

VAE(DM):A flurry of mace blows hit the construct, and all but one land on various parts of its hulking body

VAE(DM):roll damage, three times

Saphroneth:That looks like three hits to me, so that's the damage rolled further up. 43 total.


Saphroneth:Speeds things up.

VAE(DM):The construct shakes under the mighty blows, which shatter one of the curious instruments on its head, several spikes, and chip a boulder off ots left arm

VAE(DM):The construct looks visibly damaged

Rikki has received initiative.

Saphroneth:Rikki buries it in the road.

Rikki:Oh boy! My turn? My turn?

Rikki:Spot check for any other moving undead on the construct; 1d20+7 = 8 + 7 = 15

VAE(DM):The rest of the corpses on the machine appear dead - some because they were never alive, and some because they were accidentally impaled through their heads


VAE(DM):alive for specific values for this term of course


Rikki:Aww. No chance to be the hero, then. I'm gonna go over to the standing one, then! "Come on, come on!" And I'm gonna ready an action to dimension door if things go wrong!

VAE(DM):animate would have been the right word. true

Rikki:End turn!

Niar:Niar stands up

Hemach:Danman, IRC question fer ya.

Niar:Thanks a lot! .. erm.. any of you need any help?

Shenodah:"Depends what you're best at."

Niar:Erm.. i am not too good at it, but i can cast a few spells

Jerico:"Blow stuff up!"

Shenodah:"What type?"

Rikki:"I dunno! You should ask Tammy or the others! But for now, let's get outta the way! The cobra guy looks like he's about to rip that construct wire from circuit!"

Shenodah:"I have a plan for the other one. They like electricity, but there's a saying about too much of a good thing..."

Niar:i can heal your sort a bit for example


Dr. Hatari has connected.


Niar:and a few other things here and there

VAE:oh , that's just an observer

VAE:from Tech's game

Ghostwish:IT'S ALIVE.

Saphroneth:Fair enough.

  • Dr. Hatari waves.

VAE(DM):hi there!

Ghostwish:Actually, he's not in tech's game. XD

Rikki:"Ooh! Ooh! You should come help the cobra guy!"

Ghostwish:He's in mine.

Liatai:Hiya, Hatari!

Ghostwish:But he lurkks others quite often.

Niar:I'm gonna stand back a bit... i so don't wanna end up there again

Liatai:Hmm... I should make popcorn.

Shenodah:"Understandable reluctance."

collector 1:The first collector walks forth

Shenodah has received initiative.

Shenodah:Do I still have line of sight on the second collector, and does anyone want me to blow up the first or the second?

Shenodah:(Second = the one legging it)

VAE:you would have line of sight if you stood on the bridge

Shenodah:Hmmm. And getting there means AoE. Right.

Shenodah:*Primal form*

Shenodah:Chain Lightning.

Shenodah:1d20 + 9 vs Touch AC = 14 + 9 = 23

Saphroneth:Is that a hit?

VAE:it is!

Shenodah:135 damage.

VAE:it's touch ac is pathetic


VAE:allright.. which one was it against?

Rikki:"Ooh! Fireworks!"

VAE:the damaged one or the other?

Shenodah:The one in the middle of the fight.

VAE:allright.. wait a moment

Saphroneth:I can't get LOS on the other without going through threatened area.

VAE:this will be a two stage process

collector:As the lightning hits the construct, it appears to repair itself.. sparks flow around the chassis, molten metal fills the cracks...20d6 = 75

Saker:"This is not a good day. First the heat, and then the - bozhe moi!"

collector:As the surge continues however

collector:The machine begins to vibrate, and sparks fly out of various orifices... the steam pipe driving it begins to emit a wail

collector:45d8 = 194

Saphroneth:Okay, that's smoked.

Tamika:"... fantastic."

collector:The construct's eyes begin to blink


collector:The steam aparature inside the giant exploded, splitting its top part in uneven halves

VAE(DM):1d20 = 16 1d20 = 11

VAE(DM):ac jerico and Hemach?

VAE(DM):i guess flatfooted

Shenodah:Shenodah lets out a triumphant fox cry. This is not entirely preasant for those nearby, but then... it's raining pieces of construct. He at least feels he earned it. Especially after the whole Immune to Magic thing.

Ghostwish:Aw, can't I get a reflex to dodge the parts?

Ghostwish:Flat is 19 anyway

Saphroneth:That should have read as pleasant. Not preasant.

Meany:Uno momento.

VAE:it was a no modifier attack

Meany:17VAE(DM):The two close standing barely avoid the sharp fragments of the construct , as its torn body resembling a huge , spiky Y collapses onto the bridge

Liatai:*victory music!*


Saphroneth:Shenodah walks over and sniffs it, still in Primal form, then turns derisively away.

Niar:The undead rabbit looks surprised

Niar:How.... how did you do that?

Niar:i tried magic on them.. it hit me instead!

Saphroneth:(Damn. I'm still a fox. I can't talk.)

Niar:Thanks a lot all... T..Tamika, is that you?

Niar:What are you doing in this place?

Saphroneth:(Mind moving the construct so I can reach my counter?)


Tamika:Tamika turns, surprised. "... Pegasus is bad for business." She flicks an ear. "What about you... Niar, right? Or was it Nina?"


Niar:Niar... *pouts slightly, then laughs* ... sure he is

Jerico:"Well, that was nuts."

Shenodah:"Oh, to answer your question, by the way... I am a skilled mage by the standards of Were, and Were are very good at magic in their primal state. Essentially, I over loaded it. It's very draining, though, even for myself."

Niar:Especially if it keeps taking customers and sticking them on its back

Tamika:Tamika, listening, takes out a wand and starts casting a spell on Hemach (Cure Moderate Wounds 2d8+3 = 8 + 3 = 11).

Hemach:"Oof, thank you.

Hemach:"Niar:Oh... i.. can't do that sort of stuff...

Shenodah:"Few can. I could not until a few months ago, I would guess."

Niar:weres... you are quite rare in this place... a gryphon i knew mentioned something about tribes in the mountains if i remember

Tamika:"Don't thank me too much," she snaps at Hemach irritably. "What were you thinking?! Tackling a creature covered in spikes." She tuts to herself as she casts the spell again. 2d8+3 = 13 + 3 = 16

Niar:but he was quite drunk... i thought the whole changing thing was just him babbling

Niar:especially when he said you can change into humans... i mean, pfeh... they went extinct ages ago

Hemach:"I was thinking someone was impaled on one of those spikes and wasn't dead yet."

