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Ghostwish has connected.

Meany has connected.

Liatai has connected.

Ghostwish:Somehow, I read that as I/AE.


VAE:liatai, onto Trillian, asap!

  • Ghostwish gets ready to pounce.

Liatai:And now to do a lightning-fast shopping trip so Tammy has some equipment. o.o

Jerico:“Oo, naked!"

Liatai:DM, random question. How much would you say a broom costs?

VAE:in the range of coppers

Liatai:I figured. I had a few spare coppers around. X3

Jerico:“Just a few? I know of a few ways you can make a lot more than just a few..”

Tamika:Just ignore him, and maybe he’ll go away... -.-


Liatai:Reading you loud and clear!


Meany:Clear as mud, Jackie.

Liatai:.... and dog needs to go out. Back in a few.

VAE:for some reason i was pinged , but the text wasn’t appearing... i t appeared as soon as i hit enter

Liatai:OK, back, and shopping.

Ghostwish:Lunch time.


Liatai:List? You want me to list what I have so far?


VAE:same as before - the text wasn’t appearing

Liatai:Ah, I see.

VAE:and now it works, despite minimisation

Jerico:“Remember to get something revealing. Automatic charisma bonus.”

Tamika:“What I AM getting is a Bag of Holding to go over your head so I don’t have to hear your prattle. Maybe your hot air will fill the bag, and you’ll get lifted off the ground.”

Jerico:“Oooo, we could charge for rides! Not you though. You can ride me for free."

Liatai:I am getting several potions of Protection from Evil, too, so hopefully we’ll have a little more of a buffer before we have to worry about the skunk and the mythos going insane.

Hemach:“Can we start off a game without trying to kill each other, please?”

VAE(DM):Is there a game going on anywhere?

VAE(DM):*looks around*

Liatai:I’ll just grab a few more potions, and then I can give Tammy mundane equipment during the preliminary roleplaying, if there’s going to be any. ^^

VAE:allright.. i was just playing along meany’s 4th wall breakage ^^

  • Jerico idly shuffles a deck of cards.

Liatai:OK, that’s about as good as I can -- OH! I almost forgot some magic items.

Liatai:OK, now I think I’m set. ^^

Jerico:“Cursed clothes of invisibility! Cursed clothes of invisibility!"

Liatai:(And yes, Jericho, there is a cloak of charisma in her inventory.)

Jerico:“Form fitting. Mmmm."

Liatai:And two potions of invisibility.

  • Jerico makes a note to tamper with said potions.

Tamika:“There must be a way to make a potion of Silence....” *facepalm*

Jerico:“Naw, ball gags are better."

Liatai:How much did we decide tea cost again?

Ghostwish:What kind? Simple, brewed tea, or herbal varieties?

Liatai:Either/or. As a comfort clan ‘cubi, I’m stocking Tamika’s bag of holding with as many types of good food, alcohol, and beverages as I can. X3

Ghostwish:XDGhostwish:Okay, simple, bagged varieties I think would be mere coppers. Now, a more exotic or enriching bland might cost a silver.

Liatai:Also, many pillows, blankets, etc. So, if we end up needing a stretcher for a character, Tammy’s got that covered.

VAE:tea? i think i was saying two silver coins for a mid-sized sack

VAE:several kilograms of dry tea, that is

Ghostwish:RANDOMNESS:Ghostwish:We should totally have a guest appeareence of Quoar.

Ghostwish:Some random, 80th level cubi.


VAE:maybe Cyra

Saphroneth has connected.


VAE:or Taun, since that is where your DM belongs

Liatai:... hmm. Okay, question.


Ghostwish:Ghostwish: RANDOMNESS: Ghostwish: We should totally have a guest appeareence of Quoar. Ghostwish: Some random, 80th level cubi.

Liatai:The AaEG lists coffee as costing 50 GP/lb. I would imagine coffee would be significantly more common, and thus, less expensive, in Furrae.

Saphroneth:Right. So, this consists entirely of Quoar saying “Hello, keep up the good work” and wandering off?

VAE:though, remember that it is a different setting

VAE:in furrae there’s much better transport at this time

Ghostwish:Or promptly marrying us to each other, I dunno.

Saphroneth:DMFA is mostly modernized in the city areas.

VAE:that’d be Daryil


Liatai:That’s more of a Daryil thing to do, Ghost X3



Saphroneth:True. Everyone remembers the policemen.

VAE:the renegade incubus XD

Saphroneth:Not so much renegade as fervently overlooked.

VAE:i still wonder how did he get that title

Saphroneth:He just asked.

Ghostwish:By wearing pink on labor day.

Saphroneth:Any idea how I set elevation?


Saphroneth:Yep. It’s a property in here, but I can’t alter it. For my familiar.

Liatai:Another random question! Cookies. More or less expensive than bread?

VAE:by mass, more

Saphroneth:LESS. Definitely.

VAE:as in lb for lb

Saphroneth:Damn, I read that the wrong way round. More, sorry.

Ghostwish:More, sadly. They require a bit more to make.

Liatai:1 loaf of bread = 2 CP = how many cookies? X3

Saphroneth:Fractional amounts.

Ghostwish:Well, yah, that’d be like two full doznes of cookies. XD

VAE:not fractional

Saphroneth:Though, what kind of cookies? The definition changes depending on sife of Atlantic.

VAE:i guess a pack of them

VAE:digestive biscuits

Liatai:Ah, good point.

Saphroneth:*side of Atlantic

Saphroneth:But that’s partly due to global economy and ARGH STROSS SYNDROME!

Liatai:I was thinking along the lines of molasses cookies.

Jerico:“Mmmm, cookies."

Liatai:Comfort ‘cubi. Must have cookies. XD

Saphroneth:Molasses are going to be expensive.

VAE:what’s stross syndrome?

Liatai:5 SP/pint, according to the AaEG.

Saphroneth:When you build a world to such a degree of detail that you can actually predict the economic ramifications of some frandom factor.

Saphroneth:Random factor.

Jerico:“Fandom factor? *snrk!*"

VAE:though “fandom factor"



Liatai:OK, enough random food. On to adventure! XD



Shenodah:I see the other one of those strange machines over in that building, though Saker has a better look.

Shenodah:Seems to be somebody past it, as well.

VAE(DM):What blasphemy... this is the DMFAmon!

Jerico:“DMFAmon? THIS. IS. PATRICK.”

Shenodah:“Why did I ever leave the Steppes? Apart from the weather, that is.”

Shenodah:“Hang on, I’ll get out of your way.”

Jerico:“The women?” He asks, grinning back at Tamika.

Hemach:“Professionalism, people. Don’t forget it.”

Jerico:“Get back, the both of you. We’re short a ranger, so scouting’s MY job.”

Tamika:“More of the undead-gathering creatures, or more of these -- you just keep your mouth shut for a moment while I heal you.”


Hemach:“When last I looked, I was still the meatshield.”

Jerico:« 1d20+14 = 20 + 14 = 34 » for a move silently.

Tamika:« 2d8+3 = 7 + 3 = 10 » Cure Moderate Wounds from the wand to Jericho, and another « 2d8+3 = 9 + 3 = 12 » for Hemach.

Jerico:I am a shadow.

Jerico:“Thanks hun, want me to show you my wand next?”

VAE(DM):So, lastly, our unlikely group of thu.. erm adventurers got their briefing by a certain blue feline, found out that tackling spiky creatures is unadvisable, found out that circuit overload is advisable on enemies, argued their way through some nasty statues, and some became even more insane than when they came in

Shenodah:“Or I could just Greater Invis you. That may help.”

Jerico:« 1d20+15 = 8 + 15 = 23 » for a hide

Jerico:“That... might be a good idea.”

VAE(DM):y’are well hidden

Jerico:“Or not! Thank you, strange, funny smelling voice from the sky!

VAE(DM):Look at yerself! We felines are clean!

Shenodah:“It’d last a minute and a half. Let me know if you want it.”

VAE(DM):and roll a listen check!

Saphroneth:Fish smell. Lynx.

Jerico:« 1d20+1 = 2 + 1 = 3 » listen!


Shenodah:« 1d20 = 6 »

Tamika:« 1d20+4 = 15 + 4 = 19 »

VAE(DM):you listen to a scary rumbling


VAE(DM):it’s your guts

Hemach:« 1d20+4 = 12 + 4 = 16 »

Jerico:Jerico walks up to the door and peeks in,.

regina:Bloody hell! where should the head go?

regina:And i have to make five of these bloody things! *bleep*!

Jerico:Eyes wide, jaw on floor, pants.. strained. Yup, Jerico’s in love.

VAE(DM):a moment for desc

Saphroneth:Wow, 50 foot move in Primal. Have to use that more.

VAE(DM):You see Regina at the far end of a large hall which looks like the insides of a hospital, except a bit dirtier (or cleaner , depending on the country the hospital is in)

Rikki:“You doin’ okay, Miss Niar? Don’t worry! I’ll protect ya! Didja see what I did to that mean ol’ statue?”

VAE(DM):On your left is a large pile of gore and body parts, evidently tossed away as useless

VAE(DM):On your right there is a corpse collector holding several new corpses

Jerico:Hrm, now, the question of the day, does Jerico do the smart thing and report back to the party, or does he...


VAE(DM):At the far end you see a rather mucked up library, a sink with a water tap leading to a bag of holding which hangs from the ceiling, a table with chirurgian’s tools and a chair

Hemach:« 1d20 = 17 » Sense Doom check.

Shenodah:“Damnit. When things hit the fan, everyone hold on to me. I’ll get the lot of us in sharpish."

Ghostwish:Flipped a coin. It came up tails. Someone’s being a skunk and not using their head.

VAE(DM):There are two large board-tables in the middle, each of them has a rather crudely sewn together *thing* on them

Tamika:« 1d20+4 = 3 + 4 = 7 » if Sense Doom uses the same modifiers as Sense Motive.

VAE(DM):In the front there is a puzzled looking goat demoness

Shenodah:Rikki:“Ooh! I can help!”

Jerico:“Flesh golems? That stuff sucks. Why do they have a strong fighter like you doing this grunt work?”

regina:Hi... Tell uncle Aliph that this will take some time

Shenodah:(Damnit, I really picked up civilized expletives quick...)

Saphroneth:Moving Saker close as I can to try and listen in.

Saphroneth:(If that’s more than the speed, Double Move)

regina:and that if he doesn’t like it he can make the f*bleep*ing deathknights himself! The book says you should sew it together like this , then this spell... and it all *bleep*s up!

Jerico:“What? Lemme see. Where’s it keep messing up at?” Jerico says, totally peeking over her shoulder and not down her shirt.

Tamika:It’s probaby way too far away, but Listen check... « 1d20+4 = 16 + 4 = 20 »

regina:... Are .. you new here? i don’t think i seen ya before

Saker:Listen: « 1d20+4 = 19 + 4 = 23 »

Jerico:“Yup. Just got in.”

VAE(DM):you both hear the conversation

Ghostwish:You hear a skunk being a stinker.

Shenodah:“This is not going well, yes?”

regina:What job? Guard?

Tamika:“Miss Niar, you should stay hidden.”

Jerico:“Recon. I do a bit of entertainment on the side.”

regina:I think the last one’s soul ended in a glass jar after a crazy birdchick and some amazons wrecked this place

Jerico:“Well he wasn’t as good as me! Why do they have you stuck down here doing this lousy job? Shouldn’t you be, ya know, running the place or something?”

regina:he was fun to chat with,before uncle used him up for a spell

regina:Of course i should!

regina:But then, Lorenda *spits* should end up as a hamburger, and she doesn’t either.


regina:Exactly .. she’s like... nobody, but since she’s Kria’s daughter, she’s soo important!

regina:I dunno if she y’know actually even killed someone

Saphroneth:“For the horde!”

Jerico:“Pfffft, how’s she more important than a looker like you? Never got your name by the way, and did I mention I absolutely -love- the color pink?” Jerico says with the sleeziest grin you ever saw. Seriously, that’s a natural 20 right there.

Saphroneth:Not yet it isn’t.

Hemach:Results of the Sense Doom checks?

Saphroneth:What the hell would that even be, Ghost? Perform?

Ghostwish:Getting better by the second.

regina:« 1d20-3 = 6 - 3 = 3 »

Saphroneth:Pity they removed Innuendo.

Liatai:Diplomacy or Bluff, depends on how sincere he’s being.

Saphroneth:So Bluff then.

Ghostwish:How sincere is ‘douchebag’?

regina:Really! That’s soo cool! When i’ll have my own minions like uncle Aliph i SO will make them wear pink uniforms!

Saphroneth:Oh gods, I forgot he had pink highlights...

VAE:sense motive, that was...

VAE:regina has HORRIBLE wis score

Jerico:“Oooo, world domination plans? Could you use a second in command maybe? If you can’t tell, I DO look good in pink."

Saphroneth:Ouch. First character I’ve seen with a dump stat in a while.

Ghostwish:And Jerico’s matches it. XD

VAE:the other stats make up for it though >:3

Saphroneth:So neither notices the other’s lack of sense?

regina:Yeah! sounds like a rad plan!


Saphroneth:Emotion: Exasperation.

Ghostwish:.... I totally forgot what the party was supposed to be doing. I’m having entirely too much fun. XD

Tamika:“Hemach, do you need any more healing while the skunk makes a fool of himself?"


Hemach:“At the moment, no. Thanks for offering, though.”

regina:So... do you.. like... know to do any cool stuff?

Jerico:“I can vanish like a shadow, sneak up on a guy, rob him blind, steal his soul and then leave his bloody carcass to scare the horns off his buddies. Bet that’s not as good as what you can do though.”

regina:Like uncle aliph.. he can revive corpses in a lot of ways...

Jerico:“I got the necromancer vibe from him. I thought he’d be smarter than putting someone as valuable as you down here.”

regina:I ... kinda still suck at it... why the *bleep* do deathknights have to have so many parts@

Ghostwish:Someone remind me what the party is ‘supposed’ to be doing again? XD

regina:Him and Aunt Kria say that since i have a talent making enemies, i should have skills to back it up... i don’t get it, seriously

Saphroneth:Killing her uncle.

Liatai:Infiltrating the base.

regina:I mean, what’s killing a few beings? practically doing the world a service!

Meany:General chaos.

regina:They had no fashion sense, too!

Jerico:“Why not just kill them? Oh. Hey! How abouts I help you with these, then maybe you and me can go plunder a few villages, bit of random chaos, then maybe catch a good romance flick?"

Saphroneth:Some distance off, Shenodah (who is, after all, no longer lived than a fairly fortunate being) develops a brief eye twitch.

regina:Sounds like fun!

Jerico:“Right. Guess I better finish up this delivery job then. Where’s that powerful but too smart with his resources uncle of yours at right now?”

regina:Hmm, when i last saw him he was in his office... but might as well have gone to the pit in the basement

regina:just ring the doorbell!

Saphroneth:Can my familiar manage to use a spell on itself if it’s a “touched target” spell?

regina:we have one of those... skrying spells there - he should be, like, talking to ya through the wall when you do

VAE:if it can touch himself with his claw, yes

VAE:that should be amusing to watch

Saphroneth:Claw with another claw, that works. Okay, greater invis.

Jerico:“Can’t. Guard up there thinks I owe him money. But hey, I can sneak around plenty good. I learned to in order to scare the HELL out of beings, didja know even the biggest of em scream like little girls if they don’t see ya coming? But anyway, maybe you know another way in?”

regina:Ahahahah ! classic!

Saker:*The smell is appalling.*

Hemach:“I get the distinct feeling I’m fortunate to not have ears.”

regina:hmm.. only if you went through one of the windows... uncle is one of those security buffs, and he has featherfall potions around for *Hey! what’s that bird doin’ there?*


Saphroneth:Er... Greater invisibility?

regina:Oh, it’s gone now. must be these chemicals

regina:who’d say embalming fluid can make you high ? *giggles*

Jerico:“You said something about featherfall? Lemme guess.. Old fashioned uncle likes his long-fall pits?”

Saker:*Absolutely appalling, I tell you, Master.*

Shenodah:*Not as if I can help it, is it?*

regina:Not so much.. see, his workplace is on the top level.. so if there’s one of those emergencies, he just dunks one, and jumps off the battlements.. with that robe of his it looks kinda cool

Jerico:“Ahhh, nifty escape plan! But what’s his plan if they’ve got archers and spells and the such?”


Shenodah:(Quietly) “Okay, apparently Dark Pegasus has his lab on the roof. I can fly up there or we can all teleport up. But not yet - surprisingly, Jerico is actually finding useful information out.”

Jerico:And then Jerico asks her favorite position, and he ain’t talking about a squard. Shenodah’s head explodes. J/K

regina:There are stuff like invisibility potions too, y’know? Oh hell, for a hiding expert you are pretty dumb sometimes

regina:besides, we are demons!

