Potent PoisonEdit

Prerequisites: Reptilian or Insectis , Constitution 15 or above

Your poison is especially potent. As such, your poison's primary and secondary damage both become 1d4 Con.

Lethal PoisonEdit

Prerequisites: Reptilian or Insectis, Potent Poison, Constitution 17 or above

Your poison becomes even stronger. As such, your posion's Constitution damage becomes 1d8, and the Fortitude save DC to avoid damage from your poison becomes 12 + Con modifier.

Paralyzing PoisonEdit

Prerequisites: Reptilian or Insectis, Lethal Poison

Your poison has gained a new property. In addition to the Constitution damage, a target which fails to save against the secondary damage of your poison becomes paralysed for 2d6 minutes.

Don't Need Eyes To SeeEdit

Prerequisites: Member of a species posessed with nonvisual senses such as echolocation.

Your species' ability to form a detailed picture of the world with a sense other than vision has been carefully trained until you can use it to fight. You gain Darkvision of 20 feet. This is vulnerable to whatever would disable the sense in a normal animal of your type.