Shenodah:"I'm from the far North. The sort of place where only fire magic keeps you warm. And yes, we do indeed exist... though most of us keep a low profile in one way or another. Largely because of our short lifespans compared to other creatures."

Jerico:"Right! So who's for chasing down the other one and following it inside so we can get this job done and get paid?"

Niar:oh, i can help you a little



Tamika:"Did it not occur to you that we have a warp-aci -- Rrgh, forget it!" She casts the spell once more 2d8+3 = 8 + 3 = 11 and pockets the wand.

Niar:The undead rabbit shudders

Shenodah:It does feel good to be able to do this without freezing my skin off, though. Not that my frigidophile of a familiar appreciates it."

Niar:Oh, right,, what was i ...

Niar:*casts cure critical wounds on Hemach*

Shenodah:"Sorry, this must all be a bit of a shock."

Niar:4d8+12 = 24 + 12 = 36


Niar:there... consider that thanks from me

Rikki:".... Coooooooooooooool."

Hemach:"Thank you."

VAE:if you care, btw, she is a level 12 Adept

Liatai:Hee. And yet, she's still better at healing spells than the cleric.

Shenodah:"I am impressed. Few Were study the healing arts... We have less natural talent for them."

Niar:so... if you need any help,

Niar:oh.. it isn't easy... for us it's a combat spell... you see... i don't know why but what cures those who live.. damages those who are dead

Tamika:"Of course, you're welcome to come along if you want to, Niar." Talk about a complete 180 in mood! Whoever said 'cubi were mercurial wasn't kidding.

Hemach:"Less exposition, more wonton murder."

Niar:and honestly.. if you live with other undead... you gonna need it

Shenodah:"Calm down, wild one."

Shenodah:"We could certainly use the help you offer. Though I am sure none would object if you stayed far behind the rest of us after that experience."

  • Hemach waits by the entrance.

Niar:well.. for us it's a little different... i stil feel something.. it's just... weaker

Shenodah:"A useful ability indeed. Many battles have been lost when pain drove someone insensible."

Niar:i am allright to come.. i don't have much of arms or anything as it shook my dagger off me... but i still have a few spells ready!

VAE:oh drat

Rikki:"Yeah! I'll protect you from the big nasties, Miss Niar!" The warp-aci puffs himself up proudly.

Jerico:Jerico carefully and quietly follows the construct

VAE:you two by the entrance

VAE:place yourself in front

VAE(DM):You see the roomy insides of the tower... there is a fire on each side, and on the southern wall is the wheel operating the drawbridge

VAE(DM):in the corners of the room, you see four statues made of purplish rock, in the shape of Dark Pegasus himself

Saker:"Master's going to be insufferable after this. Ah well, let's see what else he's going to blow up today." Spot check to survey the castle and surrounds: 1d20 + 16 = 11 + 16 = 27

Hemach:1d20 = 2

VAE(DM):before you go in the room, make a spellcraft check everyone


Shenodah:1d20+16 = 6 + 16 = 22

Liatai:Hang on, gotta find my sheet...

VAE:DC 20, you met it!


VAE(DM):You feel that the floor of the room has regions of magic raising above it... not harmful one.. it seems to be a trigger of sorts... but its shape is


Liatai:1d20+5 = 19 + 5 = 24 for Tammy.

VAE(DM):a bit strange... it appears to come from the statues themselves

Shenodah:"My guess is that this is some sort of detection spell..."

Hemach:"Lemme guess, the statues will come to life and beat us up if we go in?

Hemach:"Shenodah:"I'll go first. Magic can't touch me."


VAE(DM):Nothing happens - Shenodah feels the field deflecting around him

Shenodah:I'm going to examine the statues.

VAE(DM):flowing over like a river

VAE:i think that's knowledgearcane = Invalid expression: arcane.

Shenodah:1d20+16 = 12 + 16 = 28

VAE:i think that's knowledge(arcane)

Shenodah:I got it.

Shenodah:So, anything recognizable on the statues?

VAE(DM):You feel the statues are emanating magic.. furthermore, each of them has a strange glyph chiselled to its face.... they appear to be magical constructs of sort, but they most definitely aren't golems

Shenodah:"More constructs. We have three choices."

Shenodah:"Conventionally trigger, I flatten the place, or bypass."

VAE(DM):These however, shouldn't be immune to magic

Hemach:"I vote for the violent option."

Shenodah:"Which violent option?"

Hemach:"All of them."

Shenodah:"Got it. I'll shift in the centre and blast the two further statues. Come on in then."


Shenodah:There we go, sorry about that.

Shenodah:"Blast of fire" so fire damage in the cone.

VAE(DM):roll attack

Shenodah:Against what?

Liatai:The darkness?


Shenodah:It's area of effect, not ranged touch.

Liatai:I'msosorryIcouldn'tresist X3

VAE(DM):i read that too

VAE(DM):and my error, anyways

VAE(DM):so.. damage?

Shenodah:90 damage, halved for Constructs, I think.

VAE(DM):The statues crack under the onslaught of fire

VAE(DM):the lever burns as well.. lucky that the bridge is down

  • Ghostwish chases Liatai around with a broom.

Shenodah:Okay, that almost certainly both ended the surprise round and triggered the statues. Now to survive until my Init order comes up again...

VAE(DM):Suddenly, bloodlike substance gushes from the runes on their faces, and all four of them activate

Shenodah:Init: 1d20+2 = 8 + 2 = 10

Hemach:1d20 = 13

Liatai:1d20 = 9

Rikki:1d20 = 13

Ghostwish:1d20+10 = 4 + 10 = 14

Jerico:"Just for future reference.. I can disarm magical traps, mkay?"

VAE:this wasnt' a trap

VAE:it was their gaze

Shenodah:"We had votes for the violent option."

VAE:you'd need to mess with their insides

Saphroneth:OOC: CRAP



Saphroneth:These things are, I think, Eidolon... somethings.

Liatai:18 HD. And if I'm not mistaken, rogue eidolons.

VAE:you are very correct

Saphroneth:Very nice, playing up the Dark God angle.

VAE:heh.. you know how much time i spent choosing monsters?

VAE:1d20 = 16 1d20 = 3 1d20 = 4 1d20 = 4

Saphroneth:Only one of them knows of coffee...

Liatai:XDTamika has received initiative.

Tamika has received initiative.

Liatai:The lesser god Caffeina. X3

Jerico has received initiative.