Hemach:“What sort of useful infor-no. I do not want to know.”

Shenodah:“Like that he uses potions a lot for battle augmentation? That is actually useful. As is the bit about the lab.”

Jerico:“Oh please! That stuff’s for amatuers! I don’t need that invisibility stuff! I just hope that uncle of yours isn’t hoping to rely on his skin along.” Actually, I am, but I’m not about to say that to your face. “Anyway, about the windows? Think I could sneak in that way and get around that stupid guard? You know he’s only a half-blood?”

regina:Hmm, which one?

Jerico:“The UGLY one.”

regina:Eugh! that’s a mythos, y’know?

Tamika:“And apparently, there are some mythos guards.”

Jerico:“He was telling me he’s half demon, as if it makes it better than me! I’m purebreed, ha ha!”

regina:uncle says they are kinda useful, since few know what they actually can do.. i definitely don’t so.. i guess he’s right

Hemach:“Really? Oh good, I was afraid I was going to miss my snack-time today.”

Shenodah:“Barbequeued? I’m rather good at that.”

Jerico:“Eh, if you’re using them, everyone’s useful.” I am going to burn in hell. “Anyway, other ways in?"

Ghostwish:I wonder, hwo far does a cubi’s thought-reading go?

regina:hehe... i s’ppose if you dug in through the garden you’d end up in the cellar too

Ghostwish:Tamika would be cracking up laughing. XD

Liatai:Good point. >:3

regina:« 1d20-3 = 16 - 3 = 13 »

  • Liatai looks up Detetct Thoughts

Jerico:“Oh! Hey! Where’s your room? I bet it’s gorgeous!” And unlocked.

regina:But.. hmm... why are you asking about such weird ways of going in?

Saphroneth:No luck, it’s 60 foot.

regina:Didn’t you get the usual intro talk?

Liatai:Erk. Hope you’ve got a good Bluff modifier, Jericho.

regina:my room’s on second floor.. waay bigger than at home btw!

Jerico:“Because! If I go any contemporary route, I’m gonna have to deal with that stinky mythos!"

Saphroneth:He’s a Rogue, and she’s got a NEGATIVE sense motive. So it’s not all that bad.


Ghostwish:he he he he he he he

Jerico:Bluff:Jerico:« 1d20+25 = 8 + 25 = 33 »

Liatai:Liatai:... WOW.

Saphroneth:Wow. Even I believe him.

regina:Come on! they don’t smell that bad... though i guess for someone who doesn’t spend all day with corpses..

Ghostwish:“Apparently, Jerico owes one of the guards money. Wait, what?"

Meany:However, I am a Skeptic!

Meany:Skepticism skepticism skepticism!

Saphroneth:And the skill?

Jerico:“You’re the only thing that smells nice in here. Is that lavender I smell in your hair? The blood brings it out -so- nicely.”

Jerico:“Oh, geezus, I forgot the guard rotations!! That dumb mythos isn’t going to have a shift anywhere on the way downstairs is he? Then again I could just sneak past him.”

regina:Yeah... that and some thyme- - Kria told me she used to put that on when she went from a rampage to a dance or so

regina:oh, rotations? yeah.. now the mythos have a shift.. i don’t even know their names

Jerico:“Or both!”

Jerico:“So any trouble for me on the way to bring this package to your uncle?”

regina:that means Graz and Kass are probably in the basement, just messing with the prisoners, or drinking and playing cards

Jerico:“Hopefully a lot of drinking. I might get a little extra pocketmoney, ya know?”

regina:The other guy.. R.. bloody hell, i can’t remember

Ghostwish:Hrmm.. anything else you think a sneaky rogue (with levels in douchebag) should ask?

regina:he’s a demon ,but looks kinda dumb.. always there digging into some book..

regina:probably in the living room

regina:Allie is probably cooking

Jerico:“Wait, is he always wearing robes and acting like he’s smarter than you?"

Meany:Oh I know she ain’t talkin’ bout who I think she talkin’ bout.

Meany:Or she gonna get smacked so damn hard.

regina:yeah... robes with a silly priest collar

  • Meany cracks knuckles.

Jerico:“Bugger. Sounds like a cleric, maybe with a bit of wizard and a whole lot of stupid mixed in."

Liatai:Random note, I swear, this is Jericho’s theme song.

regina:though.. there are proper deathknights walking around, and a few experiments too

regina:if uncle doesn’t seen you yet, they can be kinda annoying... i remember when i first came in i had to put one down

Jerico:“I bet you put it down easy. Snicker snack, cut it in half!”

regina:then a lot of them appeared and i had to lock myself in the ladies’ room and prop the door with the sink *blushes* I swear if uncle wasn’t laughing so hard he’d have me pay for the damages

regina:seriously, those things are nasty!

Jerico:“How come they’re so nasty? What can they do?"

Saphroneth:I wonder if Undead are flammable...

Hemach:“Is he done gathering information yet? I have this overpowering urge to kill things."

Ghostwish:I kind of like that song.. I’m still learning towards Alien Antfarm’s rendation of MJ’s Smooth Criminal.

Shenodah:“You know, these Deathknights sound like one could deal with them somewhat with magic.”

regina:well, it kinda depends... they are strong like *bleep* for one and don’t tire... and then it depends

Tamika:“Honestly. If you two are so hungry you can’t wait to chomp down on a mythos, I have jerky in my pack.”

Shenodah:“...deep down, I want most things to explode...”

Hemach:“Not eat. Just kill.”

Jerico:“Really? No weaknesses, or resistences, just a lot of muscle?”

regina:one of the newer sorts can even sortta fix undead... that’s what i am trying to make y’know?

Jerico:“Ohhh, so they’re like medics for.. the undead? That is so weird."

VAE:wait a moment - i wanna play the music liatai linked

Ghostwish:It’d be Jerico if he was being a good skunk. Rare that.

regina:Hah! yeah, medic.. except it has, like a huge mace .. no, two of them, and it’s like 8 feet tall

regina:i tell ya.. like i was trying to make here, only it messes up each time

Saker:Takin’ a look at the roof...

regina:but yeah, those are kinda allright

regina:the real nasties are the old death knights

regina:they are made of steel, y’know?

Jerico:“Phew. How would you beat something like that? Melt it?”

Tamika:“By the way, Hemach.” Tamika hold out a potion vial for the mythos. “Take this, and drink it if you start feeling light-headed.”

regina:uncle dis... stopped making them because it was a bit expensive and lotsa work

Shenodah:“Hm... Steel... Electricity, or Fire? Such a choice...”

regina:you’d want that!

regina:the bastards don’t take any of that!

  • Hemach takes the vial. “Okay? Thanks.”

Jerico:“No burning or shocking then!?"

Liatai:Potion of Protection from Evil. :3

Shenodah:“And let me know if you do, because that’ll mean I have to help our rakish friend right sharpish.”

regina:Now why do you think i had to lock myself back then?

Shenodah:“Ah well. At least I can Haste everyone again.”

regina:seriously, those are nasty stuff... now imagine leading them to a village *looks dreamy*

Jerico:“Yikes! Well, allright, thanks a ton! Shall I sneak up to your room to pick you up tonight?” He says, and there’s that grin again. I told you it was a nat 20!

regina:sounds good! but make sure it’s after your hours!

regina:otherwise well, not much one can do in bed with a jar

Shenodah:“Well, when my thermophobe Familiar has scouted the top floor to see if our target is there, we may have a plan.”

Jerico:He grins, almost wickedly. “Oh, I might have to bring a few toys then.. Ta then, beautiful.” He says, and struts off, tail bouncing happily.

regina:and now this bloody thing *reads book* “Attach the spinal cords together and recite the following...”

Hemach:“Did you enjoy that?”

Jerico:He’s absolutely beaming when he comes back to the group.

Jerico:“Right, anyway, no front entrance, Alliph has some kind of crazy scry stuff going on there. We might try a window. he’s either up on top.. or down in the bottom."

VAE:haha.. you managed to turn the possibility of a rather nasty battle into a chatty encounter

Jerico:“Now let’s hurry this up. I’ve got a date tonight."


Saker:Still looking through windows and stuff near the roof.

Saker:Spot « 1d20+16 = 16 + 16 = 32 »

VAE(DM):You see the battlements, and the remains of a tower a section of which has recently collapsed

Saker:Looking specifically for this workshop or things that may lead to it.

Jerico:Jerico appears to be doing a victory dance. Gods help us.

VAE(DM):the remains of the tower lie on the ground on the backside of the castle

VAE(DM):inside there is an open staircase presumably leading to the upper level

VAE(DM):*of the castle

Shenodah:“Well, there’s stairs down from the roof. Shall we start there?”

Jerico:“Sure. How we gonna get up there? If we pass the 2nd floor, I might need to make a stop. Ya know, for a bit of looting.” Tamika sees women’s underwear dance through his head.

Tamika:“That sounds like a decent plan. Rikki!”

Jerico:“Ah, right, forgot about the teleport rat.”

Shenodah:“Directly, bypassing Go.”

Tamika:Mental shields go UP. >:E

VAE:hmm, i’ll have to place you on the upper level then ,since i haven’t drawn the battlements

Jerico:“No two hundred coins?"

VAE:nope, no 200 coins

Shenodah:“No. Though I believe we DO get Chance. You used it. It was a good one.”

Jerico:“What about dead girl?”

Jerico:“Whacha talkin’ about?”

Shenodah:“Monopoly chance cards.”

Tamika:“One moment.” Tamika turns back. “Miss Niar, you’ve done more than enough to help us already. We may be going into a situation that is dangerous for undead... No one would think less of you for choosing to go home.”

Niar:Hey! I’m not dead! I’m metabolically challenged!

Shenodah:“Even on the Steppes we have played this game.”

Jerico:“Well duh, I’ve killed people over that game. What do you mean I took a chance though?”

Tamika:“Though, if you want to come along, you are more than welcome.”

Shenodah:“In the metaphor of the game, ‘Mad Scientist’s Beautiful Relative’ is quite a good result.”

Niar:Hmm, i dunno.. i mean... you saved me from being disassembled

Jerico:“Woosh dude. Totally not understanding you.” And then, true to his random nature, Jerico starts mentally undressing Tamika. Let’s hope her mind shield’s a strong one.

Shenodah:“Chance cards? Or do you not use them?”

Niar:i guess i can stick with ya for a while! Besides, i don’t really wanna go home alone from here.. what if there are more of these machines walking around?

Jerico:“I get that, I just don’t get what you mean by me taking one.”

Shenodah:“The last few minutes.”

Jerico:“Yes? And?”

Hemach:“Can we stop with the pop culture references and get to work?”

Rikki:“Okay! Don’t worry, I’ll protect ya from any nasties that wanna disassemble us!”

Shenodah:“My apologies.”

Shenodah:“Warp-Aci, if you would be so kind?"

You whisper to Ghostwish: ... one question - did you infer the flesh golems or did you see the icons? (because they were meant to be player invisible until activated, i just described them)

Jerico whispers: Infer!

Rikki:The warp-aci jumps around the group, leaving a crackling band of black-ribbon tail behind it. “Okay! One rooftop warp, comin’ up!"

“msg Jerico uufff... good” Unknown command. Try /help for a list of commands.

VAE(DM):Your group appears on one of the battlements near the tower

Saphroneth:Marker, please?

  • Tamika reaches into the bag of holding and gives the warp-aci a cookie.

Saphroneth:Drawing Tools if you can swing it.

VAE(DM):They are rather disused, as it seems the castle didn’t see an outright invasion in quite the time, and in general DP tries to maintain an illusion that nothing’s happening

Rikki:“Oh boy! My favorite part of warping!” *noms cookie*

VAE:We don’t have a map, but unless you are really creative and can make up an encounter here somehow, we won’t need it today

VAE:i mean, make it up by elaborate misconduct

Shenodah:“Well, if there is nothing here, I suggest proceeding downstairs."

Ghostwish:Do inner party conflicts count?

VAE:they might. so leave Tamika’s skirt on

Jerico:“Tamika, you should totally try wearing all pink.”

Shenodah:“Invisible, anyone? Perhaps our Rogue might want it to scout ahead in close quarters."

Liatai:Search check for anything of interest... « 1d20+1 = 12 + 1 = 13 »

VAE:if i have to pause to draw a map, you’ll have a grumpy DM

Shenodah:Search« 1d20 = 3 »

Shenodah:“Ooh, look. A long drop.”

Tamika:Tamika bristles. “Never!”

VAE(DM):You see several stashes of arrows and alchemist’s fire potions

Hemach:« 1d20 = 9 »

Jerico:« 1d20+14 = 2 + 14 = 16 » for move silently and « 1d20+15 = 17 + 15 = 32 » for hide.

VAE(DM):placed strategically for good access from behind cover

Tamika:“Pink stains too easily...” She picks up a few of the alchemist’s fire flasks, just to be on the safe side.

Jerico:Jerico sneaks, although not quite as well as last time, down the stairs.

Saphroneth:Why am I not surprised he’s a lot louder than he is noticable...

Liatai:XDVAE(DM):You also see the skewered side of the tower, and the spiralling staircase inside

VAE(DM):there are mortar chunks lying around - be careful not to trip

Shenodah:“I suggest we follow him, at a distance.”

Hemach:“So be it.”

Jerico:The skunk proceeds carefully, searching the whole way.


Liatai:How many vials would you say Tamika picked up, DM?

Meany:Should we all roll Move Silently check?

VAE(DM):With respect to the safety specifications of ISO 2342-1 the staircase has edges marked with yellow slip-proof tape, and a steel railing, though the beginning of it is torn off


Ghostwish:Naw, just the point man.

VAE(DM):Depends.. if she put them in the bag of holding, then all of them

Liatai:And how many would that be? The bag’s got room to spare. Type IV. >:3

VAE(DM):but seriously , in each stash there’s probably about 120 arrows and 10 potions

VAE(DM):they are placed around the perimeter of the battlements , in the wall sections opposite to cover

Liatai:OK, I’ll estimate 20 flasks. 2 stashes.

Liatai:Fire galore, mwahahahaha! >

VAE(DM):yep, allright! Now tamika’s packing heat

VAE(DM):She’s seriously a hottie

VAE(DM):haha.. as a DM i can pun with impunity!

Tamika:“Don’t you DARE give that skunk any ideas!” >:E

Saphroneth:I think fast forward to next meaningful event.

VAE(DM):Anyways... as you walk down, you notice a door

VAE(DM):There is a yellow sign with a skull, pi, epsilon and a partial derivative sign on it

VAE(DM):that is, if any of your characters know any mathematics beyond arithmetic

Saphroneth:Hmmm... Danger of death, maths, Stress and (gasp) CALCULUS!

VAE(DM):Knowledge« arcana = Invalid expression: arcana. » or Int rolls!

Liatai:Hmm, how much math did Tammy take at SAIA...? X3

Shenodah:« 1d20+16 = 3 + 16 = 19 »

Shenodah:Not bad.

Tamika:« 1d20+1 = 8 + 1 = 9 »

Tamika:Apparently, whatever higher math she took, she’s forgotten.

VAE(DM):Tamika, you see that whatever is inside, it gotta be complicated and dangeroud


Saphroneth:She got 8+1=9 right!

Liatai:XDGhostwish:« 1d20+12 = 19 + 12 = 31 » arcana! Sorry had to go afk for a sec

Meany:« 1d20 = 18 »

VAE(DM):Shenodah, you feel a strong magical field from inside the room, you also recognise the sign as one of the standard lab warning signs

Shenodah:“We may have our target.”

Tamika:Listen check at the door - « 1d20+4 = 20 + 4 = 24 »

Shenodah:(Of course, he forgot to go Furre, so no one else understood.)

VAE(DM):Jerico, surprisingly you recall that the sign above implies that inside , there is at least a class IV summoning grid - and that the sign should have the number on it.. apparently this one was home made by someone with poor attention span

Jerico:“Someone didn’t number it right.. It’s a summoning grid in there."



Shenodah:*Taking my shield off, so I can trigger it while primal*

Shenodah:“Anyone want a wand of an attack spell? I have a couple."

Liatai:Anything heard while listening at the door?

VAE:wait a moment - meany has to do something and i have to find the *paper map*

Liatai:-- ah, I should scan for thoughts inside, too, if I can.

Saphroneth:I’ll take the opportunity to go make myself something. Should be 2-3 mins at most.

VAE:screw it - i have the jpeg of it


VAE:brb as well


VAE:but Saph’s gone to eat, and i guess i should too

  • VAE is hungry lynx

Saphroneth:Not eat, I’m already back/.

Saphroneth:Hot chocolate, that’s all.

VAE:oh well, i have sunflower seeds!

VAE:it looks bloody silly though

VAE:lynx chomping down sunflower seeds...


Saphroneth:One might say, it looks FISHY?

Liatai:Don’t lynxes generally eat rabbits? At least, I know Canadian lynxes do.

