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Soul EatingEdit

You consume someone's essence, introducing him to the concept of True Death in practical manner

Prerequisites : Creature

Works out of combat, on a soul held in arbitrary receptacle, and not magically bound.

When invoked, roll a level check (no crit fail) against target's HD . In case of failure, you are consumed by excess energy, and die in a spectacular explosion , leaving no corporeal residue behind.

In case of success, you experience following effects for 24 hours:

+HD/3 to Str, Dex, and Con (rounded down)

+HD/6 to all saves, attacks, damage rolls and ability checks (rounded down)

Spell/spellike allotment * (1+HD/8). rounded down

HD refers to number of hit dice of creature consumed

After the effect expires, and the soul is metabolised, you gain additional XP as if defeating an enemy of the CR mentioned.