Shenodah:*holds up a sign saying 'oh ****'*

Hemach:"My sentiments exactly."

Tamika has received initiative.

Jerico has received initiative.

  • Tamika swears in a spitting sort of way.

VAE:jerico, go!

VAE:you are there, you get a turn


Ghostwish:Oh, is the haste spell still going?

Saphroneth:Duration a goot two minutes at my CL, so I assume so.

VAE:should be

VAE:also, attack of opportunity, right?

Saphroneth:Did he LEAVE a threatened space?

Liatai:Same for Hemach's Shield of Faith spell. 3 minutes at Tammy's CL.

VAE:ehm,, he came into it, sorry

Ghostwish:Jerico leaps forward, slashing with his rapier. 1d20+15 = 7 + 15 = 22 for 1d6+9 = 1 + 9 = 10 and 1d20+10 = 8 + 10 = 18 for 1d6+9 = 6 + 9 = 15 and then the shock damage. 1d6 = 4. and also 1d20+15 = 19 + 15 = 34 for 1d6+9 = 5 + 9 = 14 thanks to haste!

VAE:one thing that i never get rigth

Ghostwish:Ooo, last one's a crit threat. 1d20+15 = 13 + 15 = 28

Ghostwish:oh, crap, it occurs to me I should be applying shock damage to each attack. HERP A DERP.

Saphroneth:I was gonna say...

Liatai::Bstatue 1:The hulking statue deflects some of the blows, but it is struck by two of them, one chipping its hand and one striking into a crack at its leg

statue 1:the 22 one and the critical hit

statue 1:the critical both ways

statue 1:so roll damage

statue 1:oh, you did

statue 1:what's your range?

statue 1:2x or 3x?

Saphroneth:That's the multiplier.

statue 1:i iknow

statue 1:i just used the wrong word

statue 1:it happens sometimes

Ghostwish:15-20 for *3.. now does the shock damage get tripled too?

Ghostwish:anyway, extra shock damage: 1d6 = 4

Saphroneth:No. And how is it x3?

VAE:wait. it's a construct... no criticals?

VAE:i will grant you this one

Saphroneth:They're awesome enough.

VAE:this one was poorly made and had a weak leg

Ghostwish:oh, crap, he's right. It's a x2

Saphroneth:No weapon is good enough for 19/20 and x3, unless it takes a feat.

VAE:good.. so you do 14 and 28

Saphroneth:Few even then.

VAE:42 damage

Jerico:"Eat it!"

statue 1:The statue shifts its weight onto its working leg

statue 1:the other one has been rendered structurally unsound

Hemach has received initiative.

Liatai:Now it's a hopping symbol of evil.


VAE:also, criticals can't be done to the other three

Shenodah:Sign: "The one next to you is already hurt!"

VAE:it's just that i hate retcons, so this one was poorly built

Shenodah:(if anyone asks about the signs, it's a cantrip)

VAE:i love it

VAE:reminds me of a czech short fil


VAE:allright, hemach


Liatai:Pinged him in IRC, just to be on the safe side.

VAE:uff.. i was scared my connection died

VAE:heh.. the beginning quite sucked, but it seems we are picking the pace up

Saphroneth:Yay for weekends, eh?



VAE:i am actually starting to like them ^^

VAE:Also, no matter what we'll do tonight, it seems there will be at least one more session of this


Liatai:I'm all for it. :3

VAE:though i am quite pleased on how you are handling these

VAE:the constructs.. that was just a fail... you are lucky that i am a common sense and humour driven DM

Saphroneth:It's because I chose my spells for flavour... mainly napalm flavour, but...

VAE:if you care... the construct had 48 hp

VAE:you healed it over 70

Meany:>>Meany:Liatai:... That's all? Seriously?

VAE:then took 190

VAE:it had 116 initially

Saphroneth:Meany, it's your turn.

Liatai:Ah, that I believe. XD

VAE:meany and Jericho weren't that bad at making it die

VAE:you are lucky though i made them like computers

Saphroneth:Commence Thwacking!

VAE:ignore you until attack for example

  • Hemach moves over the the bottom right statue and thwackifies.

VAE:roll attack

Saphroneth:I do dislike puzzle enemies like those. Easy... IF you have THIS spell.

Hemach: (( Now, what +s do I add to the roll for this? ))

Saphroneth:Haste is still up.

VAE:21 21 16 11

Saphroneth:So... No, 19 19 14 9 because no flank.

VAE:oh , true

VAE:i forgot

Saphroneth:And I assume he's back in Rage.

VAE:heh... ask him

Hemach:1d20+21 = 10 + 21 = 311d20+21 = 16 + 21 = 371d20+16 = 14 + 16 = 301d20+11 = 11 + 11 = 22

statue 3:The flurry of hits lands on the statue ...

VAE:all hit

VAE:roll damage

VAE:but don't be overjoyed.. if these bastards hit they can mess you up massively

Shenodah:Sign: "Raw Raw Fight da power!" Shenodah then looks faintly confused and hides his Kamina sunglasses.

Hemach: (( Mods for attack rolls? ))

VAE:also, the above weren't puzzle enemies... they were mostly magic immune enemies

VAE:the previous i meant

Saphroneth:Damage mods are Str Mod (so +7) and the plus on your weapon.

Saphroneth:If you knew Rust Metal or Shatter they would be easy...

Hemach: (( +7 was with rage. ))

VAE:also, rogue eidolons remind me of Quake , which is my favorite action game

VAE:he is in rage

Liatai:So, +5, then.

Saphroneth:You damn better be Raging again!

Saphroneth:That's your main Class Feature!

Hemach:I can only do it twice more today.

Hemach:Gotta save some for subboss and boss proper.

Saphroneth:Oh... Ah well.

VAE:should i tell him?

Saphroneth:Haste is still up tho.

Saphroneth:He means game day.

VAE:wait, if no rage

VAE:then only three attacks hit

Hemach:2d6+6 = 8 + 6 = 142d6+6 = 11 + 6 = 172d6+5 = 7 + 5 = 122d6+5 = 8 + 5 = 13

VAE:and Saph... i meant the properties of eidolon's attack

Saphroneth:With regard to what?

Saphroneth:I can't rememer the details.

statue 3:The bashes hit the already heat-cracked statue, and huge chunks of the curious purple rock crumble away

statue 3:it looks almost destroyed

VAE:allright.. i will have the others roll another check

VAE:as cleric, Tamika should know

Liatai:Which check?

Saphroneth:To remember how Eidolons screw us over.