Jerico:Even Jerico could smell how badly that pun stunk.

VAE(DM):so do ours - any small animals around, and sometimes not so small

Saphroneth:...Holy crap, they eat friggin’ FOXES!

VAE(DM):they do too.. at least i know what to do if my minions will laugh at me because of this and rebel

VAE(DM):they can hunt down goat sized things too

Saphroneth:It lists DEER!

Saphroneth:Flipping hell.


VAE(DM):though not too often

VAE(DM):that’s eurasian lynxes

Saphroneth:You’re from Eurasia, right?

VAE(DM):they are biggest of the species (also have a funny stubby tail)

VAE(DM):Anyways, back to matters at hand

Saphroneth:RIght. Plan on shoving this new map a distance to the side of the current one?

VAE(DM):Tamika, you hear rather strong buzz, and some mind alternately chanting to Nyarlathothep, and singing “I want to break free”

VAE(DM):do you open the door?

Saphroneth:Hang on a sec.

Tamika:Well, first, I inform the party that someone probably rather evil and definitely rather strange is in there.

VAE:hanging on

Shenodah:Listen « 1d20+3 = 15 + 3 = 18 »

Shenodah:Arcana « 1d20+16 = 14 + 16 = 30 »

VAE(DM):You hear buzzing of high power equipment

Shenodah:Anything from the Arcana check?

VAE(DM):As well as several fans

VAE(DM):You reckon that someone is using some strange summoning method as there’s a demonic presence inside. You also can feel a rather tough binding spell

Saphroneth:Okay, thanks.

Saphroneth:Go ahead if you want to open the door.

Liatai:Be back in two shakes.

VAE:i don’t think any of them heard that


Saphroneth:I was doing a simoultaneous action with the other Listen, I just wanted to make sure I got it in.

VAE:i meany the “go ahead” bit

Saphroneth:And that was with regard to go ahead and type the opening the door bit, the wait was OOC too.

VAE:did anyone actually open them>

VAE:?Saphroneth:Nope. Not yet.

Liatai:OK, I’m back.

Saphroneth:I assume everyone’s nearby to one another?




VAE(DM):You see a spacious room, There are several workbenches with tools, chunks of armor, wands of fire and shape metal etc. In the middle of the room there is a green board with curious metal and plastic bits, and a gray box with cables, one connected to a railing, and second to a lightning enchanted hammer +2. There is another, buzzing box, and a pentacle drawn in the middle of the room, and above it, there is a mesh of wires in a curious shape, sparkling sometimes and a strange shape floating in the middle. The wires lead out, connect to the head of a corpse and four skulls in parallell, and lead back to the buzzing box

VAE:OOC the buzzing box is indeed a transformer

Tamika:Scanning for thoughts in the room.

VAE:you also notice the door disappearing into the wall behind

VAE:there’s a concealment spell on them


Shenodah:*growls menacingly*



Liatai:On thoughts, or on the door?

VAE:a moment

VAE:have to place you on

VAE:see something?



Saphroneth:Well, the ond map.




Saphroneth:No change yet.

Jerico:go to tool, enforce players to map, then enforce vision

Jerico:I.. saw a square for a moment.

VAE:i did... ouch

Liatai:I’m blind!

Meany:I see it too.


VAE:for some reason you refuse to reveal FOW

Ghostwish:I placed mah skunk

Ghostwish:And I disappeared!


VAE:there are your clones somewhere else

Ghostwish:OHGhostwish:Jiggle them.

VAE:i jsut deleted them

VAE:i will drag ya by hand

Ghostwish:Just click, like you’re going to draw, but don’t move them

Saphroneth:I tried to move my character (which I DO have) and he left the area I assume everyone else is and is refusing to return.

VAE:see something?

Saphroneth:Yep. Though lighting would be nice.

Liatai:Now I do!

VAE:indeed you do

VAE:place your tokens folks, alternately i can just copy them again

VAE:i wil

Saphroneth:We’re in, and mine shows up as mine.


VAE:sorry for deletion

VAE:you wil appear shortly

Meany:>>Meany:VAE:jerico is breeding a lot

Ghostwish:Demons have darkvision, yes?

VAE:that’s better

Saphroneth:Not surprised!

Ghostwish:Wow, I wasn’t getting vision on them. XD

Saphroneth:There’s still two skunks.

Liatai:Where’s our undead friend? o.o

VAE:now you should see

Saphroneth:I can.

Liatai:I can see.

VAE:there’s just one now


VAE:i am good at removing skunks

VAE:also, i have to bring in myself

Ghostwish:What vision do demons have again?

Saphroneth:Should she be flanking the Barbarian rather than taking point?

VAE(DM):Allright.. as i said before we erm.. had a local reality failure

Saphroneth:DAMN YOU PINKY!

Ghostwish:Jerico was cloned, hundreds of times. Tamika hides in horror.

Saphroneth:Stop with the demon summons in order to poach eggs again!

  • Rikki hangs onto Niar’s shoulders.

VAE(DM):on the other side of the room there is another door

Saphroneth:Right. Anything more we can see now we’re in the room proper? Should I roll Arcana again?

Tamika:Still scanning for thoughts, especially from the heads...

You whisper to Saphroneth: .. and lthough meant to find later, you know what this means.. if Shenodah is good enough and understands, he can cast any level spell using this.. even removing the insanity.. of course if he can coerce the entity in middle

Jerico:Tamika WOULD look good in pink. A pink towel! Heh heh!


Shenodah:Arcana: « 1d20+16 = 9 + 16 = 25 »

Liatai:And throwing in Knowledge (religion) while I’m at it. « 1d20+1 = 18 + 1 = 19 »

VAE(DM):Tamika: You feel the entity is watching the group with interest .Sadly you can only gauge as much of it’s thoughts as it allows

Shenodah:Also, Survival (track) with scent: « 1d20+5 = 20 + 5 = 25 » to try and find who/what has been in here before.

Liatai:What entity? o.o

Saphroneth:In ther circle.

VAE(DM):the thing the pentacle is containing

Jerico:« 1d20+7 = 2 + 7 = 9 » Search!

Liatai:Ah. I thought you meant the head attached to the transformer. X3

Saphroneth:Also, Critical scent track! Wow, skunks smell wierd at close range...

VAE(DM):By sheer luck your pathetic search attempt manages to avoid touching anything important

VAE(DM):Religion: you are pretty sure there’s no demonic presence here, surprisingly

Liatai:Can we see the entity? What does it look like, if so?

Liatai:Sorry, question barrage. X3

Saphroneth:We can see it, but descript so far is “strange shape"

Liatai:Ah. ‘Kay.

VAE(DM):you cannot see what doesn’t have a shape, rather you can see weird warping in the kludge of wires in the middle

VAE(DM):roll Will , anyone who was staring at it

Tamika:« 1d20+14 = 6 + 14 = 20 »

Shenodah:« 1d20+10 = 20 + 10 = 30 »

Jerico:It wasn’t valuable, or pink, or female as far as he could tell, so Jerico wasn’t.

VAE(DM):that includes Jerico


VAE(DM):the search attempt

Saphroneth:Two crits in a row!

Saphroneth:And BOTH on skills.

Jerico:« 1d20+1 = 16 + 1 = 17 »

VAE(DM):Shenodah is totally unaffected

Ghostwish:Er, that’s a +2

Rikki:« 1d20+4 = 4 + 4 = 8 »

VAE(DM):Tamika finds it slightly worrying

Saphroneth:Crap, the Warp Aci has low psi defence.

Liatai:Pseudodragon stats. ^^’

VAE(DM):Jerico finds himself compelled to stare at the weird changing imagery for a while

VAE(DM):The warp aci feels a compulsion to fly inside the pentacle!

Shenodah:Attempt to cast Telekinesis on short notice.

VAE(DM):also, Tamika, i guess you should recall it... roll initiative all three

VAE(DM):that is Tamika, Shenodah, warp-aci

Shenodah:« 1d20+2 = 1 + 2 = 3 »



Saphroneth:DAMN laser guided Karma!

VAE(DM):i’d crack a joke but this is decisively scary


Tamika:Sorry, stepped away from the computer for a moment! « 1d20 = 20 »


Rikki:« 1d20+2 = 4 + 2 = 6 »


Meany:>>VAE:i think i’ll leave the description to Liatai

VAE:it’s a nat 20 after all

Rikki:“SHINY!” The warp-aci tries to fly for the shiny, clinky, pretty-looking chains --

Shenodah:*Trips over own tail*

Tamika:Tamika reaches out and YANKS the warp-aci’s tail. “NO!"

VAE:ouch.. tails are sharp

Liatai:Oof, forgot that.

VAE:if it wasn’t a 20 i’d have a damage roll

Liatai:OK, let’s say she grabbed the warp-aci’s ear instead. X3

Saphroneth:They’re sharp only when they need to be.

VAE:it’s the business end of the warp aci

VAE:i don’t think so ... their thickness approaches 0

Saphroneth:But they can do limited shapeshift... paper?

VAE:yeah, but that’d require the warp-aci to be sensible...

Saphroneth:I withdraw my comment.

Tamika:“Bad warp-aci! If you so much as brush up against that array, you’ll have much more to worry about than the fact that you’re not getting a treat!”

VAE(DM):you manage to stop the warp aci... once removed from the sight, it shivers and looks confused

Jerico:Jerico, however, is still staring like it’s a nude gallery of you know who.

Rikki:“But-but-but -- shiny -- um -- um -- no cookie?” ;.;


Shenodah:“Protection spells back up?”

VAE(DM):more like “Ia Ia Nyarlathothep “

VAE:i guess so

Shenodah:“Everyone else stand back. I’m immune. To whatever this is."

VAE:though be careful - the high voltage can still kill

Tamika:Religion check to figure out who Nyarlathothep is. « 1d20+1 = 12 + 1 = 13 »

Shenodah:“Well, the ranged bit.”

VAE(DM):You figure out it’s some kind of Far Realm entity

Shenodah:Arcana = « 1d20+16 = 19 + 16 = 35 »


  • Tamika puts the warp-aci in her Bag of Holding.

Jerico:Herp de derp.

Tamika:“Oh for the love of...” *SLAP with Protection from Evil on it*

VAE(DM):You begin to figure out the arrangement of the summoning grid - the purpose of the skulls seems to be that Dark Pegasus ran out of 0.5 mF capacitors

VAE(DM):in his case, the spell does little to help his present situation, though it delays the inevitable onset of madness

VAE(DM):*from the eidolons’ attack

Liatai:What about the slap?

Shenodah:Any way I can alter the circle or otherwise influence it or communicate with the thing inside?

Meany:Should I assume Hemach is going crazy too?

VAE(DM):the slap? that is up to Jerico >:3

Jerico:“YES HARDE- huh? What?”

VAE(DM):It depends, Not from the attack yet, so unless he was staring down the grid, he should be fin

Jerico:“Ugh, screw this thing. Let’s move to the next room.:”

Shenodah:“I’ll catch you up. This is really interesting...”

Shenodah:“You’re still Hasted, at least.”

Hemach:“Less talking more genociding."

Saphroneth:Any progress on messing with the summon circle?

Ghostwish:Where are the other doors in the room?

VAE(DM):Yes, there indeed are ways to influence the thing inside, you have to know the appropriate spells, and position yourself on the correct place on the pentacle

VAE(DM):also, fiddling with the signal coming into the wires might be useful

Shenodah:“My guess is that this thing has an instruction manual somewhere... I’ll come back here a little later.”

VAE(DM):it has.. though it might be either here or in DP’s room

Saphroneth:Think it’s worth taking 20 on Search, anyone?

Liatai:Yes indeed.

Jerico:Jerico could be convinced to do so, if he wasn’t so intent on leaving the room?

Shenodah:“Jerico! Mind looking CAREFULLY around this place?”

Jerico:“Eh, I guess.”

Jerico:Jerico does take a 20. That’s a 27 total.

Saphroneth:Only +7 on Search?

VAE(DM):on one of the workbenches you find a stack of scrawled notes with scary math on them... literally

Jerico:“Yeesh. Anyone here like trig?”


Shenodah:Fox’s Cunning


VAE(DM):wait.. in human form the buff can’t act, no?

Ghostwish:I’m just gonna point out that going human will probably also negate any -friendly- spells.

Saphroneth:*Furre* then.

Saphroneth:I forgot, but he wouldn’t.

VAE(DM):yep, that makes more sense

Saphroneth:That’s +6 INT for the next quarter hour...

Jerico:“It’s like inbred addition over here."

Saphroneth is disconnected.

VAE(DM):right.. WTH?

Saphroneth has connected.

Saphroneth:Sorry about that.


Shenodah:Arcana: « 1d20+19 = 15 + 19 = 34 » on the maths.

Jerico:Jerico doesn’t bother, because he couldn’t beat smarts like that. Not that he’ll admit it, but maybe a certain cubi caught that thought...

Tamika:She might have caught a little bit of it. Who can tell, though? She’s mainly trying to keep the warp-aci from jumping out of the bag of holding.

VAE(DM):From the equations and the notes in there you indeed reason that this grid summons what is termed level 4 entity, in this case one coming from an energy-abundant universe

Saphroneth:Cue Matrix style scrolling arcane glyphs...

Jerico:There’s a red and a blue pill over here. Which one should Jerico take?

VAE(DM):the notes suggest that DP was using its aid as a way to get power for the steel Death Knight animation

VAE(DM):The one without tentacles

VAE(DM):in order to speed up the production process and avoid having ot use undead souls

  • Hemach beats wall boredly with mace.

Jerico:Are there any doors out of this room?

Tamika:“Oh for the love of... here.” Tamika hands the mythos a stick of beef jerky. “Chew on that for a while.”

VAE(DM):This improvement is also what grants them the magic immunity the older versions didn’t have... in simple terms trying to cast a spell on one of those would be like trying to fireball a fire elemental

Saphroneth:Is there some way to repurpose the energy draw for other purposes?

VAE:what mythos


VAE:oh, right

Saphroneth:Tamika is placating the Barbarian.

VAE:is meany still AFK?

Hemach:“I’m not hungry. Just violent."

Saphroneth:So no.

Meany:I have been un-afk for a while.

Meany:Around the time I said “Back.”

Jerico:Are there any doors out of this room?

Saphroneth:We’ve just been programming in base pi for a bit.

Saphroneth:There’s a door over the other side to the entrance.

VAE(DM):There indeed is.. however you first have to open an information flow channel from the containment grid, and second you have to convince the entity inside to help

Saphroneth:Can I manage the first?

Jerico:Jerico takes his time searching said door for traps. 27!

Liatai:Hoo boy. Who’s got the highest Diplomacy modifier? X3

Liatai:Tamika’s, with cloak of charisma, is +10.

Saphroneth:Damn... I just noticed I’ve been FORGETTING my ability bonuses to skills.

Saphroneth:Mine is +12.


Jerico:Jerico is a sly, sly and dangerous demon. 17.

VAE(DM):the corpse’s expression suggests that DP was using the pain and fear of the plugged in being for the initial summoning by the way

Saphroneth:So... Is there a way to open an info channel that I can see?

VAE(DM):Opening a channel should be easy with some appropriate calculations, especially since the thing inside wants to help you..making sure it doesn’t grow is harder

VAE(DM):as for its motivation as of present, Tamika has a solid idea...

Saphroneth:Hmmm... I think I’ll risk it. Though I CAN cut the connection if necessary, right? This entity is from a power rich world, not power poor, so it shouldn’t eat the containment wards.

Ghostwish:Anything from jerico’s search attempt?

  • Hemach curls up for a brief nap. “Wake me when its time to kill stuff again.”

VAE(DM):You are indeed correct.. Exposing the entity to our physics without it capturing a nervous system would result in it’s dissipation

Saphroneth:I think a communication channel only for the moment.

VAE(DM):however ,on a less happy note, the dissipation of a few dozen gigajoules of heat energy into the room

Shenodah:Arcana: « 1d20 + 21 = 6 + 21 = 27 »

Saphroneth:Everyone not fireproof, stand back.

Saphroneth:A long way back.

Liatai:Be right back.

VAE(DM):After doing about two pages of hefty math, you calculate the current alteration required

Ghostwish:Anything from jerico’s search attempt?

Saphroneth:Oh, and BTW, Fireproof form Fire Shield.

Shenodah:Opening the channel now.

VAE(DM):After fiddling with the control on the regulator connected to the hammer, and placing yourself on the far tip of the pentacle, where a small copper pad rests on the floor, you can indeed hear the entity inside

VAE(DM):and yeah, you see a lightning enchanted hammer powering the circuitry

Shenodah:“Do you desire to be returned to your original domain?"

VAE:I sincerely wonder how did Jakob get his hands on this stuff

Saphroneth:Radio Shack.

Ghostwish:Anything from jerico’s search attempt?