Liatai:Spellcraft? Knowledge (religion)? Knowledge (arcana)?

VAE:since they are consecrated to dark gods

VAE:i guess religion


VAE:you can do it on rikki's turn

Rikki has received initiative.

Tamika:1d20+1 = 7 + 1 = 8 Curse my not being a skill monkey!

VAE(DM):You vaguely remember that statues consecrated to the dark god can drive people mad with a touch

Saphroneth:I'll have a go. I have +2 from intel - OH BUGGER

Saphroneth:(Sorry about that, but we have a problem.)

Rikki:*whaddo I do, whaddo i do... I'll just stay here for now!*

VAE(DM):erm.. i think youd need to be trained in religion


VAE(DM):i guess he remembered


Shenodah has received initiative.

VAE:oh, i forgot

Saphroneth:All knowledge untrained are +int. It's the chance of hitting the fact in a random book/

VAE:oh, allright

Shenodah has received initiative.

Rikki has received initiative.

VAE:does rikki do anything else?

Saphroneth:Rikki: *whaddo I do, whaddo i do... I'll just stay here for now!*

Shenodah has received initiative.

Saphroneth:So, my guess is no.

VAE:good then

VAE:your turn

Rikki:Uh-uh! I'm stayin' here to protect Niar! I'mtotallynotscaredofthegiantbleedingstatuesnowayIdon'tknowwhatyou'retalkingabout.

Shenodah:Spell delivery: Protection from Evil on Hemach.

Shenodah:That ought to help a little.

VAE:it could.


VAE:they are chaotic neutral in the book, but then, these aren't rogue

VAE:so i'll grant it to you

VAE:is that all?


Shenodah:But it will most likely stop Hemach from going mad.

Niar:And now, i'll help too!

Niar:Niar casts scorching ray on the two lower eidolons

Shenodah:"Nice, a spell after my own heart. Gotta love the heat."

Niar:1d20+4 = 8 + 4 = 12 1d20+4 = 9 + 4 = 13 1d20+4 = 19 + 4 = 23 1d20+4 = 5 + 4 = 9

Niar:lines of fire erupt from the undead rabbit's fingers and hit into the already scorched abominations, two each

Niar:4d6 = 15 4d6 = 14 4d6 = 16 4d6 = 9

statue 3:The fiery flames turn the head of the statue into chunks of rock spoiled with unholy blood, and its body devoid of animation collapses onto the floor

statue 2:the second statue receives a blast into its torso, which melts the purple rock and leaves gaping holes

Tamika has received initiative.

Jerico has received initiative.

Hemach has received initiative.

Rikki has received initiative.

Shenodah has received initiative.

Shenodah:Er... who is it?

VAE:my error

VAE:it was Niar

VAE:now it's the eidolon she blasted but who lived

VAE:i messed something up in the process

statue 2:1d20+10 = 4 + 10 = 14 1d20+10 = 19 + 10 = 29 The unholy statue comes to its closest enemy, Hemach, and bashes him with its black claws, reminiscent of thoes of Dark Pegasus himself

VAE:ouch.. what's your AC?

Liatai:((As a side note, I keep misreading Shenodah's name as Shenandoah, and it keeps getting this song stuck in my head. ))

VAE:meany.. AC?

Saphroneth:It was, many years ago, based off the Shenanodah Valley indirectly. Ever heard of the SheVa war machines?

Liatai:No, I have not.


Meany:I live.

Meany:Flatfoot or touch?

Saphroneth:Basically, big, bad and nuclearly armed SP guns from a piece of military SF.

Saphroneth:Hang on... it can't attack him.

VAE:you are in battle

VAE:so common

Saphroneth:Third, the spell prevents bodily contact by summoned creatures. This causes the natural weapon attacks of such creatures to fail and the creatures to recoil if such attacks require touching the warded creature. Good summoned creatures are immune to this effect. The protection against contact by summoned creatures ends if the warded creature makes an attack against or tries to force the barrier against the blocked creature. Spell resistance can allow a creature to overcome this protection and touch the warded creature.

Meany:17VAE:Hmm, fair point!

Saphroneth:Oh, sorry, that's Summons only. Damn.

Saphroneth:He still has +2 AC from the spell and +1 from the earlier Haste...

VAE:shmm, this one isnt a summon, it's constructed

Saphroneth:I make that one hits.

VAE:the second attack still hits

Meany:So 20.

statue 2:The black claws of the statue dig into the cobrataur's exposed shoulder 2d6+5 = 3 + 5 = 8

VAE:roll a will save

VAE:d20 + your will

Meany:1d20+4 = 2 + 4 = 6

Liatai:... ooh. Ouch.

Saphroneth:He does get a bonus on that as well, from the spell... but it ain't goin to cut it.

statue 2:As the claws dig into your flesh, reality dissolves...

Saphroneth:Is the effect an enchantment?

VAE:you wish it was


Saphroneth:Is it either possession or mental control?


VAE:like the spell...

Saphroneth:Confusion Enchantment (Compulsion)

VAE:he must roll a d100 at beginning of each turn


VAE:cannot be dispelled so easily

VAE:but that's for later

Saphroneth:So it's prevented for the duration of the Protection spell, as it's an enchantment (compulsion). It doesn't prevent it, but suppresses it.



VAE:allright.. i will wait for ya

VAE:how long does the spell last?

Saphroneth:One minute/level.

Saphroneth:A quarter hour at my CL.


VAE:i wonder when will meany come back

VAE:i'll make more tea

Ghostwish:How's this insanity suiting you, Hatari?

Saphroneth:There is no insanity yet! That was the whole point of the Pr from Evil spell.

Liatai:I'll be back in two shakes, dog needs to go out...

Dr. Hatari:I haven't pieced much together, just been turning off scroll lock and playing vidya games in other windows, and occasionally scrolling back to see what's new. My perception so far is pretty much that undead rabbit sorcerers are fighting terranite golems or something.

Saphroneth:The rest of us are helping...

Ghostwish:*snrk* This is a D&D port of the webcomic we all frequent.

Dr. Hatari:I see.

Ghostwish:So we've got a skunk demon rogue, a were fox? sorcerer, a .. totally don't know cubi cleric, and a cobrataur barbarian. XD

Meany:I live.

  • Ghostwish kills Meany.
  • Meany dies.

Saphroneth:Damn rogues.


Meany:Sorry, family drama summoned.

Liatai:A red panda 'cubi cleric.

Dr. Hatari:Skunk demons and Cobrataurs, huh.

  • Liatai sobs in the sad artist corner. Why must you be so cute, but so hard to draw, pandas, whyyyyyyy ;.;
  • Dr. Hatari rubs his chin and pictures the landscape in Lisa Frank color scheme.

Saphroneth:And a cold hating siberian fox whose familiar hates the warm.

Meany:They both love the rains.

statue 1:A stream of bloodlike ichor gushes at Jerico from the unholy rune carved into the face of the statue in front of him

VAE:will save

VAE:and better make this one

Saphroneth:Not really. Rain is hell on pinion feathers.

Ghostwish:I can't get a reflex to dodge it? Yup. I'm boned.

Saphroneth:Rogues get good saves, right?

Ghostwish:Not will or fort!

Saphroneth:Oh Crap.

Ghostwish:(that's monks who get good all around saves. and paladins, I think)

Saphroneth:Pity I can only drop one Protection spell a round.

Meany:Sszeyl will be happy to hear that.

  • Jerico is boned. 1d20+2 = 5 + 2 = 7

VAE:he is

Ghostwish:Totally called it.

Meany:"Are we boned?" "Yep. We're boned."

Ghostwish:I still contest I should get a reflex to DODGE the damn thing. XD

Saphroneth:Liatai. When it is your turn (or mine), someone needs to drop a Protection from Evil on him.

VAE:allright... if you make a dc 18 reflex, you get it


VAE:because it's a spout of blood and you are next to it

Ghostwish:1d20+14 = 8 + 14 = 22

Ghostwish:Now REFLEX rogues have, and then some.

VAE:should have made it 20, and in future it wll be


VAE:this is the defective one , remember?

Ghostwish:Well if it's a decent enough spurt it might hit the taur behind him..

statue 1:Jerico barely dodges the disgusting substance performing a rather artistic manoeuvre

Ghostwish:(yes, I'm an asshole.)

VAE:30 ft

VAE:it might

Saphroneth:HE's safe... well, safer. Protection from Evil is an underrated spell.

VAE:meany dc 18 reflex

Ghostwish:Prot from Evil is perhaps the first thing a cleric should do.

Ghostwish:"No one's hurt? Prot!"

VAE:it's 20 but you have +2 favorable condition- the statue is badly made

Meany:1d20+4 = 12 + 4 = 16

Saphroneth:I'm a Sorceror. And yet I still do it.

VAE:now the fun will start

VAE:what does protection from evil do ?

Saphroneth:He succeeded.

Saphroneth:First, the subject gains a +2 deflection bonus to AC and a +2 resistance bonus on saves. Both these bonuses apply against attacks made or effects created by evil creatures.

Saphroneth:JUST squeaked it, Meany.


VAE:hmm, i'll grant it to you

Liatai:Well I'm sorry the last time I played a cleric was in an undead-centric campaign and turning was more important than granting protection from evil Saph.

statue 1:The gush hits the cobrataur, however the protective spell on him means he just needs to wipe off its face

VAE:don't worry Liatai, this IS undead centric


statue 1:The statue proceeds to claw at Jerico

statue 1:1d20+10 = 14 + 10 = 24 1d20+10 = 18 + 10 = 28


Saphroneth:Don't forget your Haste bonus to ACccrap.

Ghostwish:How much is it again? +2



Ghostwish:TVTROPES! *hisssss!*

VAE:why does meany still have full HP if he was damaged?!

VAE:effin substract the points!

VAE:i can't do everything!

Meany:How many points?

Ghostwish:That a deflect bonus

Ghostwish:*?VAE:8Saphroneth:I believe so.

VAE:8 points

VAE:you have 90 HP

Saphroneth:Nope, dodge bonus.

VAE:allright.. what's your bloody AC?

Liatai:And +2 from Shield of Faith.

Saphroneth:Ghostwish, full AC?

Ghostwish:With the haste? 26.

Liatai:So, 20, I believe, is Hemach's full AC... unless we're not talking about Hemach, and if that's the case, ignore me. ^^'

Saphroneth:We're not.

Ghostwish:Oh GEEZUS, I didn't see the thing attacking me! XD

statue 1:One of the gashes narrowly misses the skunk, while the other slashes across his torso

statue 1:2d6+5 = 6 + 5 = 11

Jerico:"OW! Fag balls!"

VAE:roll a will save


VAE:1d4 = 3

Jerico:1d20+2 = 8 + 2 = 10

statue 1:And once again, as the claws sink into your flesh, you feel your grasp of reality has loosened - images of tentacles, and burning starfire alternate with your real vision and you begin to sweat

Ghostwish:Boned. BONED. SO BONED.

Meany:So much laughter.

Meany:So little oxygen to support it.

Jerico:"This is worse than.. that time I.. broke into.. that drug factory.."

Jerico:"Oh fuc-"

Shenodah:"Saker, get down here now! I need you to deliver a spell, fast!"

Tamika:"Oh for crying out loud!"

statue:The last statue rigidly walks in front of you, and attacks

statue:1d20+10 = 3 + 10 = 13 1d20+10 = 16 + 10 = 26

Tamika:Tamika snarls, readying a spell for when she can move again...

Ghostwish:Son of a biscuit. >

Ghostwish:Second on hit.


Ghostwish:I'm sure Hatari and Liatai are greatly enjoying watching their DM get ripped to shreds. XD

statue:The second statue repeats the pattern of the first one's attack - one gash flies just above your head, the second leaves a cut in your cheek 2d6+5 = 10 + 5 = 15

Liatai:Some cut.

Saphroneth:Sucks that they have no noses, eh?

VAE:he has a second mouth

Saphroneth:If they had noses, he could scare them off.

VAE:keeping track of damage, Jerico?

VAE:11 and 15 points during so far i think

Jerico:"Oh hey." He says, testing it with his tongue. "That wasn't there before..."

VAE:you weren't hit before this turn

Liatai:What kind of action is it to hand someone something?

Ghostwish:Yah, check the token. I've got a few stats in there so far.

Saphroneth:Free or possibly move.

VAE:where is he?

VAE:if it's someone next to you, free

VAE:if you need to move, move

VAE:the DM has spoken

Tamika has received initiative.

VAE:Ghostwish, did you substract the HP?

Ghostwish:Token! See!?

VAE:i see the token still has 82.. what is your total?


Ghostwish:I put that in now.

VAE:can't you do it like everyone else?