VAE(DM):I desire to be free!


Shenodah:“Free to return home, or free to visit this world.

VAE:there are a few special bits in there.. more like Qinetiq


Meany:Just trying to get you to answer Ghost’s question.

Saphroneth:Meany? What is it?


Saphroneth:Question was: A Search of 27 on the door, for traps.

VAE:i told you - DP’s notes, Oh, the door is untrapped

VAE:does he open it?

Liatai:Mmm, delicious delicious pork. I’m back.

Jerico:It’s Jerico. Of COURSE he does.

VAE:Pork is the meat of kings

Saphroneth:Ghost, door is on the west.

Saphroneth:(It was unclear)

Jerico:« 1d20+14 = 5 + 14 = 19 » for move silently and « 1d20+15 = 5 + 15 = 20 » for hide!

Shenodah:“I wish to know. Do you want to be free to return to your home continuum, or to visit unto this world?"

VAE:oh , wait

VAE:the door is indeed upthere

Jerico:Jerico looks about the room he just entered.

VAE:this is another one

Jerico:Jerico steps back through the wall. XD


VAE:Jeico has entered the supply room

Jerico:Then a looking about he goes!

Jerico:Ooo, this room he searches carefully for goodies, traps, and soon to be corpses. 27 on a search!

VAE:It contains various bits of circuitry, soldering tools, books on electronics, Knuth’s The Art of Computer Programming Volume IV , a bunch of skulls, candles, jars and a set of lab books

VAE:Also, several sets of armor

Saphroneth:How’s the interrogation of the Unknown Entity going?

Jerico:Oddly enough, Jerico picks up said programming book, and then has a closer look at the armor. « 1d20+8 = 13 + 8 = 21 » appraise!

VAE(DM):You feel the entity answer in a manner which can best be interpreted “both at once”

Shenodah:“Would either do?”

Shenodah:“I may be able to determine how to return you, reverse the summoning, but I desire assistance in exchange.”

VAE(DM):Given the entity’s energy rich origin, this universe is of little interest in that way - however it also means it would be hugely powerful inside

VAE(DM):Think of it as owning an ant farm

VAE(DM):Free... Ia Ia Nyarlathothep! ...Free.. and Revenge!

Jerico:Jerico idly pages through the programming book while he waits on the results from his appraise.

VAE(DM):Jerico, you notice the book contains the core theories behind computational demonology

Saphroneth:Shall I diplo check for negotiation of “ending the persistent extradimensional effects on the party in return for freedom and the knowledge that he has aided in the fall of Dark Pegasus?”

VAE(DM):The chapter you opened it discusses how to efficiently implement the algorithm to generate a Dho-Nha curve

Tamika:Tamika, also bored, peeks into the storage room.

VAE(DM):if you roll high enough...

Saphroneth:If not, I may see if I can permit it temporary residence in Saker and reintegrate that fragment of my soul for a while. As an alternative for lower Diplo.

Shenodah:Diplomacy: « 1d20+12 = 1 + 12 = 13 »

VAE(DM):That would probably work too, but .. roll arcana again!


Jerico:Jerico is, oddly enough, interested in the book’s words. Gods help us, and get us the results of that appraise!

Shenodah:Arcana: « 1d20+21 = 6 + 21 = 27 »

Saphroneth:Sorry, trying to fix your insanity at the moment!

VAE(DM):You also notice it would be wise to set wards upon Saker to prevent the entity from leaving, and equally importantly to prevent it from warping Saker’s body to its will

Saphroneth:Arcana-ing away.

VAE(DM):otherwise you might end up with a 4d eagle if you are lucky

Saphroneth:Is the proposal acceptable?

Tamika:Taking out a Wand of Detect Magic and scanning the storage room.

VAE(DM):The entity agrees


Shenodah:« 1d20+21 = 18 + 21 = 39 » for the wards.

VAE(DM):You succeed in placing the wards on the eagle

Shenodah:(Falcon, but who’s counting?)

Jerico:Jerico glances over at Tamika.. and grins wickedly. He reaches over and.. « 1d20+9 = 3 + 9 = 12 » sleight of hand.

Ghostwish:Think she can counter that with a spot? XD

Tamika:« 1d20+4 = 11 + 4 = 15 » Spot.

Shenodah:“Remove the effects of the earlier attack by the statues, and I will transfer you."

Ghostwish:Tamika catches Jerico’s hand veerrrrry close to her bum.

Shenodah:(Reintegrating Saker...)

Jerico:« 1d20+1 = 7 + 1 = 8 » spot.

Jerico:Annnnd he doesn’t see he’s been caught. Wonderful. XD

Tamika:“I would advise you to remove your hand from that area before you lose it,” she snarls, and her wings form sharp tentacles.

VAE(DM):You first!

Liatai:.... ahahaha. XD

Jerico:“EEP!” He says, quickly withdrawing said paw. “I wasn’t doing nothing.” He says, in the sort of tone that doesn’t deserve a bluff check.

VAE(DM):Remember, contained demons cannot break promises willfully

VAE(DM):only exploit loopholes


Shenodah:“Very well. By your word, to be contained temporarily and to remove the influence.”

Jerico:Results from the appraising, DM?


Tamika:And from the Detect Magic spell.

VAE(DM):You suddenly notice the eagle’s mind has been pushed aside by the entity

Saphroneth:Note: I canNOT be bothered to plunge into legal speak to make something loophole-less, so just use my current INT of 20

VAE(DM):also , although it barely failed breaking the ward, the eagle spouts flames amd looks like a phoenix

Saphroneth:Saker is an ALTAIC FALCON!

  • VAE(DM) facepaws

Shenodah + Saker:“Now, your end.”

Shenodah :“Remove the influences.”

VAE(DM):Suddenly Hemach and Jerico are hit with a surge of energy which utterly obliterates whatever entity was playing in each’s mind

Shenodah :“NOW we can go.”

Shenodah :“Worth it?”

VAE(DM):now if you care one of you can also pick off the magical hammer

Jerico:The skunk winces. “What - the - HECK?”

Jerico:Jerico scratches his head. Waiting around for these appraises is getting weird.

Rikki:If no one else is, the warp-aci is picking it up. “Whee! I’m a warrior!”

VAE(DM):the book is rather unique, but you doubt anyone you know would be able to use it

  • Hemach lashes out with mace-equipped tail instinctively.

VAE(DM):it’s value is difficult to estimate

VAE(DM):Tamika.. you feel that some of the bottles have contained souls recently

Shenodah :“THAT was what I have been doing for the past I don’t know how long. I managed to remove the lingering effects of those damn statues for you - else you would have gone mad again quite soon.”


Shenodah :“Wake up and smell the sanity, Hemach.”


Jerico:And the armor?

  • Rikki tries to lift the hammer. He has a strength score of 6.

VAE(DM):otherwise the equpment is mundane - this sort of magic doesn’t require the same sort of resources

VAE(DM):The armor is rather strong - a +2 cuirass

  • Hemach wakes up.

Hemach:“*yawn* Killing time yet?”

Jerico:“Hrm, got a nice cuirass here. Since it’s magical it might warp and fit the big guy. I’d prefer something lighter myself.”

Shenodah :“Welcome back to the land of the awake. Not quite, but there is a +2 hammer up for grabs.”


Rikki:“No it’s not! It’s mine!” The warp-aci huffs and coils around it.

Hemach:“Can you lift it?"

Liatai:How much does it weigh, DM?

VAE(DM):As Hemach removes the hammer along with the warp-aci, the wires fall to the ground and the buzzing stops

VAE(DM):it weighs... i guess at least 15kg

Saphroneth:(Setting ownership of the Falcon to GM, as it’s no longer under my control)


Liatai:So it’s a medium load for the warp-aci, but yes, he can lift it. X3

VAE(DM):think Thorgrim’s hammer from Conan

Jerico:“Hey, sexy lady, if no one is going to wear this armor, why doncha stick it in that cute little bag of yours for later?”

Hemach:“Very well then, have fun.”

Jerico:Jerico takes the book, and heads to the northern door.

VAE(DM): hammer/b477yr0y/Misc/thfav.jpg

VAE(DM):an example

Tamika:“What did I tell you about calling me sexy?” she says with a glare, but does put the armor in the bag.

VAE:The warp-aci pulls the hammer from hemach, and carries it around like a swallow carries a coconut

Jerico:Jerico carefully searches the door. Another 27.

Rikki:“Hahaha! I am Doomhammer! Kssh!"

VAE:No traps

Jerico:He carefully opens the door, and peeeeers inside.

VAE:you see a spacious hall, and another door on front


VAE:the tag on it says Library

Rikki:“Look, look, Tammy! I got a hammer!"

  • Hemach waits for Niar.

Jerico:« 1d20+14 = 10 + 14 = 24 » for move silently, and « 1d20+14 = 13 + 14 = 27 » for hide.

VAE:a moment

Shenodah :Track (with scent) « 1d20 + 12 = 5 + 12 = 17 »

Tamika:Listen « 1d20+4 = 5 + 4 = 9 » Spot « 1d20+4 = 11 + 4 = 15 »

VAE:you hear footsteps in the hall, rather heavy ones

Shenodah :*Greater Invis on Jerico*

VAE:a moment.. my tokentool is being silly

Jerico:Anything apparent to Jerico, or should be be a spottin’ and listenin’ too?

Saphroneth:Well, he’s noticed he’s invisible (and hence can get a good look and even attack without decloaking)


VAE:Jerico notices a rather huge creature clad in armor in front, patrolling

VAE:this must be the new deathknight type Regina was complaining about trying to assemble - it is too tall to be a creature or a regular undead

Ghostwish:ahhh there they are

Saphroneth:Would a Detect Magic spot if they’re regular Undead or not?

VAE:i guess so

Jerico:Jerico turns around and whispers to the others, “Death knight in the room. Want me to pounce it and then we dismantle it?”

Shenodah :Detect Magic

Ghostwish:sorry for slow response. GF called. :Saphroneth:So, does it count as Undead or not?

VAE:It seems to be a rather tough type of undead, sewn together from several corpses

Saphroneth:So still technically Undead, then.


Shenodah :*Furre*

Shenodah :Quietly: “I think I can hold it until we get into position. Not certain, but good chance.”

Shenodah :“It breaks if they’re attacked."

Liatai:Yeep. No way Tamika can turn that thing. o.o

Jerico:“I’d prefer to get the alpha strike. Kind of a specialty of mine.."

VAE:any of you recognise it yet?

VAE:OOC i mean

Shenodah :“Right. Though if it can’t see you - and it can’t - then that may help."

Saphroneth:Vaguely. MMII again.

VAE:The creature keeps walking around, stopping at either end of its path

Ghostwish:I do recognize it from one of the MMs. it’s an undead of some kind.


Saphroneth:Now there’s a bad news name.

VAE(DM):As the thing walks around you notice that the furre whose head was used for the top has its eyelids and mouth sewn shut

Shenodah :“Okay, say the word and I Haste everyone. Then battle time.”

Hemach:“Killing time, y’say?”

VAE(DM):It appears it is only concerned about the corridor

Shenodah :“Essentially, yes.”

VAE(DM):Also, hammer

  • Tamika pulls the warp-aci out of Hemach’s way.

VAE(DM):The hammer is a +2 magical hammer of Large size

VAE(DM):It also deals additional 1d8 lightning damage on strike

Shenodah :“Just don’t run into the invisible rogue when you start moving.”

Hemach:“I make no promises.”

Rikki:“.... eeheeheeheehee.” This is an evil, evil face on a warp-aci.

Shenodah :“Everyone ready?”

Shenodah :*takes out shield and activates it. It begins floating in front of him.*

  • Hemach gets Pata and mace ready for killing.

Jerico:“Right, wait for it to stop at this end of the hallway, haste me, and I’m stabbing that thing.

  • Tamika nods, preparing the Rolling Pin.

Shenodah :*HASTE!*

Jerico:Jerico moves quickly, getting behind the beast and then.. STAB!

Ghostwish:Before it moved, of course.

VAE(DM):roll attack

VAE(DM):also, initiative all of ya

Ghostwish:Undead, immune to sneak attack damage or just criticals?

VAE(DM):i must check

Shenodah :That’s everyone hasted, BTW.

Tamika:« 1d20 = 10 »

Hemach:« 1d20 = 11 »

Rikki:« 1d20+2 = 15 + 2 = 17 »

Ghostwish:And what’s the bonus for catching someone flatfooted btw?

Shenodah :« 1d20+2 = 1 + 2 = 3 »

VAE(DM):but still it was an surprise attack so it’s flatfooted

Shenodah :Tripped over own tail again.

Shenodah :Also, he’s still invisible. Will be for about another five rounds.

Shenodah :That spell had a LOT of oomph.

VAE(DM):the damage works

Ghostwish:awesome! Bonuses for flatfooted?

VAE(DM):if you roll suitable attack

Shenodah :Roll attack, with another +1, and an extra attack at highest base.

Saphroneth:Dan, don’t forget to move the thing back - oh, never mind.

VAE(DM):jerico, you get arbitrary initiative of 25 since you started the combat

Niar:« 1d20 = 16 »

Tamika has received initiative.

Rikki has received initiative.

Jerico has received initiative.

Jerico has received initiative.

Niar:roll attack Jerico

Saphroneth:Time to roll the attacks! All of them.

VAE(DM):roll attack Jerico

Jerico:Jerico leaps from the shadows! « 1d20+16 = 12 + 16 = 28 » for « (1d6+9)=1d6 = 2 + 9 = 11 », « 1d20+16 = 2 + 16 = 18 » for « (1d6+9)=1d6 = 4 + 9 = 13 », and « 1d20+11 = 5 + 11 = 16 » for « (1d6+9)=1d6 = 6 + 9 = 15 »!

Niar:what happened?

VAE(DM):sadly, all of the attacks missed

Shenodah :“We’re attacking what looks like a Deathknight plus.”

Tamika:“Death knight,” Tamika says simply.


Saphroneth:Er, 28 missed?

Saphroneth:And you’re still invisible!

VAE(DM):nearly, but yes

Saphroneth:Ghost, did you count the Haste +1?

Ghostwish:Shit. No I did not.

VAE(DM):The deathknight doesn’t notice any of the failed attack

VAE(DM):s.. and the +1 doesn’t help

VAE(DM):this is a mini-boss encounter of sorts

Saphroneth:OH frakkit again. No magic works on it?

VAE(DM):magic works

VAE(DM):just it is overall nasty

VAE(DM):remember the info you pumped from Regina?

Ghostwish:Wait, yes I did. Flatfooted just gives an extra attack.

Saphroneth:Oh, misinterpreted the conversation with Regina, then. Not as if I can check it.

Ghostwish:Pumped. heh. heh. heh.

Saphroneth:When I crashed it reset the chat window.

VAE(DM):the OTHER deathknights are magic immune - the old style ones

Saphroneth:Suddenly I am optimistic.

VAE(DM):do not be too soon

Rikki has received initiative.

Saphroneth:Still, 30 HD will take a while to get through.

Saphroneth:Go long, super Warp Aci!

Falcon (posessed):Ia Ia!


Rikki:“RAAR!” « 1d20+4 = 3 + 4 = 7 » tail attack!

Saphroneth:Familiar with Flanking bonus!

Saphroneth:And +1 from Haste.

Rikki:That just makes it a 10. Probably not enough to hit. ^^’

VAE(DM):The tail attack missed the large creature

VAE(DM):also, don’t forget size bonus

VAE(DM):the thing is two categories larger

Saphroneth:That’s, what, +2?

VAE(DM):i think so

Saphroneth:Not much alone, but that’s a total of a +5 bonus you missed.

Ghostwish:holy crap. I forgot size penalties entirely.

Liatai:Sorry. Starting to get a little frazzled. Lots of distractions IRL. ^^’

VAE(DM):Still i think given that 28 missed he’ll probably only hit on nat 20

Liatai:Anyway... yeah. End turn. ^^’

VAE(DM):use the hammer too

VAE(DM):+2Saphroneth:With the Haste bonus attack!

Liatai:Rikki’s not too smart. ... ooh, he can use the hammer too --

Rikki:« 1d20+2 = 20 + 2 = 22 »


Saphroneth:That’s an attack at total of about - WOW!

Rikki has received initiative.

Saphroneth:Total is +11 for the hammer, btw.

Saphroneth:So that’s a 31!

Rikki:« 1d20+11 = 1 + 11 = 12 » roll to confirm crit!

Rikki:... ow. XD

Saphroneth:Ah well.

VAE(DM):The warp-aci slammed the hammer iinto the head of the massive undead

Saphroneth:At least it was the FIRST roll that was the 20.

VAE(DM):roll damage

Rikki:How much damage?


Saphroneth:Which is? That’ll be about (guess) 1d8 + 1d6 lightning +2. Check my maths, DM?