Tamika:"Stupid, stupid, stupid!" Tamika snarls to herself, running up to the skunk and slapping a hand to his shoulder. Protection from Evil time!

Jerico:"Oh hey sexy thing. Going my way? Love your eye tentacle- WHOA."

Jerico:He shakes his head vigorously.

Saphroneth:So much for the free acid trip for the next ten mins.

Jerico:"That's.. much better. Thanks."

VAE:hmmm , protection from evil suprresses it, right/

VAE:?Saphroneth:Suppresses. Not cures.

VAE(DM):You feel the visions fade away

Tamika:"As long as you don't call me 'sexy thing' again, consider us even," she growls. End turn!

Saphroneth:It gives time for the battle and to find treatment.

Jerico has received initiative.

VAE:i know.. it's just i am not too familiar with that particular spell

Jerico:"Hey! I didn't call you sexy thing! Not to your face, at least... did I?"

Hemach:"Oh, you so did."

Jerico:"Where's our damn meatshield!?" Jerico yells, slashing ferociously at statue 1 again. 1d20+15 = 17 + 15 = 32 for 1d6+9 = 6 + 9 = 15 and 1d6 = 5 shock, and then 1d20+10 = 16 + 10 = 26 for 1d6+9 = 1 + 9 = 10 and 1d6 = 1 shock, and thanks to haste, 1d20+15 = 16 + 15 = 31 for 1d6+9 = 3 + 9 = 12 and 1d6 = 5 shock!

Saphroneth:Ooh! Is that a threat I spy?

Jerico:Two critical threats! First, 1d20+15 = 1 + 15 = 16 and second 1d20+15 = 10 + 15 = 25

VAE:which one is that against?

Ghostwish:Oh lovely. A critical fail on a critical confirmation. XD

Saphroneth:Actually, all three of them are die rolls of 15+.

VAE:statue, or statue 1?

Ghostwish:Statue 1.


Saphroneth:So you have a THIRD threat.

Ghostwish:Ack! You are correct!

Ghostwish:(too many damn numbers. Imagine trying to roll this guy table top XD)

Ghostwish:1d20+15 = 7 + 15 = 22

Ghostwish:25 and 22. Those two hit?

statue 1:The flurry of hits land on the unholy statue, two of them exploiting the critical weakness of material on its lower half

statue 1:yes they dp

statue 1:instakill

Jerico:So one very mad skunk just lopped a statue into peices. Yowza.

Saphroneth:We had someone last year who: Was built to crit. Also was built to do bonus damage on a crit. It took him five mins to roll the crit bonus damage. He critted twice in one turn.


Saphroneth:Avenger. 4th ed.

Ghostwish:Ew! WoW on paper!

statue 1:you have hit a vein in the stone, and the statue's leg splices in half

Saphroneth:Eh, it was OK. I GMed that one.

statue 1:The unholy construct loses balance, falls and shatters on the steelmade fire bowl

Jerico:"YAH! Who else wants some! Oh.. right.. Both your buddies do. Shit."

statue 1:ack


VAE:yeah, the eidolon spoke

Jerico:"Ack? I stab you through the face with a frickin' blade of lightning, and you say ack?"

Liatai:No one said they were articulate speakers.

Saphroneth:Something along the lines of "I HATE ADVENTURERS", I assume? this is the Dark god, after all.

Jerico:Jerico glances back at Tamika. "Sorry about the whole sexy thing comment. I was totally tripping. But I totally meant it. Coffee later?"

VAE:well, its head was in the fireplace

VAE:the body shattered

VAE:would you be more eloquent?

VAE:especially with a bloody rune of evil through your face

Tamika:"Do you really think now is the best time to ask?!" she snarls.

VAE:the ack was me actually - i wanted to paint on top of the tokens, but failed

Shenodah:"This won't end well. Flirting on the job is one thing. Flirting with a disinterested medic in the middle of a fight against evil constructs..."

Hemach has received initiative.


Jerico:"Of course! I mean, before foxy over there wisens up and tries his luck. I don't think the taur is interested."

Meany:I roll d100, right?

VAE:you don't need to yet

Shenodah:Nope. Protection spell.

VAE:because the protection from evil works on ya

Ghostwish:Later on though, me 'n da taur will be trippin' BALLZ.

  • Hemach moves to divide attacks between surviving statues.

Shenodah:Five foot step? Good.

Hemach:1d20+21 = 4 + 21 = 251d20+21 = 6 + 21 = 271d20+16 = 20 + 16 = 361d20+11 = 4 + 11 = 15

VAE(DM):you see the northern eidolon is almost... pristine? while the southern is sooty and has holes through its abdomen

VAE:which one did you attack?


Hemach:Divided attacks between them?

VAE:hmm...i'll allow.. what order?

Hemach:Both Pata attacks to south, mace attacks to the north.


Saphroneth:Which are which?

Hemach:+21 are Pata, I think.

VAE:pata first two i guess

VAE:but they aren't flanked

VAE:though it doesn't matter as it makes no difference

statue 2:the slicing hits add to the damage done to this statue

statue:while the mace lands a mighty blow into the right arm of the northern one

VAE:roll damage

VAE:no crit sactly as these are constructs


Hemach:2d6+6 = 7 + 6 = 132d6+6 = 8 + 6 = 142d6+5 = 2 + 5 = 72d6+5 = 12 + 5 = 17

Hemach:Sorry, just hit up arrow key.

  • Hemach is lazy.

Saphroneth:Second mace attack missed.

Hemach:I now, I was being lazy, resusing a command to avoid typing it out.


Ghostwish:I keep mine copy pasted. :d

Saphroneth:I use maximize spell...

VAE(DM):The sword blows hit the rock around the burning holes

VAE(DM):you feel that any more damage to this area will cleave the abomination

VAE(DM):The mace clunks onto the chest of the second statue, and leaves a small cracked area

Hemach:"So sorry, I was busy laughing at your failure, Jerry."

VAE:bloody hell

VAE:the lower one is at 1 HP

Jerico:"You can kiss my ass, but gimmie a chance to ready the cannon first, ya big wanker!!!"

VAE:if you didn't get it from my description

Rikki has received initiative.

Saphroneth:Damn. Looks like I forgot to take Ray of Frost or I'd Cherry Tap that one.

Rikki:Oh, shoot, what am I gonna do? ... I know!

Rikki:Can warp-aci attack creatures?

VAE:yes they can, with tail

VAE:like a pseudodragon of the same level

Saphroneth:They have Pseudodragon stats, so yeah.

Rikki:... eeheehee.