VAE(DM):it is Large hammer

Liatai:It’s a Large-sized hammer, though.

VAE(DM):so 2d6+2+1d8

Rikki:« 2d6+2-2+1d8 = 8 + 2 - 2 + 4 = 12 »


Saphroneth:you did a -2 in there, so it’s actually 14.

Saphroneth:Or is that Str?

Liatai:The -2 was for Strength score.

Saphroneth:Okay, gotcha

Liatai:Rikki’s Str is 6. X3

VAE(DM):the undead’s head is a little flatter, and he has a scorched place on his skull

Saphroneth:Still. Battle Warp Aci!

Liatai:I wonder if you can find warp-aci armor... X3

Liatai:OK, now end turn!

VAE:warp-aci with a warhammer.. this will be so cool to sketch

Ghostwish:This is the surprise round, huh?


Saphroneth:Who next?

VAE:your friendly undead

Niar:Take this you horrid monster!

Niar:Lightning bolt

VAE:also saph, due to 4.0 play i became confused again


VAE:what bonuses apply to spellcasting when rolling?

Ghostwish:WoW on paper! *hisses, boos*

Saphroneth:Roll a ranged touch attack, Dex+BAB against ONLY enemy AC based on Dex.

Liatai:A ranged spell like Lightning Bolt? Ranged attack bonus. BAB + Dex.


  • VAE facepaws

VAE:not a touch attack

VAE:i think

VAE:looked into PHB

Saphroneth:For a whoppin’ great enemy like that, it’s about AC 7 I would guess.

Saphroneth:Ranged Touch Attack. Special case.

VAE:wouldn’t that be mentioned there?

VAE:or all ranged spells are?

Saphroneth:ALL are.

  • VAE facepaws moar

Niar:« 1d20+8 = 4 + 8 = 12 »

Niar:The lightning bolt hits the behemoth, perhaps aided by its metallic armor

Saphroneth:Or the fact that it can’t easily dodge.

Niar:damage « 10d6 = 30 »



Death Knight:Electricity arces between the shoulderplates of its armor, all of the dead furre’s fur stands on ends, and several burned chunks fall on the floor

VAE:she’s an level 12 adept

VAE:she has few spells , but they do hurt

VAE:as in, i think that’s all she can do in this fight

Hemach has received initiative.

Saphroneth:Oh, hang on. It’s an Area Line attack. It may be you only need to roll to hit for tiny targets. But Ranged Touch makes sense anyways, it’s what I’d do for line attacks.



Saphroneth:Niar dives to the side.

  • Hemach steps out into the hallway, and attacks the Deathknight as if it had insulted his mother.

Saphroneth:Remember: Flank attack, Bonus for Haste and extra attack from Haste.


Hemach:How many attacks do I get, and what are the bonuses?

Ghostwish:What’s flank bonus again?

VAE:your magic weapon, flanking bonus +2

Saphroneth:+3 over normal raged, +5 over normal.

VAE:haste +1

VAE:oh! it’s more here!

Saphroneth:No, that’s the totals.

Hemach:I have no magic weapons.

Ghostwish:That to just attack or damage too?

Saphroneth:So just BAB + normal STR bonus + 5

VAE:you have the Pata - it’s either magic or masterwork, i can’t recall


VAE:then +2


VAE:+1Saphroneth:HAste only helps attack. Magic Bonus aids damage.

Saphroneth:Masterworks aid attack only.

Hemach:Also, there was some confusion about my BAB last session.

Saphroneth:+17/+17/+12/+7 with main weapon

Ghostwish:The flank bonus goes to attack or damage too?

VAE:+11/+6/+1 BAB pure

Saphroneth:Only attack.

Saphroneth:And +15 with side weapon.

Hemach:Yer all making this more confusing.

Saphroneth:That’s all the bonuses APART FROM masterwork.

Saphroneth:The numbers in my text are accurate.

VAE:BAB is +11/+6/+1 and the rest (6) are bonuses you are currently subject to

Saphroneth:Just add ONE to the bonus for which ever weapon of yours is masterwork.


Saphroneth:(And Ghost, Flank only aids attack. Though it DOES enable your Sneak Attack normally.)

Liatai:Don’t worry, Meany, I’m just as perplexed at the moment. ^^'

Saphroneth:Look, do this. Attacks, +17/+17/+12/+7 with main weapon and +16 with side weapon.

Saphroneth:I assume your side weapon is the Masterwork one.


VAE:this is like the comedy of errors here

Saphroneth:Okay, +18/18/+13/+8 and +15.

VAE:i am being obtuse, so is meany...


Hemach:« 1d20+18 = 19 + 18 = 37 »« 1d20+18 = 10 + 18 = 28 »« 1d20+13 = 15 + 13 = 28 »« 1d20+8 = 13 + 8 = 21 »« 1d20+15 = 10 + 15 = 25 »

Liatai:Woo! Go barbarian go!

VAE:the first attack hits!

VAE:roll damage

VAE:and possibly crit

VAE:since i think your weapon is 19-20



VAE:even better

Saphroneth:Right. If there are no objections, I am setting this thing up the bomb on my turn. Hemach is fire immune, right?

VAE:but the warp aci aint


Ghostwish:Nor is the rogue.

Saphroneth:Not A Problem.

Hemach:So, what do I roll to confirm?

Ghostwish:Your attack again.

VAE:another attack

VAE:if it hits, it’s confirmed

Hemach:« 1d20+18 = 18 + 18 = 36 »

VAE:it did!

VAE:so you deal 2x the damage of your weapon

Hemach:« 2d6+3*2 = 6 + 3 * 2 = 12 »



VAE:that’s 18

Saphroneth:Nope. That did not work. Roll another 2d6

VAE:also , above

Hemach:« 2d6 = 7 »

Saphroneth:19 total.


Tamika has received initiative.


Jerico:“Sexy girl time!"

Saphroneth:Liatai’s away for a bit.

Saphroneth:She said earlier.

Saphroneth:Shall I go while we wait?

Death Knight:The Pata cuts a deep gash into the seam on the creature’s chest


VAE:what’s your init?

Saphroneth:3. Total,.

Ghostwish:Because Jerico is next. And the enemy might go before you.


VAE:i notice i haven’t included you in the table

Saphroneth:Not much point.

Ghostwish:Why aincha on the init? *prods the ‘gm'*

Saphroneth:So I am after her.

VAE:because the GM is rather busy and forgot

Saphroneth:Hmmm... Is it going to be possible for me to shift, move and cast...

VAE:two out of three i guess

Liatai:Back; I really need to teach some other people in the family the Sacred Arts of Playing Fetch With The Dog and Taking The Dog Outside. -.-


VAE:ahaha.. the Templars of Canis Domesticus!

Saphroneth:Right. Without the move speed boost from the shift, I can’t get in attack position anyway.

VAE:they were initiates

Saphroneth:So I will do my second option.

Saphroneth:Oh, and it’s your turn.

VAE:tamika first

Tamika:Tamika moves out, and with the flaming side of the staff, proceeds to dole out housewife-style justice by attempting to beat it over the head. « 1d20+12 = 15 + 12 = 27 » for the first attack, and « 1d20+6 = 16 + 6 = 22 » for the second!

Death Knight:Sadly the undead has little understanding of gender stereotypes (or even gender) and the attack slides down its armor

Death Knight:both of them , in fact

Liatai:Any other bonuses I should be aware of? I included haste, but not flanking, since I wasn’t sure if they applied. ^^'

Ghostwish:Nope. No one’s on the opposite side.

Liatai:-- oh, wait, she gets an extra attack with Haste, doesn’t she?

Saphroneth:No flanking. +1 for size diff, I think, but that’s already accounted for in the thing’s AC.

Saphroneth:And yes, she does.

Tamika:« 1d20+12 = 20 + 12 = 32 »


Tamika:« 1d20+12 = 13 + 12 = 25 »

Saphroneth:Ah well.

Ghostwish:What you could do is get next to Jerico, and then get a flanking bonus. I also promise he won’t try another sleight of hand in the middle of combat.. no matter how great the bonuses may be.

Death Knight:size bonus too

Saphroneth:Already aounted in the AC.

VAE:size bonus too

Tamika:Damage, « 1d6+1d6+1 = 4 + 2 + 1 = 7 »

VAE:it isn’t i think

Saphroneth:It’s AC shouls have “-1 for size”.

VAE:it does

  • VAE facepaws agai

Liatai:Ghost - I would, but that’ll have to wait for next turn. She can’t move any farther in this round. ^^’

VAE(DM):The third staff hit hits a gap in the armorplates, burning the rotting flesh and leaving an ugly stench in the room

Ghostwish:So, wait, we’re not adding large bonuses?

Shenodah has received initiative.

Saphroneth:Not a good idea to go next to Jerico. My aiming for my next big spell would be messed up. As is, I can aim to only hit the fire immune guy.

Liatai:Mm, burning flesh.

VAE:what about Rikki?


Shenodah :*Takes a small globe of silver off his belt.*

Shenodah :Command word for Hammersphere: “Stop, Hammertime!"

VAE:ahahah, nice!

Shenodah :Spiritual weapon in a can.

Liatai:Awesome. X3

VAE:i just read about it today when preparing for the game

Shenodah :« 1d20+7 = 4 + 7 = 11 » « 1d20+2 = 6 + 2 = 8 »

Shenodah :...not a very good one, mind. It uses Wis bonus and I have none.

Shenodah :*Primal*

Saphroneth:And done.

Death Knight:The clang of the hammer against the armor sounds somewhat musical, but nevertheless what you did failed miserably

Death Knight:« 1d20+2 = 7 + 2 = 9 »

Shenodah has received initiative.

Jerico has received initiative.

Ghostwish:Jerico leaps from the shadows! « 1d20+20 = 7 + 20 = 27 » for « (1d6+9)=1d6 = 3 + 9 = 12 », « 1d20+20 = 6 + 20 = 26 » for « (1d6+9)=1d6 = 1 + 9 = 10 », and « 1d20+15 = 7 + 15 = 22 » for « (1d6+9)=1d6 = 4 + 9 = 13 »! And a « 4d6 = 13 » for being a nasty, perverted rogue. (flatfooted+haste+large target+flanking. Geezus.)


Saphroneth:So is this a Dalek, a Cyberman or a T1000?


Death Knight:again, the attacks bounce off the hulk’s armor

Saphroneth:Because Guards hate Rogues.

Ghostwish:End turn.

VAE:also, more like Cyberdemon without a bazooka

Rikki has received initiative.

Saphroneth:That Warp Aci has done more damage than half the party!

VAE:be glad there aren’t skeletons around

Ghostwish:by the way? Jerico’s got his demonskin active. Just FYI.

  • Rikki leaps over the death knight to Jerico’s side and takes another swing with both tail and hammer! « 1d20+7 = 9 + 7 = 16 » for the tail, and « 1d20+11 = 12 + 11 = 23 » for the hammer!

VAE:you have to activate it though

VAE:it’s a minor action

Saphroneth:NO MINORS IN 3.5!

VAE:lasts essentially through any combat

Saphroneth:It’s a FREE action.

VAE:well, free action or how it’s called

  • VAE facepaws again

Saphroneth:And that means he can trigger it NOW.

VAE:he does can do that

Saphroneth:Free actions take no time. In 4.0, you only get one Minor a turn. Frees... I think there’s a limit of 20 to avoid broken combos.

Saphroneth:Also, I think Rikki missed.

VAE:just reminding he needs to state so..


Saphroneth:That was stating it.

Death Knight:The second time around the warp-aci isn’t so lucky

Saphroneth:That’s all he needs to do.

VAE:it sure was!

VAE:i agree

Liatai:End turn!

Niar:Hmm.. i don’t think i can harm this any more

Hemach has received initiative.

VAE:she is outta spells which do something against this type of stuff


VAE:also , the thing i meant was that he needed to do it during his turn, which he did - that’s really the only requirement

Saphroneth:Not with frees. They can happen any time except as a REACTION.

VAE:i am not sure so

VAE:PHB seems to say otherwise

Ghostwish:brb, dinner ish

Saphroneth:So, eg, Meany’s Barbarian could rage any time except for as an interrupt.

Saphroneth:Meaning that the Demonskin should follow the same rules.

Saphroneth:Even if that means it’s even less time than a Free.

VAE:Free Action: Free actions consume a very small amount of time and effort, and over the span of the round, their impact is so minor that they are considered free. You can perform one or more free actions while taking another action normally. However, the DM puts reasonable limits on what you can really do for free. For in- stance, calling out to your friends for help, dropping an object, and ceasing to concentrate on a spell are all free actions.

Saphroneth:But nothing about their having to be in turn.

VAE:while taking another action?

Saphroneth:In reality, attacking something takes a whole round..

Saphroneth:So it just means that you don’t have to limit it to between other actions.

VAE:also Meany

VAE:hmm, possibly

VAE:i might have misunderstood



Saphroneth:You could just make it a SWIFT action, which is better defined and is essentially a Minor action by another name.

VAE:yeah.. but because i am silly, i didn’t

Meany:« 1d20+18 = 14 + 18 = 32 »« 1d20+18 = 15 + 18 = 33 »« 1d20+13 = 19 + 13 = 32 »« 1d20+8 = 3 + 8 = 11 »« 1d20+15 = 18 + 15 = 33 »

VAE:but that’s hy we play this game

Saphroneth:That looks like a LOT of hits!

VAE:one crit threaten, all hit

Saphroneth:18-20. THREE threatens.

Saphroneth:And the 11 roll does NOT hit,.


Saphroneth:Sorry, TWO threatens.

VAE:i see just two


Hemach:« 1d20+18 = 9 + 18 = 27 »« 1d20+18 = 8 + 18 = 26 »

Death Knight:The flurry of attacks hits the death knight, digging deep into his flesh

Saphroneth:Looks like just four regular hits then.


VAE(DM):roll four damage rolls

Saphroneth:Three with main weapon, one with side.

VAE(DM):with bonuses of course

Hemach:What damage bonuses aside from strength?


Saphroneth:Well, none, but your STR is higher from Rage.

Hemach:So, +5?

VAE(DM):what is your Str?


VAE(DM):with rage?

Hemach:No idea.

Saphroneth:24VAE(DM):rage is +4

VAE(DM):so +7 damage

Saphroneth:Per attack, that is.

Hemach:« 2d6+7 = 7 + 7 = 14 »« 2d6+7 = 8 + 7 = 15 »« 2d6+7 = 6 + 7 = 13 »« 2d6+7 = 7 + 7 = 14 »


Saphroneth:Exactly average damage!

Death Knight:The undead brute recoils under the hits and the mace has shattered one of its armor plates

Tamika has received initiative.


Tamika:Second verse, same as the first! « 1d20+12 = 1 + 12 = 13 » « 1d20+12 = 6 + 12 = 18 » « 1d20+6 = 17 + 6 = 23 »

Death Knight:Indeed

Tamika:A little bit louder, a little bit worse. :/

Death Knight:the angry cubi fails at penetrating the death knight’s shell

Liatai:End turn.

Death Knight:EX..TER.MinATE ... ̓̾̏ͯ̍͆͒̽̄͢͜͝kk̛͉̺̠͔̦͖̙̲̥̈͊͗͐́̀͘ss̴̢̛͉͎̩̲̪̭͚̠̯̳̤̞̳̱̱̞͕̭̰̥̒̾ͮ̾ͮ͛͆ͣ̾̍͌͌ͤ͂ͯͮ́̿ͮ̄͑ͩ̉̀͞͝ͅtt̼̬̪̯̫̳̫̣̻͚̠̭͔̮̳̍ͯ̽̉̃ͣ̏̅ͯ̂͂͊́̅̀͜͟oo̊̃̇ͦ̅ͮ̒͒҉̱͉̱͇̗̱̺̬̠͙̩̪̻̤̥͇̞͛͊͟ͅS

Saphroneth:Pay no attention to the fox behind the curtain!

Liatai:Whoa. What happened there? o.o

Saphroneth:Special Effects.

Liatai:Anyone else see that mess of symbols? o.o


Saphroneth:Like I said...

Death Knight:The creature finally activates and slams its huge maces « 1d20+16+1 = 15 + 16 + 1 = 32 » « 1d20+11+1 = 10 + 11 + 1 = 22 » « 1d20+6+1 = 18 + 6 + 1 = 25 » « 1d20+16+1 = 14 + 16 + 1 = 31 » onto Hemach



VAE:all hit

Saphroneth:Where’s te extra +1 from?

Death Knight:« 1d10+5 = 2 + 5 = 7 » « 1d10+5 = 3 + 5 = 8 » « 1d10+5 = 8 + 5 = 13 » « 1d10+2 = 2 + 2 = 4 »

Saphroneth:If that’s size, that’s already incorporated into Hemach’ AC.

Death Knight:His size

Death Knight:it’s same size as him... oh , is it?

  • Hemach is Large.

Saphroneth:Size “difficulty in hitting” is in AC. Size “Ease to hit other things” gets added to attack roll.

Death Knight:i mean i guess it’s attack is computed against Medium

Saphroneth:That does not matter.

VAE:then ignore it

VAE:just me’s being silly

VAE:it still hits

VAE:Hemach loses 30 HP

Saphroneth:There is a -1 in it’s computed attack for its’ size, and a -1 in Hemach’ AC for HIS size. They cancel.



Death Knight:The mighty blows land on the poor cobrataur and the spiked flails bash his bones and tear his flesh

Death Knight:he is quite hurt by the attack

Shenodah has received initiative.

Shenodah :Greater Fireburst!

Shenodah :« 13*8*1.5 = 13 * 8 * 1.5 = 156.0 »



Shenodah :156 fire damage. Best attack I have.

Liatai:Holy sheets!

Shenodah :Yep. Takes some setup to not catch vulnerable teammates, but the payoff is... impressive.

Shenodah :And that’s it.

Death Knight:The behemoth catches fire.. the metal sheets melt and flow down from his hulking form, the flesh soon follows and on the floor collapses a charred skeleton clearly assembled from several bodies

Shenodah :Hemach momentarily feels like he’s back home in a volcano.

Hemach:“The hell I do."

Saphroneth:156 fire damage!

Death Knight:also on the floor you see two charred heavy flails

Saphroneth:I mean, seriously. That’s a HELL of a lot.

Hemach:“You call that incinerating? That’s barely scorching!"

Saphroneth:Better than most dragonfire.

Saphroneth:Immersed in lava is not that much damage. And I mean totally immersed.

  • Tamika looks down at the itty bitty flame on the end of her staff...

Saphroneth:Max damage from a lava bath is 120.

VAE:i am impressed

Meany:VAE:you folks took it down in two turns

VAE:it’s DC 17


Shenodah :*falls over in exhaustion*

VAE:and even if not for Shenodah, it was already below half HP

VAE:i rolled it at 207, it had 88

  • Tamika casts Cure Moderate Wounds on Hemach, using up another charge from the wand. « 2d8+3 = 14 + 3 = 17 »

Saphroneth:...hang on. How much HP does the floor have?


Liatai:... o.o

VAE:i forgot about that

Saphroneth:I may be about to do a Wile E. Coyote.


VAE:you indeed may

VAE:it’s a castle

Saphroneth:It’s only me. Hemach only caught it on one square.

VAE:what does a stone floor have

Saphroneth:divide by 2, I mean.

Saphroneth:Hang on, to the Stronghold guide.

VAE:that’s one i lack... ack

Saphroneth:Everyone else keep talking and stuff, this is the hang time.

Saphroneth:Before gravity notices.

Jerico:“Wow. That was almost as hot as Regina. Not quite though. Try harder."

VAE:eh, i can explain it away by something that takes time

Rikki:“That. Was. AWESOME!!!"

  • Hemach inspects the flails.

Saphroneth:I assume the floor is hewn stone?


Saphroneth:How thick? Few inches?

Jerico:Jerico beats the big guy to it with an appraise check. « 1d20+8 = 18 + 8 = 26 »

VAE:more like half a foot

Hemach:Six inches, then.


Hemach:One inch more than a few.

Saphroneth:90HP and 8 hardness, then.

VAE:does 1/2 damage apply?


Saphroneth:So it took 70/90 of its’ HP.

Saphroneth:At most, an inch and a half is left.

VAE:then you barely avoided melting it, though you are standing on a pool of molten rock...

VAE:and are in furre form

VAE:primal, even.. not that it matters


VAE:roll reflex

VAE:whether you jump to the side soon enough after casting

Shenodah :« 1d20 + 8 = 8 + 8 = 16 »

VAE:ouch, not quite

Shenodah :Fire Fox.

Rikki:Reflex save to grab Shenodah -- « 1d20+5 = 16 + 5 = 21 »


Rikki:“Don’t worry, I gotcha, buddy!”

Shenodah :Shenodah drops onto the nearby floor, lightly smpuldering.

Rikki:The warp-aci warps the were out of the molten rock.


Hemach:“How are you holding him and the hammer at the same time?"

VAE:Now Rikki is holding both a fox and a hammer in air

Jerico:“Oh wow.. Ouch."

Liatai:He warped the fox. Doesn’t require holding.

Shenodah :*whines, then shifts to furre.*

Shenodah :“OW."

  • Tamika moves in with the wand of healing. “Hold still!”

Shenodah :“When I do that outside, all that happens is that the ground becomes pretty glass...”

Tamika:Heal check to patch up burns, first... « 1d20+8 = 15 + 8 = 23 »

Shenodah :For about nine feet down...

Jerico:“No one ever taught you fire control, huh? No pun intended."

VAE:Listen check!

Jerico:« 1d20+1 = 11 + 1 = 12 » HEY. LISTEN.

Hemach:« 1d20+4 = 6 + 4 = 10 »

Shenodah :“I live in a country where it snows all. the. time. That;s a good heat buffer.”

Jerico:(appraise result on the maces?)

Tamika:“Yes, well, stone is different from sand,” she snaps while bandaging the burns. « 1d20+4 = 14 + 4 = 18 » listen!

Jerico:“Learn fast or burn fast then."

VAE:they are both masterwork medium maces

Shenodah :Listen « 1d20 = 20 »

Jerico:“Hot stuff, pocket those, and I mean the succubus by the way.”

Rikki:« 1d20+7 = 13 + 7 = 20 »

VAE:Shenodah - you faintly hear an incantation being spoken from the room near the library

Tamika:Into the bag the maces go!

Shenodah :“I hear something. Sounds like magic’s being cast.”

Jerico:Where be this room?

VAE:(masterwork - i had to explain the +1]

Jerico:That a way?

Shenodah :“The one I nearly melted the wall of?”

Falcon (posessed):IA IA!

Falcon (posessed):NYARLATHOTHEP IA

Falcon (posessed):RREVENGE!

Jerico:Where be the door for the library?

VAE:library is the one you nearly melted the wall off



Saphroneth:Saker: I hope he leaves the body nearly intact.



Tamika:Knowledge (religion) to figure out what that bird is going on about. « 1d20+1 = 1 + 1 = 2 »

Tamika:Ouch. XD

Saphroneth:You conclude it is commenting on the weather.

Jerico:Jerico plods over, and carefully searches for traps. 27 on the search check!

VAE:you figure the bird was experiencing religious extasy

  • Hemach goes forward, a bit sullenly. “Can we get this over with already?”

Shenodah :I think so. I am not permanently injured.”

Falcon (posessed):the falcon attempts to burn through the door by touching them

Shenodah :“Just badly startled”

Falcon (posessed):it’s not going that well - the ward is quite solid

VAE:so .. anyone does anything?

Shenodah :“I have a... less destructive spell that projects out. I can burn the door.”

Tamika:Scanning for thoughts through the door!

  • Hemach reaches out and knocks on the door.

VAE:how far does it reach tamika?

Shenodah :“Failing that, we can beat it - oh well, at least the Haste is still active.”

Shenodah :60feet.

Shenodah :For detect thoughts.

Jerico:Jerico plods over, and carefully searches for traps. 27 on the search check!

VAE:you barely hear some echoes

VAE:It seems to be... Dark Pegasus himself doing somethign

Shenodah :“Well, everyone, through there is the main event.”

Tamika:“It seems we’ve found our target.”

Shenodah :“Let’s be about it.”

Shenodah :*primal*

Shenodah :*Begins to buils a fire spell. Slowly, though.*

Tamika:“Rikki, guard Miss Niar. If he notices her, teleport her to the battlements, then come back here.”

Rikki:“Roger dodger!"

VAE:Roll initiative

Tamika:« 1d20 = 20 »

VAE:for non immediate combt purposes

Hemach:« 1d20 = 4 »

Rikki:« 1d20+2 = 12 + 2 = 14 »

Jerico:« 1d20+10 = 15 + 10 = 25 » init!

Shenodah :« 1d20 + 2 = 2 + 2 = 4 »

Shenodah :I have crap luck with init.

Shenodah :Two threes and a four!

VAE:« 1d20+1 = 16 + 1 = 17 »

VAE:you succeed breaking down the door, but just as you enter

Shenodah :*Yipe!*

VAE:The second door is ajar, and apparently there are several hulking undead inside

Shenodah :*charades*

Ghostwish:wait, who was breaking down the door? XD

Shenodah :Apparently I blew it open.

Shenodah :I was going to wait until everyone else was over here.

dp:You think i am stupid not to hear ya on the outside?

Shenodah :*charades indicating hopefulness*

dp:But to cut this short, Dasvidanya

dp:casts a fireball at the wall

Shenodah :Wheee backblast!

Liatai:Dark Pegasus speaks Russian?

dp:You see a few empty bottles on the floor

Saphroneth:Could be a foreign idiom.

Saphroneth:And also, what does the blast of the fireball do to the skeletons in the room?

VAE:a greetings.. means “until we meet again"

VAE:blast size.. lemme see

Shenodah :*points at everyone else, mimes skeletons. How? With great difficulty.*

VAE:20 ft

Saphroneth:That is actually smaller than the smallest fireball that can be normally cast.

VAE:really? that seems to be the radius

VAE:*reads again*

Saphroneth:DAMN 3.5!

Liatai:XDSaphroneth:The changed it after noticing that level ten characters had blasts bigger than WWII bombs.

Ghostwish:How’s that a problem?

VAE:DP’s table and library is in cinders , the blast barely avoiding damage to his minions

Saphroneth:Spellcasters are overpowered.

Saphroneth:Always have been... until they run out of spells.

Saphroneth:Imagine an army shelled by fireballs from a LV 15 mage.

VAE:one of them gets a face full of it however

VAE:« 10d6 = 40 »

Saphroneth:Also, think it’s a good idea if I pursue him?

VAE:he has deathray ... your call

Saphroneth:I have Overland Flight and a few high power ranged spells left...

VAE:so does he.. it’d be a compellign fight

Saphroneth:Or I could go Human and blast him with my wands.

VAE:as you wish

Saphroneth:Eh... That’s a matter for my turn.

Saphroneth:WHose turn is it?

VAE:now he has taken the surprise action of his turn.. he needs one more to get away

  • Tamika raises hand. Natural 20 inititative?

VAE:now it will go according to initiative, which i need ot roll for the corpses


Saphroneth:Hmmm... Haste is STILL running as I cast it for a minute and a half...

Shenodah has received initiative.

Saphroneth:That’s +30 foot speed...

Saphroneth:I assume that’s not accurate.

Saphroneth:Or is it in fact my go?

VAE:it is

Saphroneth:Surprise round, then.

VAE:you two go first as you are there

VAE:he blasted himself a way to leave


VAE:also he has used something for spell resistance if not immunity short- term

Shenodah :Overland Flight!

VAE:(he centered the fireball onto him it seems

VAE:well, on the wall ,but it caught him

Ghostwish:Fight then?


Shenodah :That’s the end of my turn apart from gesticulating wildly thtough the door as I begin to float off the ground.

Ghostwish:I wonder.. does Jerry still have GI?

VAE:« 1d20 -1 = 3 - 1 = 2 » « 1d20+1 = 3 + 1 = 4 » « 1d20+4 = 10 + 4 = 14 »

Liatai:GI meaning Greater Invisibility?

Saphroneth:Should do, it lasts a min and a half on my caster level.

Saphroneth:And the entire battle took 12 seconds.

Saphroneth:We’re blitzing the castle.

VAE:« 1d20 = 5 »

  • Liatai starts humming Ballroom Blitz.

Tamika has received initiative.

Shenodah has received initiative.

VAE:your initiatives?

VAE:i don’t wanna scroll back

Liatai:Natural 20 for Tamika!

Saphroneth:Mine is about three... But with a +2 bonus, so I go before others on three.

Liatai:14 for Rikki.

Saphroneth:about... it IS three.

Niar:« 1d20+2 = 13 + 2 = 15 »

Ghostwish:25 for jerri


Saphroneth:4.Saphroneth:Tamika: « 1d20 = 20 » VAE: for non immediate combt purposes Hemach: « 1d20 = 4 » Rikki: « 1d20+2 = 12 + 2 = 14 » Jerico: « 1d20+10 = 15 + 10 = 25 » init! Shenodah : « 1d20 + 2 = 2 + 2 = 4 »

Jerico has received initiative.

Shenodah has received initiative.

Shenodah has received initiative.

Saphroneth:No, I have not.

Saphroneth:Jerico’s go,.

VAE:oh, you spent your turn

Jerico has received initiative.

Saphroneth:OVerland Flight, yeah,

Ghostwish:I see the nothing I do.

VAE:allright!.. move perhaps?

Ghostwish:Just did.

Saphroneth:You have move 60 from Haste.

Ghostwish:Door is the open?

Tamika has received initiative.

Liatai:To the left.

Saphroneth:And can double move.

Ghostwish:Oh. THAT room.

VAE:double move, while Tamika does stuff

Ghostwish:Wonderful, thought I was in front of the door.

VAE:we’ll make it faster

VAE:yep, library door

Saphroneth:You should be able to get past me a bit.

Saphroneth:Both of you.

Saphroneth:All of you, in fact.


Liatai:Decisions, decisions.

Ghostwish:The frozen corpse is an undead? 65 move down so far.

Saphroneth:55 left if you double move.

VAE:yes it is.. it’s a slightly half accurate description

Jerico:Jerico moves swiftly into the corner, and waits for the first one to come around the corner.

VAE:it’s a medium furre corpse encased in ice roughly shaped like a large size

Saphroneth:AFK for a bit. I doubt you need me for a while.

VAE:OKLiatai:... hmmmm.

VAE:tamika done?

Liatai:No, I got an evil idea.

Liatai:... yep, he’s in range.... Does DP count as humanoid? >:3

VAE:as far as furres do, yes

Liatai:Also, refresh my memory, how do you determine the DC of saves cast by a spellcaster?

VAE:what spell? the PHB might say

Liatai:Hold Person. >:3

Liatai:Level 2 spell for clerics. Tamika has an 18 Wis, and is a level 5 cleric.

VAE:says will negates

VAE:but ... i dunno about DC

Liatai:Yes, but how do you find out what the DC for that will save is? That’s what I don’t remember. ^^'

VAE:i’ll check again

Liatai:Saph! Ghost! Need a hand! XD

Ghostwish:spell level + caster level + score modifier.

Ghostwish:oh, +10

Liatai:So « 10+2+5+4 = 10 + 2 + 5 + 4 = 21 »

Liatai:... hehehe.

Tamika:Tamika strides forward, holding her holy symbol aloft, and says one word. “STOP.” Will save, DP.

Saphroneth:+ caster level?

Saphroneth:Not sure about that.

VAE:i found

VAE:DC10 + spell level + ability mod

Liatai:16, then. Not as good, but better than nothing.

Saphroneth:DP will save time.

VAE:« 1d20+12 = 20 + 12 = 32 »

VAE:He succeeded

Liatai:... oof. Well, it was worth a shot. ^^’ End turn.

Saphroneth:HOLY CRAP that’s a good save.

dp:The demon shrughs off your spell as if you have done nothing

VAE:It’s by far his best one

Saphroneth:Oh yeah, he’s a wizard.

VAE:demon 5/wizard 3/ pale master 6 or something like thatr

Ghostwish:Well, he only gets the highest out of all of those. Ya don’t add em up.

Saphroneth:No, you do.

Ghostwish:You do!?

VAE:exactly -you do

Liatai:Either way, he got a natural 20, so he’d be succeeding.

VAE:otherwise there would be little point in multiclassing

Saphroneth:Yes. But it’s like the total of fast save progs + the total of slow save progs.

Saphroneth:I think... check the SRD.

VAE:he passed anyways

Liatai:Whose turn is in next?


VAE:his, sadly

VAE:And he jumps out through the hole

Ghostwish:Well shit. Gotta refigure Jerico right quick. XD

Rikki has received initiative.

VAE:he could have blasted Tamika away too.. he just forgot i guess

Rikki:“I’m stickin’ by you, Niar!” Delaying his action until Niar moves.

Ghostwish:crap. Toss me the wiki page again?

Rikki has received initiative.

Saphroneth:Which one?



Saphroneth:The campaign log, no less.


VAE:the demon stats

Saphroneth:Okay, our objective is to beat DP’s face in and catch him in a soulstone.

Saphroneth:I think I may be able to help with number one of that.

VAE:erm.. impersonate?

Saphroneth:Nope. I just buffed myself with Fly.

Saphroneth:I’m following him.

VAE:oh, right

Meany:Can we speed this along?


Meany:It’s growing very boring.

Liatai:What what?

VAE:niar moved

Saphroneth:Rikki is delaying, Dan.