VAE:remember Xianxi slicing the cyborg's head off?

VAE:wait a moment

Rikki:Lemme just check and see if he can close the distance...

Saphroneth:Hasted. Speed +30 feet.

You whisper to Liatai: if you like you can have him fly through the hole in the eidolon's abdomen and slice it through there with the tail

Rikki:Oh yeah, he can make it. 1d20+4 = 15 + 4 = 19 to the wounded one!

Saphroneth:Normal speed Fly 60.

VAE:was that attacl?

Rikki:That was the attack roll, yep!

Saphroneth:It's +7, not +4.

Rikki:+7, really? How so?

Saphroneth:Attack: Sting +6 melee and then an extra one from Haste.

Rikki:Ahhhh. >:3

Saphroneth:They have Weapon Finnesse.

Rikki:So 22, then.

VAE(DM):The warp aci flies through the hole burned into the statue's abdomen and slices the remaining purple stone cleanly in half

Rikki:"OH YEAH!"

Saphroneth:Woo! Nice work!

VAE(DM):then, it playfully bumps into the statue with its paws

VAE(DM):and its top half falls on the floor, shattering

Saphroneth:The Dark God fragment left in embarassment.

Rikki:"Didja see that?! Didja?! Didja?!"

Hemach:"Yes, I saw it. So did its friend. I'd advise running."

Jerico:Jerico's jaw drops. Then he looks to Hernach. "Dude. We just got drumped by a freaking warp rat."

VAE(DM):only the legs remain standing as a laughable remainder of the grisly guard

Rikki:"I! Am! AWESOME!" >

VAE:you are!

Shenodah:"My word. I am impressed. Very nice work, little one."

Liatai:End turn!

Shenodah has received initiative.

VAE:this is almost as kewl as xianxi

VAE:i think i'll put the game log onto the wiki later

Hemach:"Considering it only dealt the finishing blow, Jerry, I'm not too embarrased."

Hemach:"Now pardon me while I remember your failure for a quick laugh."

Shenodah:*Furre form*

Shenodah:Scorching Ray.

VAE:where is shenodah?

Shenodah:Far to the W.

Meany:Waaay over there.

VAE:ohGhostwish:You can use the space bar to point.

Shenodah:Still in range! I'm squishy as a wizard!

VAE:allright, roll for the scorching ray

VAE:4 rolls ,no? one for each ray

Shenodah:1d20 + 9 = 17 + 9 = 26 1d20 + 9 = 12 + 9 = 21 1d20 + 9 = 3 + 9 = 12 1d20 + 9 = 16 + 9 = 25

VAE:or how many you have

VAE:three hit

Shenodah:Damn... looks like three is the max.

Shenodah:It was poorly worded.

VAE:four is max

VAE:it's in my phb

Shenodah:Okay then.

Shenodah:4d6 = 15 4d6 = 16 4d6 = 12

Shenodah:43 total.

statue:Four jets of flame materialise as the fox howls, and while one hits the disembodied legs, three of them leave holes in the eidolon's chest and abdomen

Shenodah:Heh, I'm Furre form, not Primal.

VAE:i didn't notice

VAE:you are still a fox

Shenodah:I spent last turn as human.

Hemach:"Don't foxes usually bark?"

Shenodah:They scream, I know that.

Niar:And now, another one of these

Saphroneth:Go team Scorching Ray!

Niar:1d20+4 = 19 + 4 = 23 1d20+4 = 12 + 4 = 16 1d20+4 = 3 + 4 = 7 1d20+4 = 8 + 4 = 12

Niar:The rays aren't as well aimed, but one still impacts the remaining stone giant

Niar:4d6 = 10

Niar:1d20 = 2

Jerico:"Lazers everywhere!"

statue:blam! another hole melts, this time in its shoulder

Saphroneth:The statue is a commentator.

VAE:i generally speak damage effects as the enemy

VAE:so it is obvious which one got damaged

Saphroneth:Heh... Suppose.



statue:The eidolon releases a gush of ichor at Jerico


VAE:reflex save!

VAE:dc20 !

Shenodah:"I think we stop saying yay now."

VAE:if it misses, then tamika

VAE:if it hits you can pretend you blocked it on purpose

VAE:that is, if it won't take effect


Jerico:"Not again!!"

Jerico:1d20+14 = 3 + 14 = 17

Shenodah:"I am impressed by your sudden show of heroism."


statue:The thick reddish slush splatters across Jerico's face.. it smells of decaying meat

Ghostwish:Missed what vae said. XD

Ghostwish:He voluntarily took it. XD

VAE:if it hits, you can pretend you did it on purpose to protect tamika .. .that is if you pass the will save

Ghostwish:ho boy.

Ghostwish:Protection from evil won't negate it?

Liatai:Wait a sec... Isn't he protected from evil?

Shenodah:Plus two from the Prot from Evil at the very least.

VAE:it's 19 then

VAE:still not dc 20

VAE:remember, the top eidolon was defective

VAE:you could do critical hits to its leg, and the rune wasn't carved quite right

Saphroneth:I don't know what the effect is, so I don't know what the Prot spell will do.

VAE:will save!

Ghostwish:1d20+4 = 19 + 4 = 23




Jerico:"So about that coffee later.." Jerico says as he quickly wipes the stuff off his face.

statue:For a moment you hear a droning voice in your head.. but you force it out thinking of Tamika perhaps

Tamika:Tamika scoffs... and is it her turn now?

Saphroneth:No, he took it.

VAE:not yet

VAE:this was a free action

Saphroneth:Oh, sorry, I see what you mean.

Liatai:I don't have the initiative order memorized, I was just asking XD

statue:the eidolon proceeds to slash him with the black claws 1d20+10 = 17 + 10 = 27 1d20+10 = 11 + 10 = 21

Jerico:"Mmmm. Boobies- FFFFFF!!"

Ghostwish:First one hits.

statue:The beautiful image which filled Jerico's mind and helped him to hold onto sanity has however slowed his reaction

statue:He took the first blow, with his left arm 2d6+5 = 8 + 5 = 13 but barely dodged out of the way of the second

Tamika has received initiative.

Jerico:"Ow." Jerico announces simply as he grabs his bloodied arm.

Liatai:Now you'll have to bear with me for a moment... I need a refresher on how wing tentacles work.