VAE:yeshm , he dealys after her turn

VAE:which happened a while ago

Liatai:And now he moved. Move on. ^^

Saphroneth:Skeletons time, then, I think.

hare skeleton:The slightly charred hare skeleton moves forward, then aims at Tamika

Ghostwish:Where’s the BAB table again? Need to refigure that too.

VAE:in the same place

Saphroneth:Table? You sum the Demon BAB with the Rogue BAB for each of their respective levels.

hare skeleton:« 1d20+14 = 15 + 14 = 29 »

Tamika:AC 20. That hits.

Ghostwish:Yah, but if it goes so high, you get extra attacks.

hare skeleton:« 1d8+4 = 2 + 4 = 6 »

hare skeleton:The arrow grazes Tamika’s shoulder

Saphroneth:For every 5 BAB above 1, you get an extra attack at BAB-5. So at 6, 11 and 16.

Tamika:The succubus gives a short hiss of pain.

Saphroneth:Well, at prev best attack -5.

frozen corpse:The hulking undead ice brute attacks too!

Ghostwish:Ahh, thanks.

frozen corpse:He slams you with his ice appendage « 1d20+15 = 8 + 15 = 23 »


Ghostwish:Great. Gotta completely refigure macros now.

frozen corpse:You feel intense cold as welll as pain from the bruise « 2d6 +8 = 4 + 8 = 12 » + « 2d6 = 6 » cold

Meany:Doo doo dee doo.

Hemach has received initiative.

VAE:i should have given it a proper icon... am a lazy lynx


Saphroneth:Your move is +30 from Haste.

VAE:so, move!

VAE:she’ll need it

Liatai:Yes, please!

Saphroneth:My go?

VAE:that was just move

VAE:it has to attack


Meany:I doubled movement.

Liatai:Wait, can’t Hemach attack?

Saphroneth:No, he double moved.

Meany:Even with +30 I used my entire turn.


bear skeleton:The bear skeleton attacks Tammy with his waraxe « 1d20+13 = 15 + 13 = 28 »

Liatai:Another hit. This is why clerics shouldn’t be on the front lines. XD

bear skeleton:« 3d6+3 = 6 + 3 = 9 »

bear skeleton:the waraxe makes a gash in your wing

Shenodah has received initiative.

Saphroneth:And the other 50 feet of move left going up.


Saphroneth:Assmue I went through at height to avoid AoE if necessary.


bull skeleton:The bull skeleton ignores DP’s cupboard, and attacks Hemach with his massive hammer

bull skeleton:« 1d20+13 = 10 + 13 = 23 »

VAE:Meany !



Meany:Liatai answered.

bull skeleton:The hammer pounds into Hemach’s right shoulder for « 2d6+3 = 2 + 3 = 5 »

Jerico has received initiative.

Ghostwish:Which one has hurt our cleric the most so far?

VAE:the icy one

Liatai:The frozen one. :3

VAE:also.. anyone recognise the monster ? (this time without visual aid_

Jerico:Jerico moves in for a deadly attack..

Ghostwish:And so from here, he’s flatfooted, flanked, and I’m still hasted?

Saphroneth:Not flatfooted, but all the rest.

Saphroneth:And he IS denied Dex bonus to AC, so effectively yes.

Ghostwish:But I r the invisible. So yes

Saphroneth:It’s SLIGHTLY different terminology. But basically, yeah.

VAE:also, when meany hit with four hits, anyone else imagined him doing what Ren’s avatar does?

Jerico:Jerico lunges! « 1d20+23 = 11 + 23 = 34 » for « (1d6+9)+1d6 = 2 + 9 + 2 = 13 », and « 4d6 = 6 » for being a naughty little stinker. (flatfooted+haste+large target+flanking. Ouch.)

Jerico:“Leave. Sexy. Alone!”

Jerico:Your weapon leaves a small crack in the ice

Jerico:“Ah. Bugger. So much for being a hero.”

Jerico:End turn.

Tamika has received initiative.


Saphroneth:I think you get Sneak Attack on EVERY successful attack that can qualify...

Tamika:“What --” « 1d20+12 = 5 + 12 = 17 » “-- makes you think --” « 1d20+12 = 9 + 12 = 21 » “-- I can’t handle myself?!” she snarls, with a final THWACK with the flaming end of the quarterstaff on the icy one for « 1d20+6 = 15 + 6 = 21 ».


Tamika:Any hits?

Saphroneth:Ora! Ora! Ora! Ora!

Tamika:-- ooh, I forgot flanking! Does it apply?

Ghostwish:Yes, everytime they are denied dex. It USED to be they had to be -specifically- flatfooted, but not anymore.

VAE:the thing is, this has flatfooted AC = AC

Saphroneth:So each attack individually does +4d6.

Tamika:Add +2 to each of those attack rolls, then. 19, 23, 23.

Saphroneth:Not each attack round.

VAE:ouch... very near miss

Ghostwish:I think there’s still a feat somewhere that lets you coup-d-grace someone who is flatfooted..

Ghostwish:Ah, I’ll fix my macros then.

VAE:if you can scrounge +1 out of somewhere...

Liatai:.... you’re KIDDING me.


Liatai:.... heeeeey.


Liatai:I forgot Haste.

VAE:i told ya!

Saphroneth:It’s still up!

VAE:two damage rolls then!

Tamika:« 1d6+1d6+1 = 1 + 1 + 1 = 3 » « 1d6+1d6+1 = 3 + 5 + 1 = 9 » where 1d6 of each of those is fire damage.

VAE:for vulnerability it is twice, right?

Tamika:I believe so. 6 total fire damage, 6 total non-magical damage.

Saphroneth:It is doubled, in 3.5

frozen corpse:Your staff melts holes into the icy hulk

Saphroneth:18 damage!


Liatai:End turn!

VAE:that’s the turn done, right?

VAE:DP falls...

Saphroneth:He’s fallen for two rounds and I went up 50. That should be out of his range...

VAE:he also glides towards the front gate...


Saphroneth:For the Death Beam anyway.

VAE:next turn

Rikki has received initiative.


Liatai:Still delaying until after Niar.

Liatai:‘Kay, done. ^^

Ghostwish:dear sweet gods.

Ghostwish:How in the world would you ever play a high level rogue in table top? SO MANY DICE>


Liatai:X3Saphroneth:Warhammer players. They have MANY d6.

Ghostwish:Jerico leaps from the shadows! « 1d20+23 = 6 + 23 = 29 » for « (1d6+9)+1d6+4d6 = 5 + 9 + 6 + 13 = 33 », « 1d20+23 = 13 + 23 = 36 » for « (1d6+9)+1d6+4d6 = 4 + 9 + 4 + 14 = 31 », and « 1d20+18 = 10 + 18 = 28 » for « (1d6+9)+1d6+4d6 = 4 + 9 + 1 + 12 = 26 »!, and finally « 1d20+13 = 3 + 13 = 16 » for « (1d6+9)+1d6+4d6 = 6 + 9 + 5 + 13 = 33 » (flatfooted+haste+large target)

VAE:wait.. when did you get another turn?

VAE:*is confused*

Saphroneth:Could be a test

Ghostwish:Said testing.

Ghostwish:But if I can take another turn, hey! I’m all for it.

Meany:Doo doo dee doo.

Rikki:“You get away from ‘Mika!” Hammer of doom! « 1d20+11 = 2 + 11 = 13 » to the bear!

hare skeleton:The hare skeleton aims at Tamika, and fires another arrow « 1d20+14 = 14 + 14 = 28 »

VAE:it hit!

Ghostwish:Poor heals. :Liatai:It hit the bear, or it hit Tammy?

VAE:oh, nope

VAE:wrong sheey

VAE:wrong sheet


Ghostwish:Actually, the way clerics are designed, they ARE supposed to be frontline. Such is my warforged cleric, Patches.

VAE:he has a bit higher AC

Liatai:... then what the heck did I do wrong with Tammy, jeeeeeeez. XD

VAE:tammy is hit i guess

Ghostwish:Welp.. wearing heavy armor?

hare skeleton:And another arrow stabs Tammy for « 1d8+4 = 1 + 4 = 5 » damage

Ghostwish:Then again.. AC slowly but surely becomes obselete as the game goes on.

Ghostwish:Game starts, fighter doesn’t get hit, barbarian gets hit a couple, wizard gets hit..

Liatai:That would do it. She has +3 scale mail and +3 bracers of armor.

Ghostwish:End-game, fighter gets a few hits, barbarian gets hit, wizard dies. XD

Saphroneth:End game, Wizard Disintegrates.

Meany:Less chatter more killing things please.

frozen corpse:The frozen corpse gashes at Hemach twice, feeling the flame inside him

frozen corpse:« 1d20+15 = 6 + 15 = 21 » « 1d20+15 = 17 + 15 = 32 »

frozen corpse:ORA! ORA!

VAE:You wonder how did the corpse speak

Jerico:“Hermach! Torch this icicle!"

VAE:since it is encased in at least two feet of ice

VAE:both hit , right?

Meany:Three hits.


Meany:Yeah, both hit.

VAE:« 2d6+8 = 6 + 8 = 14 » + « 2d6 = 4 » cold « 2d6+8 = 11 + 8 = 19 » + « 2d6 = 7 » cold

VAE:cold damage doubles



VAE:oh right

VAE:33, not 23

Saphroneth:14+8=22, 19+14=33.

Saphroneth:Hemach next.

frozen corpse:The huge bulk of ice serving as the thing’s fists smashes the cobrataur brutally , and the cold chills his innards

Hemach has received initiative.

Liatai:Dang, and this is where a sorcerer would really come in handy. >.>

Hemach:« 1d20 = 11 »

Saphroneth:Sorry, I’m trying to achieve our objective.

Liatai:VAE:what was that?

Hemach:Attack for Breath of Fire.

Saphroneth:Though I COULD blast them all at once through the window.

VAE:wait. you need to add your BAB, no?

Hemach:Failed, so end turn.



Hemach:At least, not that I know of.

Liatai:Huh? o.o

Saphroneth:That needs changed.

Liatai:Yeah, add your BAB. That’s a ranged attack.

Hemach:My sheet says BAB is +3.

Hemach:So, still failure.


Saphroneth:WHICH IS WRONG we went over this last time.

VAE:can’t be 3

Liatai:... That’s wrong. o.o You’re a barbarian, fer cryin’ out loud!

VAE:Such breath weapons allow a Reflex save for half damage (DC 10 + 1/2 breathing creature’s racial HD + breathing creature’s Con modifier;

VAE:it’s this

Saphroneth:It’s 3 from Mythos ALONE. Then there’s +7 from Barbarian.

VAE:no attack hit, but hteny need to save


VAE:it hits by default

Liatai:Ah! Makes sense.

VAE:that’s why i put nothing in

Saphroneth:Meany, your BAB is ten.

Liatai:So, save, skeleton!

VAE:what’s con bonus?

Saphroneth:None. SKELETON.

Jerico:Is our skunk in the blast zone?

Saphroneth:Undead have NO con score.

Liatai:Hemach’s Con.

VAE:Meany’s , muppet!

Hemach:Nope, Jericho.

Saphroneth:Oh. Add two for the rage.

Ghostwish:Most awesome.

Hemach:Also, +3

Saphroneth:+5 now, then.

Hemach:?Saphroneth:Rage adds 4 to Con score.

Hemach:He isn’t Raging.

Liatai:Rage increases your Con. ^^

VAE:« 1d20+7 = 17 + 7 = 24 »

Saphroneth:And hence 2 to modifier.

Saphroneth:WHY THE HELL NOT?

Hemach:Because I say so.


VAE:still, barely missed one of them...

VAE:how big is the cone?

Saphroneth:Doesn’t sat.

Hemach:No idea.

Saphroneth:Doesn’t say.

VAE:still takes half damage

VAE:which doubles because of fire vulnerability

Saphroneth:And then that’s back up to normal from the vulnerability.

VAE:so meany , roll


VAE:i assume it hits all three, though

Hemach:« 2d6 = 7 »

VAE:otherwise it’d be a shitty breath

VAE:« 1d20+7 = 7 + 7 = 14 » « 1d20+7 = 2 + 7 = 9 »

VAE:it hits the other two

VAE:roll two more 2d6

Saphroneth:Just use one roll.


Saphroneth:Saves time.


bear skeleton:Bear skeleton swings waraxe at Tammy yet again

bear skeleton:« 1d20+13 = 20 + 13 = 33 »

bear skeleton:And leaves another deep cut for « 3d6+3 = 14 + 3 = 17 »


bear skeleton:he swings again « 1d20+8 = 6 + 8 = 14 »

VAE:oh, he threatened a critical

Liatai:Noooooo ;.;

bear skeleton:« 1d20+13 = 6 + 13 = 19 »

Liatai:-- haHA!

VAE:AC 20 , right?

Liatai:AC 20. :3

VAE:and again

bear skeleton:third time « 1d20+3 = 2 + 3 = 5 »

bear skeleton:missing in a wide arc...

Shenodah has received initiative.

Shenodah :*Move to maintain 200ft distance from DP, and CHAIN LIGHTNING! 135 damage, Reflex save DC 20 half.*

Shenodah :That’s it. Targeting DP, btw.

Dark Pegasus:« 1d20+4 = 7 + 4 = 11 »


Dark Pegasus:Bzzt!


Liatai:Go sorcerer!

Saphroneth:That much lightning, something explodes.

Liatai:I take back the jibe about chasing after DP.

Saphroneth:And done.

Dark Pegasus:*splat* ... a very cooked horse demon lands on the ground.. not quite dead yet at -2 HP , but close to it

Liatai:... wooooooo.

Dark Pegasus:Now, that’s called a strategic error

Saphroneth:Right. Liatai, out here ASAP to bottle this horse. I’ll blow up the skellies next turn.

  • Liatai cheers for the were!

Falcon (posessed):ͫ͊́ͣͦ̅̕҉̷̸̜̹̖̯̮̣͕̮̞̯̪̟͎̙̦Į̢̯̜̗͕̜̘͍̏ͩ̿͋̌̊̒̓̔ͣͮ̍͋ͭ̏ͦ̎̌͐ͫͦͤ̄̃̅̈̇̑̆̅̾́͘͠͝͡͏͓̫̝̹̱͓͎̦̺͖̬̙̪̜̣̦̠ss̹̯͍̘͑ͧͬ́ͬ̊ͨ̎̽ͬͤ̏ͤ̐̀̀͜ȟͯ͆ͤ͜҉̶̖̲̯̻̗͇͍͚͍͠aa͖͉̹̰̦͖̯̹͙̗̞̖̪̬̍̃̾̄̓ͭ̓ͨ͑͛ͭ̀͜͞ͅll̼̗̳̼̜̻̻͎̤̘͉̈̍͌͆ͦ͂̈̉͊̋̃̉̒ͦ͝ͅll̶̡̩̭̜̟̹̖͍̘̭̦̪̻̩̰̤̗̙̹̼̙͔͉͇̠̥̗͌ͤ͒ͣͪ̂̈̎̎́ͦͪͧ́ͯ́̒̑̂͝rr̰̘̯̯̩̞͍͎͚ͮ͋̌ͯ̒̉̓̌̃̓̒̆̋͆͑́̀ęͯ͗ͨ͆̐ͥ̅̃̊ͨͪͫ̊̂́͜҉̹͚̟̰̗̬̜͜ͅṱ̯̠͉̱͍̻͕̲̄ͤ͆ͬ̇͑̀̽͒͗̈́̕ͅ

Falcon (posessed):IA IA!

VAE:except that she’d need to run all the way down


Saphroneth:She has wings. They can slow fall.


Liatai:You forget, she has the Travel domain, and she hasn’t used her third-level domain spell yet. :3

Jerico:Jerico turns around, peering at the hawk as he scrunches up his nose. “Ẇ̶͖̘̜͈͓̯͉̋̽̏͂̓̐̒oo̬͔uu͈̫̭̳ͨ̒͜ll͚̱̟̰̑̅ͥ̈́͘dd̶̶̬̘̳̪͎̠͓̻̂͊̍͋ͫ̄͂̍ͬ͋͞yy̪̱̘͉̜̜̲͓͑ͬ̐oo̟͇̟ͭ̾uu̢̼̝͖̠̝̣̙̻̯̦̱̹ͥ̋͛ͨ̇̈́̄̾̎ͅss̴͕̬̝͍̥͈͎̣̘̆ͦ͗ͣ͋ͣ͘hḧ̹͇͉͔̭ͥ̑ͥͮ̓͟͞ͅuu̯̺̼͖͈̘̯͋tţ͓̣̬̗̣͙͖̞̆̌̎ͯ̋ͦ͋̇ͥͩ̃͒͡uǔ̲͎̰̝̩̜̬̤̓̌̏̏ͤpp̷̥̻̹̱̼̜̺̞̟̖̦̞̯̰̟̏ͭ̔ͩ̈́̾̎̓̃͜͝aa͙̽ͥ̃̏ll̺͕̱̤̦̪͖̇rr̛̬̺̺̗͉͖̼̿͡eė̯͚͇̣̫͗̿͠aa̶̹͖̝̘͚͖̗̯̋́̈́̄͌ͥdd̢̹̹͙̱͐ͨͤ̈́̔̓́yy̶̥̪̦ͣ͟͝!!̢̢̼̲̟̳̿́ͅ??̝͇̗̲̤̘̰̲̰̳̺̗̫͂́ͩ͐̎̏̑̔̓TT̶̸̬̙̣̤̫͎͛̓ͨ̋͆̃̈́hh̤̬͙͉͎̕͘aä̧̭̦̹̹̳̻́̈ͤtt̷̮̠̭͔̩̗̻̩͎̎́̈́ͦ́̎̓͝ii̵̴̩͙̹͚̝͇̽̅͊̆ͨ͝ͅss͋̑̋̽̈́͏̵̤̹̝̗̙̪̩̖̒̎̈ͫ͋̋͘ss̖̮̞̜͚̻̬̞uu̶͙̰̐̈͐ͧͧ͛̅cc̸͍̗̖͉̼̝͇̞͖ͭ̿̋ͣͦ͋̚̕͡hh̑̊̾͏͘͏̹͔͓͙̙̫͔̫̹͂ͣ̎͝ͅaá͍̥̦̜̞͕ͦ͜nņ̣̱͚̖̗̭̙̎ͨͨ̉́͢ͅoo̷̷̳̻̬̜̰ͮ͆̆͌ͪ̓̃͘ll̖̟̝͎̪͚ͩͥ͢dd̴͎͚̬̜̪̮̦̜ͮ̐̀̅͋ͥͣ͒̉̀mṃ̴͚̟͇̘ͭ͜ee̶̷̞̗̠̳͆̕mm̷̀̾̒̃͏͔̱̙͢ee̛̦͎̪̱͙̠͍̭̪!!̴̨͇̯̫̱͚!!̇͛̋̈ͯͪͨ͟҉͓͖̮!!ͩͨ͏͖̭̗""

Saphroneth:WTF happened to the font?

Liatai:I was wondering the same thing. o.o

Saphroneth:I removed the demon in your brain!

Liatai:Anyway! Yeah. She can cast Fly. Question is, are you close enough for her to pick up on the thought that you downed DP?

VAE:the closest thing to some far realm speech i know

VAE:he is 50 ft above , so no

Saphroneth:Giant lightning bolt just went past the window

VAE:hah, but who knows what’s it’s damage?

Tamika:Spot; « 1d20+4 = 13 + 4 = 17 »

Saphroneth:Followed by fox cry of triumph.

VAE:haha... he did have some protecting potion, (fireball, remember?) but i didn’t notice then , and will leave it on for pure LOL

VAE:assume it expired or what

Saphroneth:I have CL +15.

Saphroneth:Spell Resist dies before me.


Liatai:X3VAE:The bull skeleton attacks Hemach

bull skeleton:« 1d20+13 = 13 + 13 = 26 » Blam! « 1d20+8 = 5 + 8 = 13 » Blam! « 1d20+3 = 12 + 3 = 15 » BLAM!

Meany:One hit.

Liatai:Well, one blam.

bull skeleton:« 2d6+3 = 6 + 3 = 9 » damage is done as one of the hits lands on intended target.. the others demolishing the room around

Jerico has received initiative.

bull skeleton:meany.. 14 HP only!



Liatai:Skunk time. :3

VAE:Jerico has received initiativ

Ghostwish:Me knows.

Jerico:Jerico leaps from the shadows! « 1d20+20 = 2 + 20 = 22 » for « (1d6+9)+1d6+4d6 = 6 + 9 + 5 + 9 = 29 », « 1d20+20 = 9 + 20 = 29 » for « (1d6+9)+1d6+4d6 = 5 + 9 + 3 + 11 = 28 », and « 1d20+15 = 17 + 15 = 32 » for « (1d6+9)+1d6+4d6 = 6 + 9 + 1 + 9 = 25 »! (flatfooted+haste+large target+flanking. Geezus.) on the ICY DUDE!



Liatai:Jeez, Jerico, were you hit in the throat sometime in this adventure? o.o

Ghostwish:*snrk* I shall explain this old, 4chan meme later.

Liatai:I meant the garbled text, not the ora ora ora. I understand that. X3

frozen corpse:Your mighty hits cause long cracks to appear in the ice, and you see that the icy giant is close to crumbling

frozen corpse:53 damage

Tamika has received initiative.

Liatai:So, where is the window Tammy would need to fly through?

Liatai:... oh jeez, Hemach’s low on health. o.o

Liatai:Is he raging yet? He’d get extra HP from raging... o.o

VAE:your party fought for 4 encounters

VAE:whadaya expect?


Liatai:Question question!


Liatai:How many HP does Hemach have left?

VAE:14Meany:14Liatai:Trying to decide whether to heal or fly --

Liatai:yyyyyyyyeah healing. o.o

Saphroneth:Get Rikki to teleport DP to you,

Liatai:Domain spell - Cure Serious Wounds. « 3d8+5 = 5 + 5 = 10 »

Saphroneth:Or everyone to DP.

Tamika:“Rikki! Get us out there!"

Liatai:End turn. Hemach, if you can, for the love of Pete, RAGE. o.o You’ll get extra temporary HP!

Saphroneth:Dark Pegasus is still unconscious.

Dark Pegasus:owch...

Rikki has received initiative.

Rikki:“Roger! One teleport for five, comin’ up!”

Rikki:And the warp-aci goes, wrapping the party members and Niar with its tail! Out we go!

VAE:where does he take them?

VAE:to DP’s landing site?

Liatai:Where Tammy gestured... so, out the window and hopefully down to DP.

Tamika has received initiative.

Meany:Yer all making killing off this character very difficult.

Tamika:Tamika looks down at the unconscious demon. Solemnly, she takes out the soul stone and sharpens her tentacles. “Nothing personal, sir...” She raises her tentacles. “Just business."

Ghostwish:Must be a good barbarian then.

Tamika:Coup de gras on DP with tentacles.

Jerico:“I promise to treat your neice well! For serious!”

Jerico:“Speaking of which..” Jerico says.. and promptly hides.

Saphroneth:We need his soul you know what I mean.

Jerico:« 1d20+15 = 4 + 15 = 19 » hidey spot!

Dark Pegasus:.... The tentacles cut through DP, separating his head cleanly from his neck

Tamika:Do I need to roll anything for the coup de gras to draw him into the soul stone?

Dark Pegasus:You expected this to be more dramatic, didn’t you?

Dark Pegasus:NoVAE:As far as the stone is nearby it will suck it in

VAE:remember Sethir and the bounty hunter before in PF?

Saphroneth:Were we told where to meet Destania? Because if so, I think it’s Teleport time,.

Tamika:As the demon’s blood runs down the tentacles onto the ground, Tamika holds up the soul stone, which has started to glow. “There, there, now. Don’t worry. As soon as you get to Zinvith, they might let you out...” She smiles wickedly. “Might.”

Dark Pegasus in soulstone:*bleep* this... i shouldn’t have left Regina to prepare those potions

Rikki:“... Mika? You’re scary.”

Jerico:“Oh contrair! That is SO hawt!"

Saphroneth:I might leave now, both IC and OOC. IC: MY work is done, my debt repaid. OOC? I have lectures at nine and it’s nearly three!

Dark Pegasus in soulstone:I guess this is how it ends then...

Hemach:“Can we hurry this along?"


  • Tamika lets her tentacles become wings again, and lets out a small sigh of relief. Then, she looks up. “Right! Line up if you need healing! Chop chop!”

Shenodah :Untouched.

Shenodah :Thanks to some VERY careful manoevures...

  • Tamika stows the soul stone and takes out the wand of CMW, healing herself first. « 2d8+3 = 13 + 3 = 16 »

Tamika:« 2d8+3 = 3 + 3 = 6 »

Rikki:Rikki, meanwhile, is investigating the corpse for shinies! Taking 20 on Search - 26 total.

Shenodah :“It has been a pleasure serving with you. For now, though, I will take my leave. Please inform the Blue Lady that my debt is repaid, and I have returned to my tribe for now."

VAE:Speak of the devil...

Shenodah :“Gah! How does she DO that?”

Tamika:Healing Hemach before noticing Destania -- « 2d8+3 = 8 + 3 = 11 »

Destania:I see this went faster than i expected

Shenodah :“I would understand the teleport, but knowing when to turn up?”

Destania:And she does that by summoning a warp-aci

Destania:*smiles coldly*

Jerico:“Blue is the new hot!”

Shenodah :“Yes, my lady. The Dark Pegasus is defeated... and contained.

Rikki:“Hiya!” Rikki says to the warp-aci.

  • Tamika holds up the soul stone.

Destania:Oh, you mean that? ... See, DP was a rather powerful demon... his containment felt as a drop in magical energy around here...

Destania:Well, That and the huge lightning bolt

Destania:I am impressed, young were

Rikki:Any shinies for the warp-aci to grab? 26 on Search.

Shenodah :“One of my best. My fur still stands on end... and there’s St Elmo’s Fire around my sabre. Best not to touch anything metal for a bit.”

Destania:*takes the soulstone* Hmm... we shall have an interesting conversation, isn’t it so, aliph?

Jerico:“This were of yours is right crazy, Desty. Gonna go blow himself up one of these days.”

Dark Pegasus in soulstone:So... you were behind this? ... but why ?

Jerico:“Oh, hey, Destania? You don’t have any plans for DP’s family, do you?”

Destania:His.. family? Not really... you can slay them at will

Meany:Where are we?

Meany:A courtyard or something?

Jerico:“Mmmm, not slay. Got my eyes on one.”

Destania:He won’t need this place anymore i guess... and he lacks offspring too

Shenodah :“We are ouutside the castle proper. The same place from the entrance.

Shenodah :“I presume the S is unnecessary, Jerico?”

Hemach:“I am out of here. Later, crazies.”

Rikki:*shuffle shuffle search bloody pockets*

Destania:*looks unimpressed*


Shenodah :“Well, he is a wandering spirit.”

Shenodah :“Not Slay, as such...”

Jerico:“... I’m not killing anyone I’m not paid to, if that’s what you mean."

Saphroneth:Jerico plans to not Slay her, but he’s fine with it without the S.

Ghostwish:He’s also thicker than adamantine, so your puns are wasted.

Shenodah :“I meant to say you were going to lay, not slay, her. Clearly I was unclear.”

Tamika:“Well, now that that nasty business is done. Any of you, come by the Thicket Inn if you’re in the neighborhood. Speaking of which...” Tamika looks over to the undead with a small smile. “Niar, would you like a warp to the tavern once we’re done here?”

Jerico:“Geez dude. You’re such a perv. What’ya take me for, a rogue?”

Shenodah :“No comment.”


Destania:*turns attention to the soulstone* It’s a family matter if you prefer... and now, we have much to do together.... *smiles8

Jerico:Jerico’s grin beats all.

Dark Pegasus in soulstone:*bleep*

Shenodah :“Well, I shall depart. I still have many hours flight time left, before I reach home.”

Rikki:“Hey! DM! Shinies!”

Rikki:“26 on searchin’!”

Shenodah :“I shall look you all up if ever I journey this far south again.”

Rikki:“Gimme shinies!”

Shenodah :*Rises into the air and departs northwards*

Destania:You have succeeded .... Cyra clan shall be grateful... *sighs* all three of us

Jerico:“Right. Destania? Standard payment place, think it’s best for the both of us. Now if you’ll excuse me.. Gazelles are in season.”

Jerico:“Three? I thought it was just you and your mum?”

Destania:Make it so...

  • Tamika nods solemnly.


Jerico:“You got a brother you never told me about?”

Destania:*has a “fa’lina fail” expression*

Saphroneth:Heh... someone didn’t pay attention in the briefing...

Ghostwish:(did she mention it in the briefing? I forget. XD)

Destania:Until we meet again...

Tamika:One more slap to the back of the skunk’s head for good measure.



Saphroneth:Destania:and among other things, he has *accidentally* kidnapped my son a few weeks ago... Jerico:"What, again?” Jerico:"The undead thing I mean. Don’t know about your spawn."

  • Tamika walks off to join her warp-aci.

Jerico:« 1d20+9 = 6 + 9 = 15 » sleight of hand.

VAE:At Dark Pegasus, you find Claws of Talons

Tamika:« 1d20+4 = 8 + 4 = 12 » Spot.

Ghostwish:Ahh, forget about that last part then.

Tamika:... oooooh. XD

Saphroneth:Signing off. Night, everyone.

VAE:It is a decorated +2 claw

Saphroneth is disconnected.

VAE:god night!

Jerico:Tamika walks over to the rest... with the front of her dress -WIDE- open.

Rikki:“Ooh, looky! Looky looky! I got sharp things! --- uhhhhh.... Mika...."

VAE:*sickle of talons

  • VAE facepaws hard

Jerico:A certain skunk is giggling madly as he quickly retreats northward.

Meany is disconnected.

VAE:+2 keen sickle, the bonuses transfer to your attack

Tamika:“What, Rikki --” *looks down* “....”


VAE:Ie tentacles


VAE:in your case

Tamika:“That skunk is dead. Meat.” >:E

regina:Oh, you again?

regina:Did you... whatever you had to do?

  • Tamika refastens her corset, takes the sharp thing from the warp-aci, and turns to Niar. “... *ahem.* Shall we, ma’am?”


Jerico:“Hiya! There’s going to be a mad, crazy succubus here in a second. And yah. I delivered a sword. Bout that movie tonight?”

Niar:can’t say i enjoy this place

Tamika:“Rikki, one teleport for three to the Thicket, if you please.”

Rikki:“Roger dodger!”

regina:Sure thing... i’ll have to clear it with uncle though

Jerico:“No problem. I heard a lot of racket down there on my way out. Your uncle always that crazy with his spellcasting stuff?"

Ghostwish:The bluffs. They are epic.

Liatai:X3regina:bother even asking?

regina:makes a load of racket

Jerico:“Ick. He needs to, like, find a wife or something. All that playing with dead things -can’t- be healthy.”

regina:I think i heard him shouting something a while ago.. must have on of those days again

regina:*shouting or something

Ghostwish:*snrk* Are we going to continue this campaign, or be the test run over?

Liatai:I hope we get to continue.

VAE:As you wish.. it does mean i have to think up something until next thursday

Ghostwish:I -might- switch Jerico out for another character.

Ghostwish:Still a rogue.


VAE:why so?

Ghostwish:A bard!

VAE:it’s hillarious

Liatai:Speak for yourself. Mika’s growing on me. :3

Ghostwish:Getting an itch to play a cubi.

VAE:this was such a blast

Liatai:Oh! DM! Question. The hammer was a +2 Large hammer of shocking, right?

VAE:pun intended

Ghostwish:XDVAE:yep, something like that

Ghostwish:And guess what clan?




Liatai:XDGhostwish:XDVAE:I made the hammer up remembering there was somehting vaguely similar somewhere

VAE:attic filled with hay - i needed to power the electrical circuitry somehow

Liatai:XDLiatai:Sometimes, the best things come about that way. :3

VAE:also, Ghost, explain them the meme



VAE:you know, the weird SFX text

VAE:haha.. most of Regina’s dialogue evolved that way ,as well as DP’s escape strategy

Ghostwish:Zalgo was a meme from way back when, that represented the ‘corruption of the internet’ and how all the evil of the net was going to overtake the world.

Liatai:Yeah, I noticed for Regina. It took you a while to “find your inner valley girl,” so to speak.

Ghostwish:Folks would use some creative artistry to twist up many old characters, such as dilbert, garfield, and sometimes just random pictures of the net, into very lovecraftian horrors.

Ghostwish:Finally, came the text editor. Using a bunch of.. I dunno what they are called.. symbols from different languages, it was possible to make a very disturbing looking font.


Ghostwish:‘To invoke the hive-mind representing chaos. Invoking the feeling of chaos. Without order. The Nezperdian hive-mind of chaos. Zalgo. He who Waits Behind The Wall. ZALGO! The entire room is filled with Zalgo. ‘

Liatai:Ahhhh, I see.


VAE:yeah, took me a few minutes to get into it

Ghostwish:Was very contagious on 4chan a while ago, and actually caused a panic in a few areas. Huge success.

VAE:i didn’t know the generator though



VAE:I needed soemthing to use for otherworldly text


VAE:To mind, i had the basic job of Regina plotted out

VAE:as well as few of the jokes.. but it took an entirely new spin

Ghostwish:Yah, in Jerico’s pants apparently. XD

Liatai:XDGhostwish:Oh the children they’ll produce. XD



Liatai:Sure. :3


  • Ghostwish flees!

Ghostwish is disconnected.