VAE:you can make two attacks at your level at anywhere within 10 feet

VAE:both have full modifier and are 1d6 + strength bonus i think

VAE:*full attack bonus, not modifier i meant

Tamika:"Move." Where there once were bat wings, there are now sharp, red tentacles. They dart forward, around the demon and mythos... 1d20+9 = 16 + 9 = 25 1d20+9 = 20 + 9 = 29

Tamika:... Wait a sec...

Saphroneth:Another crit that can't be used?


Tamika:Don't maxed out 'cubi tentacles allow 4 attacks?

VAE:but you aren't cubi level 9 i think

VAE:you are level 8

VAE:just got a warp aci, as clanless

Tamika:I am. 'Cubi 10, cleric 3.

VAE:ouch.. it's the other way

VAE:but... allright

VAE:cubi work like prestige class

Jerico:"Hot tentacle action!"

Tamika:... well I wish I'd known that before! XD

VAE:you become a cubi at some level 5 or later

VAE:Considering it was the first sentence that sparked this project

  • VAE facepaws

Tamika:OK, well, that changes things on the character sheet. ^^

Tamika:But anyway! Do the attacks both hit?

VAE:yes , you have two more cleric levels

VAE:and yes

Tamika:1d6 = 6 1d6 = 4

statue:Tamika's tentacles slice across the eidolo , leaving deep gashes and stirring up rock dust

statue:Silicosis, here we come

VAE:also,... you have a Str, of 10?



VAE:that was std. action

VAE:moving anywhere?

Liatai:Nope, I'm in a pretty good position. :3

Meany:Why is Tamika's token upside down?

Liatai:End turn.

Jerico has received initiative.

Liatai:... I have no idea. o.o

VAE:is it?

Saphroneth:It was. No longer.

VAE:i know.. i fixed it

VAE:it was the YOU SAW NOTHING type of joke

VAE:someone accidentally clicked flip or what


VAE:also Jerico!

  • Meany smoke-bombs the rp.
  • Meany flees in the confusion.

Saphroneth:I must use my patented anti smoke grenade!

Liatai:Well I'm certainly confused. o.o

Saphroneth:(it contains fire.)


Saphroneth:I suggest stopping for now at the end of the encounter. It's pretty late... Well, for me anyways.

Ghostwish:Oh hi.

Saphroneth:Your turn is nigh.

Jerico:"Enough! Time to end this! .. I hope!" He says, and launches into another attack. 1d20+15 = 18 + 15 = 33 for 1d6+9 = 3 + 9 = 12 and 1d6 = 5 shock, and then 1d20+10 = 5 + 10 = 15 for 1d6+9 = 2 + 9 = 11 and 1d6 = 4 shock, and thanks to haste, 1d20+15 = 13 + 15 = 28 for 1d6+9 = 3 + 9 = 12 and 1d6 = 3 shock!

Ghostwish:btw, the irc client is brokededed on firefox. No amount of calling my name will get my attention.

statue:The mighty blows into its weakened torso cause the eidolon to crack and collapse onto the floor in a pile of appendages

VAE:it had 27 hp left, you did 32 damage

Saphroneth:Victory theme!

Ghostwish:FF7 victory music!

Saphroneth:As a ringtone?

Niar:They are ... dead?... broken, anyways

Shenodah:"The term Dead is a good as most. I would say inanimate."

VAE(DM):The first of the castle guard lie in chunks after the battle

Rikki:"Yeah! DId you see me? I killed one!"

Shenodah:"Does anyone know how to remove curses - if not, we have a couple hours at most."

VAE(DM):however, although it isn't obvious yet, so is the sanity of two of the heroes

Hemach:"Yes yes yes, we can have celebritory cake later."

Hemach:"There's still quite a few people what need killing."

VAE:now... you are lucky i allowed the dodge

Jerico:Jerico, not even the slightest bit concerned for his injuries, goes searching the remains of the creatures for anything valuable.

Shenodah:I turn to look northward, to see if anyone noticed the fireworks and such.

VAE:what the blood did was make you attack your allies for 3d6 turns



Liatai:... whoo. o.o

Ghostwish:Yaaaah.. that would have been bad for the party.. tumble.. sneak attack.. resurrection fees...

VAE:there's a reason why i chose the enemies i did .. they don't have a lot of HP but are nasty as hell

Ghostwish:Taking a 20 on the search, unless someone int he party tries to hurry him.

Saphroneth:Please tell me at least SOME of them are actually alive.

VAE:yeah.. some are

VAE:not a whole lot though

Ghostwish:That amounts to a 27.

Saphroneth:(Again, I'd like to ask for a break at this point so I get sleeeep)

VAE(DM):You see a scorched gate control mechanism, two fire bowls made of steel, and metric cents of purple rock all arounf

VAE(DM):you also notice that the sliced-off legs and lower torso make an excellent bar chair

Saphroneth:There is no metric unit called the cent.

VAE:there is

VAE:qVAE:100 kg

VAE:metric cent

Saphroneth:Not one I've ever so much as heard of. We use tons.

VAE:i learned it in math back at slovakia

Saphroneth:That explains it.

Jerico:"Right. Nothing. So, do you do lay hands or shall I undress?" Jerico asks with an entirely too large grin to Tamika.

VAE:anyways.. we do some more chatter, move to next place and i cut it off before the next encounter?

Saphroneth:Sounds okay.

Ghostwish:Good place to stop here.

VAE:i guess it's a more fun place to end it.. suspense, you know ;D

  • Hemach offers Tamika his mace.

Tamika:"Better. I shove this in a very uncomfortable place," she says, holding up a wand.

Saphroneth:Oh, and Danman? Don't forget to save campaign and message history both.


Tamika:What wand it is, there's no telling.

Jerico:"That's not a wand of seismic vibrations is it?"

Hemach:"One word. Docking."

Shenodah:"I have a wand of fireballs I could donate to the cause!"

VAE:so.. do you move forth into the courtyard while they argue?

Ghostwish:I thought we were breaking here?

Tamika:Same, I just wanted to end it on a comedic note. :3

VAE:i said.. at the beginning of next encounter... and saph agreed...

Saphroneth:I think consensus is just save and quit here, though.

Ghostwish:We didn't!

VAE:i am for then

VAE:so.. to the IRC everyone?

Meany is disconnected.

Saphroneth:Not me. SLEEEEEP.

Ghostwish:Yar, b- wow, he's eager. XD

VAE:allright.. good night



Ghostwish:Nice playin' with ya!


Saphroneth is disconnected.

VAE:my channel i guess

Ghostwish:ONWARD! *snatches popcorn from Hatari*

Ghostwish is disconnected.